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Asc12 1 course_flow_march_28_2012


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Asc12 1 course_flow_march_28_2012

  1. 1. Module I: The Module II: Internal Module III: Regional Concept ofCooperation and Security Dynamics Security DynamicsNature of Security and Cooperation and Cooperation Defining & Security SectorUnderstanding Geopolitics and “Security” Development Interdependence Socio Economic US ForeignCommunicating Development PolicyAcross Cultures Northeast Asia Whole of Security Dynamics, Critical Society/Whole Lecture & CaseThinking and StudyAnalytic Tools of Government Southeast Asia Strategic Security Dynamics, Disaster Lecture & CaseDevelopment Management Study
  2. 2. Module III: RegionalSecurity Dynamics and Module IV: Linking Cooperation External and Internal Security Cooperation Oceania Security Dynamics, Lecture and Case Study Multilateral Negotiation (6 Party Talks South Asia Exercise) Security Dynamics: Lecture and Case Study Negotiations Debrief and Lessons Disaster Learned Management Case Study Fellow’s Maritime Project Security: Lecture Presentations and Case Study