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Training Evaluation plan


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No training can be considered successful without a proper evaluation of the training from various perspectives. For a class project presentation, I created the following evaluation plan following Kirkpatricks Learning Evaluation Model.

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Training Evaluation plan

  1. 1. Training Evaluation Plan
  2. 2. Brief Background of the Company•  Its an Accounting Firm•  Manpower - 50-60 employees•  Average Age of employee is 40-50•  Employee dispersed across the county•  Existing mode of communication : Phoneand e-mail
  3. 3. Background Cont…Problem Areas:•  Slow / ineffective Communication•  Customer complaints have increased in the pastdue to delay in response time by the employees.Management Objectives:•  To introduce IM ( Instant Message) usage forquick internal communication.•  Company has a licensed software for IM tool.
  4. 4. TRAINING EVALUATION PLANEvaluationLevelObjectives EvaluationMethodsWhen ResponsibleLevel 1 –Reaction •  PositiveFeedback(content,trainer,environment)•  Suggestionsforimprovement•  EvaluationForm•  End oftraining•  TrainerLevel 2 – Learning•  To Download,set- up anduse IM•  Activity Demo(hands-on)•  During andafter thetraining•  Trainer•  ParticipantsLevel 3 –Behavior •  Effectiveusage of IM(confidence,active,appropriateuse)•  Randomobservation•  Interview withthe Manager•  EmployeeSurvey•  Within 30days oftraining•  Month 2 afterconductingthe training•  Trainer•  Manager•  Trainer
  5. 5. TRAINING EVALUATION PLANCont…EvaluationLevelObjectives EvaluationMethodsWhen ResponsibleLevel 4 – Impact /ROI• 100% IM usagewithin first 3months• Improved internalcommunication.• Reduce customercomplaints by 5%with respect todelayed responsetime in 6 months• IT Logs• One on onewith UpperManagement.• Compareprevious 6monthsCustomerComplaints Logswith posttraining logs.• 3 months• 3 months• 6 months• IT• Upper mgmt.• CustomerSupport