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  1. 1. The London Olympics will see the construction of brand new, state of the artsporting facilities, as well as the use of existing facilities across the country.Olympic venues will be found all over London, with many in well known andpopular locations such as Hyde Park. The 2012 Olympic Games park andmain stadium will be found in Stratford, east London – which has been thefocus of a huge re-generation project.There will be 26 sports and a total of 38 disciplines at the 2012 SummerOlympic Games. The 2012 Paralympic Games will feature 20 sports and 21disciplines. London’s bid actually detailed and planned for 28 sports,matching other recent Summer Olympic Games, butthe International Olympic Committee voted to remove both baseballand softball from the games in 2012.
  2. 2. OLYMPIC GAMES 2012As a part of the preparation, London isrenovating its transportation system forwelcoming the Olympic event. Theimprovements in transportation will help 80%athletes to commute in less than 20 minutes toreach for their games venues. The railwaysystem renovation work is also in progress andhigh-speed service between Kent and St.Pancras International has already startedoperating. This new train can cover thedistance between St. Pancras to Olympic Park.in just seven minutes.Around 8 million tickets would be sold for theLondon Olympics and the tickets will go onsale in the year of 2011. The Olympic Games2012 will feature 38 disciplines and 26 sportswith baseball and women’s boxing events forthe first time in Olympics.
  3. 3. LONDON 2012 OLYMPIC GAMES London is obviously a fantastic city that offers a lot to visitors, even without the Olympics. It is sure that the Olympics will bring a very nice atmosphere and will bring the multicultural people together. In 2012, the city of London is going to show the world how the Olympic Games should be hosted. The city is getting ready with all the preparations for welcoming the Olympic Games.
  4. 4. The Football competition at London 2012 willbe staged at six grounds around the UK,including venues in Wales and Scotland . Thefinals will take place at Wembley Stadium inLondon.
  5. 5. At London 2012, the Weightliftingcompetition will be held at ExCeL, a multi- purpose events venue that will host seven Olympic and sixParalympic sports during the Games.
  6. 6. The Tennis competition atLondon 2012 will be held on the grass courts of Wimbledon, which has its own Olympic history. The venue staged the Tennis competition when London first hosted the Olympic Games in 1908, with Great Britain winning all six gold medals.
  7. 7. At London 2012, the Shooting competition will be held at a truly historic venue: The Royal Artillery Barracks. Its rich heritagedates back to 1716, when a Royal Warrant authorised the formation of two artillery companies at theRoyal Arsenal in Woolwich. The current building wasconstructed between 1775 and 1802.
  8. 8. At London 2012, the Basketball competition willtake place in two venues. All preliminary games, along with the women’s quarter- finals, will take place at the Basketball Arena, a new, purpose-built venue in the Olympic Park. The men’squarter-finals, plus all semi-finals and medal games, will be held at the state-of-the- art North Greenwich Arena just across the Thames.
  9. 9. THE END School N 198 105 form Tonoyan Anahit