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Solar panels as source of electricity


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Now Install solar panels at your home to save electricity.

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Solar panels as source of electricity

  1. 1. Solar Panels Becoming a Great Source of Electricity in UK Solar trade association has declared that demand of solar panels has grown to 600% last year and with this increasing demand, requirement of electricity has reduced as people are now able to store electricity from natural sources. A figure shows that number of thermal systems in UK is now over 100,000. How Solar Panel works: It is made of cells which have semiconducting layers. These layers are made up of materials like silicon. When light rays of sun falls on the cell, an electric field is generated across the layer which causes electricity flow. This electricity is transferred by a cable and collects at a point of the roof space. This electricity is in the form of direct current (DC), it is now converted into alternative current (AC). Benefits of Solar PV installation with us: 1. Government feed in tariff plan helps in earning money up to 20 years. 2. It reduces CO2 emission, which is helpful in pollution control. 3. Low maintenance is required because of less moving parts. Solar panel installation at roof helps in generating free electricity with the benefit of subsidy given by government. The average cost of buying it is £ 7,000 and it requires just 1.5 square fit of space for installation. A rough estimate says that it can generate 2,500kwh per annum. This amount is enough for a 4 member family.
  2. 2. Electricity bills won’t be a problem, after this system installation at your home/office as you can save money up to 60% with it.