Bp sharing 7 17-2011


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Bp sharing 7 17-2011

  1. 1. 2011 BostonProject SharingDate: June 26 (Sun) - July 1 (Fri), 2011 (Fri),Place: Dorchester, Dorchester MATeam: Martin Zhu John Zhang Jennifer Dai Yiran Buckley Rollin Hu Aaron Cheng Matthew Li Shani Zhang Catherine Wang Grace Lou Mary Zhu y Tyler Jiang y g MusicCounselor: Ying Yang, Yangyi Chen, Arnold Cheng
  2. 2. Lord, prepare me to be a Sanctuary… y
  3. 3. BP Commission…sending to the mission field th i i fi ld
  4. 4. Arriving on Sunday (6/26) Ice- Ice-breaking Games 1st dinner (Everyone used the samered cup for the whole week)
  5. 5. Morning Worship
  6. 6. Morning Challenge - devotion
  7. 7. Painting Houses
  8. 8. What are they doing?(a snap shop of what they did…)( h f h t th did )
  9. 9. Listen to the voice
  10. 10. Group Discussions
  11. 11. Yard work
  12. 12. Did you see that? A mother- mother- daughter pair
  13. 13. Having fun… Executing the poor frogPlay ball in the basement of a 250 yr. old church ( (George Washington g g was there)
  14. 14. In Boston (enjoying a few hours break)
  15. 15. In Chinatown Joined a Chinese Chess game game, … and John won it.Street Ninjas
  16. 16. Enjoying dim-sum in Chinatown dim-Hey, that’s that s mine… Girls were far more civilized i ili d
  17. 17. Sweeping Church Parking Lot
  18. 18. BP celebration(1st time at BP – inviting neighbors to joindinner, sharing, performances) , g, p )
  19. 19. BP celebration
  20. 20. We slept here all week long…
  21. 21. Saying good bye…
  22. 22. More Sharing…After I’m back from BP, I started to have a little devotion everytime I woke up and went to bed. I would pray, read a littlesection of th Bible and then proceed with my life. This helped ti f the Bibl d th d ith lif Thi h l dme become much closer to God.- RollinBoston Project has undoubtedly changed me quite a bit. Fromtalking to homeless and poverty simulation to spending moretime with G d i the mornings, BP i an experience I will never i i h God in h i is i illforget and one that I will definitely return to next year.- Aaron
  23. 23. Your Eyes y by Jennifer Dai yIn Your Eyes,We are all the same same.Rich, poor, dark, light—Day after day, we witness your mercy and might.Through Your Eyes,We see encouragement.Ingenuity, compassion, sacrifice, love—I it i ifi lDay after day, we look forward to meeting you up above.Guided b YG id d by Your EEyes,We obtain and grow in faith.Humbled, opened, involved, unified—Day after day, we strive to have you glorified.I will return with the Lord’s inspiration,And present His attitude towards the various people I meet.
  24. 24. 2 Churches with BP staff
  25. 25. Thanks for your prayers and support Let’s continue the work in Nashua for God so love the world