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  • Processor is not involved in Interrupt handling in modern systems, Host controller takes care of it directly.
  • Brain to Brain - Journey of Mouse click

    1. 1. Brain To BrainA mouse click on a hyperlink Anirudh Tomer Toshish Jawale
    2. 2.  Are we audible ? Audience Classification Introducing self Daemon Blogs Brain to BrainLets know each other
    3. 3.  Brain Sends Signals to Hand, to click Mouse sends info to processor Processor gives control to browser Browser connects to server and request for information Monitor shows the new page Brain views new page via eyes Every Action that we do starts from our brain and the results of that action are also perceived by our brain.A mouse click on hyperlink
    4. 4. • 2 hrs for session Session • 15 mins for QA QA • QA in b/w Freedom • Have refreshment in b/wSession Parameters
    5. 5.  Working of two machines a) Human Brain (in brief) b) Computer (in detail) What Computer Engineers do What computer science is Our actions lead to chain of Technical and Biological actions which lead to numerous changes in our environment.Lets understand
    6. 6.  VideoBrain To mouse
    7. 7. RAT MOUSE
    8. 8. Dissection of a Mouse
    9. 9. Inside a Mouse
    10. 10. Eyes of a mouse
    11. 11.  Apple Desktop Bus (ADB) RS-232 Bus Mouse Interface (BMI) PS/2 USBPossible ways to communicate
    12. 12.  Features: ◦ Synchronous ◦ Simple & Cheap ◦ Works with PS/2 compatible I/O devices ◦ No hot plugging ◦ Durability issues ◦ Fault isolationPS/2: Personal System/2
    13. 13. USB: Universal Serial Bus
    14. 14. UHCI Universal Host Universal Host Controller Controller (HC) Driver (HCD)UHCI: Universal Host ControllerInterface
    15. 15. USB System
    16. 16. Isochronous Interrupt Control BulkData transfer types
    17. 17. Isochronous Interrupt Used by Mouse Control BulkData transfer types
    18. 18. USB Physical topology (tieredStart topoloty)
    19. 19. Logical Bus Topology
    20. 20.  USB 2.0 standard CONTROLLER HOST (I am the Boss) Host controller polls bus for interrupt request USB 3.0 Fast devices can request host controller Pen Keyboard Mouse Drive directlyMouse toUSB HOST Controller
    21. 21. See Note below Processor (I am god) Let me finish the Hey dude!!! current work, will Here is the there is an get back to you interrupt for Okay interrupt later put the number interrupt you (INTA) (INT) number on the bus (INTA) USB Host Controller (I am the boss)USB HOST Controller To Processor
    22. 22. Logical Diagram
    23. 23. Interrupt Handling DataStructures
    24. 24.  Interrupt vector table implemented using the data structure IDT (interrupt descriptor table Device driver routine called. X server registers callback with Composite window manager (wayland display server is used now) X server gives control to active window and pass it the the message as well.Processor to Browser
    25. 25. X server
    26. 26.  Microsoft Windows—the Desktop Window Manager Mac OS X—the Quartz Compositor GNU/Linux, FreeBSD and OpenSolaris— Compiz, KWin, and Mutter.Composite Window Manager
    27. 27. Video RAM Outputs Frame Buffers CRTCs (CRT Cursor Controllers) Images Offscreen Rendering Buffers PLLsVideo Card
    28. 28. Browser uses system calls to usenetwork card services Routers help us in sending the information to right address Network card sends the information back to application via OS api (system calls)Browser to Server
    29. 29. Processing HTML
    30. 30. X server Information to be shown on screen Buffer MonitorMonitor
    31. 31. Monitor
    32. 32. Eyes to Brain
    33. 33. Session QA Feedback Brain to BrainFusion Science
    34. 34. Contact • • Contact for: Anirudh Tomer Linux, AI, Networking Programming • Music: Trance or Metal • Designing Posters Thank You Everyone MCUG • Rocks m/ Contact • Contact for: Linux, AI, Computer Architectures Toshish Jawale • Music: Indian Classical and playing musical instruments-- Daemon Bloggers