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Lean Startup & Business Model Canvas mashup


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The Lean Startup/Customer Development and Business Model Canvas mashup explores conformity of the Business Model Ontology by Alex Osterwalder and the Lean Startup/ Customer Development methodology by Eric Ries and Steven Blank.

The model is explained in

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Lean Startup & Business Model Canvas mashup

  1. 1. Product development (solution unknown) Product/ Customer development (problem unknown) Market fit Agile development Getting out of the tactics building Continous cycle of Listen to customer customer interaction Cloud hosting Rapid hypothesis Social Media provider testing collaboration tools Minimum Viable Early adopters/ (e.g. Amazon EC2) Product (MVP) lead-users Google (search marketing, tools for Service platform: SEM/SEO testing) Open Source (LAMP) Continous deployment User Generated Content Key Metrics (e.g. AARRR) Reduced costs driven by technology Repeatable sales model commoditization Revenue goals from day one Low burn through lean principles The Lean Startup Business Model by Tor Grønsund. The template combines the Lean Startup methodology (Eric Ries) and the Business Model Canvas (Alexander Osterwalder). Template description to be found on