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Openstack Ops Meetup Palo Alto LT


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LIghtning talk at Ops mid-cycle meetup at Palo Alto on August 18, 2015. I explain the way how NTT & NTT Resonant applied OpenStack to build web service infrastructure.

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Openstack Ops Meetup Palo Alto LT

  1. 1. Copyright©2015 NTT corp. All Rights Reserved. OpenStack Use Case and related Project in NTT Group Toshikazu Ichikawa August/18/2015 Cloud SE Project NTT Software Innovation Center, NTT Corporation Copyright(c)2015 NTT Corp. All Rights Reserved.
  2. 2. 2Copyright©2015 NTT corp. All Rights Reserved. • NTT Group Affiliates • Use case as a web service infrastructure • Components and Deployment • Networking and Customization • Process Layout • Future plans • Masakari: VMHA for OpenStack Compute • VMHA for “Pets” service model • Architecture and Data Flow Index
  3. 3. 3Copyright©2015 NTT corp. All Rights Reserved. NTT Group Affiliates Citation:
  4. 4. 4Copyright©2015 NTT corp. All Rights Reserved. • Web Service Infrastructure • Web search engine • Web portal site • Smartphone application • Online store • Enterprise customer services • And so on • Using OpenStack as Private Cloud • In production since 2014 October • 80+ services • 1 Billion Page View per month • 400 hypervisors • 4,800 physical cores • 1,700+ virtual servers Use Case of Web service infrastructure
  5. 5. 5Copyright©2015 NTT corp. All Rights Reserved. • OpenStack Components • Nova • Swift • Glance • Keystone • Horizon • Neutron • Deployment • Distribution: RDO with CentOS6 • Icehouse version • Single Datacenter • 2 Nova cells (200 hypervisors x 2 cells) • Puppet for Configuration Management • Zabbix for Monitoring Components and Deployment of Web Infra.
  6. 6. 6Copyright©2015 NTT corp. All Rights Reserved. • Networking with OpenStack • Using ML2, Linuxbridge agent, vlan-type provider network • An administrator prepares networks and subnets per tenant • A tenant is not allowed to create/delete his/her network • No DHCP agent, No L3 agent • Guest OS gets IP address by cloud-init and config-drive • Networking without OpenStack • Router, NAT • Load Balancer, Firewall • Customization • Users access only Horizon, not API • Horizon is modified • Enforcement naming convention of server name • No access to network creation/deletion • No access to security group function • and so on Networking and Customization of Web Infra.
  7. 7. 7Copyright©2015 NTT corp. All Rights Reserved. • HA strategy • MariaDB Galera Cluster (multi-master MySQL) • RabbitMQ (mirrored queue) • Haproxy of load balancing to state-less services • API • Horizon • DB (with single writer configuration) • MQ • Pacemaker (active-passive) for state-full services • Virtual IP (for haproxy) • nova-consoleauth • Active-active deployment of state-less internal services • nova-*, swift-* • No redundancy at Compute Node • Nova-compute and neutron-linuxbridge-agent HA strategy of Web Infra.
  8. 8. 8Copyright©2015 NTT corp. All Rights Reserved. Process Layout Web Infra. Top cell controller node pacemaker(Active-Passive) •Virtual-IP(endpoint) •nova-consoleauth HAProxy(balancer) nova-api glance-registry keystone-api neutron-server nova-novncproxy horizon nova-cells Apache (Horizon) Rabbitmq(mirrored queue) Compute node nova-compute neutron-linuxbridge-agent DB Node Pacemaker Haproxy glance-api swift-proxy swift-objectstore … MySQL (MariaDB galera cluster) pacemaker(Active-Passive) •Virtual-IP (for rabbimq) HAProxy(balancer) nova-conductor nova-scheduler nova-cells Rabbitmq(mirrored queue) Children cell controller node Cell 1 Cell 2 Swift
  9. 9. 9Copyright©2015 NTT corp. All Rights Reserved. • Future Plans • Upgrade • to Juno, Kilo and furthermore • 400 hypervisors • HostOS: CentOS6 -> CentOS7 (RDO requirement) • Running: nova-compute and neutron-linuxbridge-agent • with config-drive • How to minimize customer impact (downtime)? • VM instances migration (migrate or shelve) and OS rolling upgrade? • Expand • More hypervisors • at second datacenter • with different external L3 connectivity • How to make them seamless? • Independent regions, regions with single Keystone or any other choice? Future plans of Web Infra.
  10. 10. 10Copyright©2015 NTT corp. All Rights Reserved. • Service Model: Pets vs Cattle • Cloud-native application handles High Availability at its own layer. (Cattle service model) • Sometimes, customers and/or applications still prefer “Pets” service model. • Masakari • Provides VMHA for “Pets” service model • Automatic VM instance recovery in case of VM or hypervisor failure to minimize the downtime • Requires Nova and Shared file system such as NFS • Needs No modification of OpenStack components • Uses Pacemaker to detect a host failure • Is now at • Author: Kentaro TANAKA <> • Is mostly written in Python • Is open source under Apache license Masakari: VMHA for OpenStack Compute
  11. 11. 11Copyright©2015 NTT corp. All Rights Reserved. Masakari: Architecture and Data Flow OpenStack API ComputeNodesControllerNodes &BackendNodes