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an inspector calls act 2

Published in: Education
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An inspector calls.docx 1447174821819

  1. 1. 1- At the beginning of the act 2 the mood in the dining room was tense. This was because sheila knew that something was going on, something gerald didn't want sheila to know 2- Sheila was described as hysterical because she wants to stay in the dining room to hear what the inspector asks Gerald. It doesn't matter what they say to her to live she will stay anyway. The inspector and gerald made noticeable through the dialogues that she is very hysterical. (page 27) 3-To make the audience remember the fatality that had happened to the poor girl the Inspector repeats this phrase all the time: “A girl died tonight. A pretty, lively sort of girl, who never did anybody any harm”. 4- He is trying to take information and making them feel guilty. Producing a tense atmosphere while they are talking. 5- She is trying to show authority by showing herself confident and plesead with theirselve until the beginning of questions. And trying to get sheila out of the dialogue denying the facts that may caused the death of the girl. 7- When Mrs Birling says 'girls of that class' she is meaning as if she was superior and like if everything happens to those types of girls leaving aside the evidence of ehat really could cause the death of Eva Smith. 10- Sheila responded wildly with a laugh because her parents were complaining that they had already gave the Inspector too much rope, however the ones that had been given too much rope were themselves. With this phrase Sheila means that the only thing that the Inspector did was asking a question and the ones who started talking were the parents. 11- While Gerald tells his story he starts feeling distressed because he can recognise he was partly guilty of the girl’s death. In my opinion he must felt guilty and sorry of what he did and of the consequences. 12- While saying this the Inspector refers Sheila was treated and taught as if she lived in a perfect world where she doesn’t needs to care of anything because her parents will do it for her. The inspector justifies this with the fact that they were a very high class and they could solve everything with money. 13- Daisy Renton knew that the affair with Gerald couldn't last because she knew that Gerald was in something with Sheila so if Sheila realised of this she will become very furious. 14- Sheila is trying to say that they had to start all over again because they really didn't know each other. 15- Because she was partly responsible due to the fact that Eva was fired when Sheila was angry and she was pretty.
  2. 2. 16- Mrs B was that prejudice when Eva appeared because at first Eva lied to Mrs B of her situation and this really bothered her. Mrs B also said this as an excuse of why she didn’t helped the poor girl. 17- 18- The inspector tricks Mrs B when he said that the man who had got pregnant Eva was her own son. At first in the story Mrs B thought that her son was a very responsible boy who only did what was good for him. While the story advances she recognises that her son wasn’t as good as he thought. 19- when the inspector starts asking questions to Mrs birling about who was guilty, Sheila realize it had to do with his brother. Because of this she begs her Mother to stop ranking Because in the end it was her son she was talking about. 20- she reacts in this way Because she thought Eric wasn’t able to do such a horrible thing however he was the one who did it, and her mother was very surprised about that. 21- at the end of act II the mood is clearly tense, when the mother starts thinking that Eric was involved in this, she is shocked and the mood is tense because of this and also the fact that she talked about the consequences and this were very harsh, she realizes that Eric was the one to blame.