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Virtual Happines Project


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The presentation at the PicNic Conference ''08 in Amsterdam.

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Virtual Happines Project

  1. The Virtual Happiness Project Jim Stolze @ PicNic ‘08
  2. 2 observations 1 announcement
  3. #1 Happiness? [observation]
  4. “Happiness is good health and bad memory” Albert Schweitzer (1875 - 1965)
  5.  medicine  nobel prize  happiness research
  6. 50 years research
  7. Happiness is not about being in good health winning the lottery having power living in a good neighbourhood
  8. the difference
  9. social factor
  10. interact
  11. #2 Internet Usage [observation]
  12. no surprise
  13. We sing, we argue, we laugh and we talk...
  14. We sing, we argue, we laugh, we talk we dream, we love, and we turn strangers into friends.
  15. We sing, we argue, we share, we talk, we dream, we love, and turn strangers into good friends. Just like our ancestors did by their campfires.
  16. Except, we don’t live in the age of Kumbaya anymore.
  17. Global Campfire
  18. Shaping our minds and driving social interaction.
  19. #1 Happiness + #2 Internet Usage
  20. We are a social species and need to interact to feel happy and because it's lack of boundaries the internet has become a popular place to do this.
  21. So... Does this mean that being online, makes you feel happier?
  22. So... Do all these bits and bytes create a thing called
  23. Virtual Happiness
  24. Virtual Happiness Project - hypothesis - global survey - two experiments
  25. measurable
  26. And if we find a correlation between spending time online and feelings of happiness. How is this related to things like: - information stress - friendship inflation - continious partial apttention?
  27. Continious Partial Attention?
  28. Many questions...
  29. February 2009
  30. Survey
  31. Happy PicNic!
  32. Thank you