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Tips for a natural colon cleanse


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Tips for a natural colon cleanse

  1. 1. Tips for a NaturalColon Cleanse
  2. 2. Most people have heard of the concept of thecolon cleanse, but many aren’t interested inpurchasing commercial products or havingprocedures done to help the process along.Luckily, you can use foods that are readilyavailable to everyone as part of a natural coloncleanse, to help keep your colon healthy andoperating at maximum efficiency.
  3. 3. Signs You Could Use a CleanseMany experts say that disease begins in the colon.They say if the colon is clogged and sluggish, toxinswon’t be eliminated as they should be, but areabsorbed back into body. Here are some signsyou may need a colon cleanse: Constipation Regular abdominal cramps Bladder or kidney infections Bad breath and body odour Fingernail or toenail fungus
  4. 4. The Ideal SituationIdeally, your colon should eliminate waste betweensix and 18 hours after you eat, every time you eat.That would translate to two or three bowelmovements each and everyday.Obviously, for people who only go a few times perweek this schedule may seem ridiculous, but foryour colon it is the ideal situation.
  5. 5. Bring On the FiberEveryone knows that fiber is good for bowelmovements and your colon. A diet high in fiber willhelp to sweep debris and waste from the colon toperform a natural colon cleanse everyday.When you ingest fiber, muscular contractions inyour intestinal tract known as peristaltis arestimulated, and bowel transit time is decreased.Fiber will also keep moisture within the colon, sostool is softer and easier to eliminate.
  6. 6. Fiber cont…To maintain colon health, experts recommend 20to 35 grams of fiber a day, but most people onlytake in around 10 grams. The modern dietcontains very little plant food, which is where youneed to look to get the fiber you need. Here arethe best sources: Fresh fruits and vegetables Seeds and nuts Beans Whole grains
  7. 7. Going GreenNo natural colon cleanse would be complete withoutadding a full complement of green foods to the menu.Green food contains high amounts of chlorophyll,which helps draw out toxins and can heal damagedinternal tissue. Some good sources include: Alfalfa Chlorella Spirulina Wheatgrass Barley grass
  8. 8. Don’t Forget the BacteriaYour gut is loaded with beneficial bacteria that makethe whole intestinal process run smoothly. It’s essentialto replenish these bacteria when doing a coloncleanse, with foods such as: Natural yogurt Kefir Miso Sauerkraut Raw apple cider vinegar
  9. 9. The Role of JuicesEven though fiber sweeps your colon clean, juices canalso be an important part of the equation. Drinkingfresh fruit and vegetable juices allow you to absorb vastquantities of nutrients quickly, keeping your energylevels high and maintaining strength.Vegetable juices help to remove waste from your bodyand soothe your digestive tract. Juices are also a goodway to take in the chlorophyll you need from greensources.
  10. 10. Keeping It GoingOne of the key elements to a natural colon cleanse isnot to think of it as a one time thing. You don’t have tobecome a strict vegetarian, but try to modify your dailydiet to include more of the colon-friendly foods you justlearned about.By keeping it going as part of your lifestyle, you will feelbetter and help prevent many health issues thatoriginate in a clogged, unhealthy colon.
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