Lcbo wine convenience campaign | lcbo vintages magazine fancy talk


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The LCBO Vintages Magazine is designed to get your fantasy going and get you going to the nearest inconveniently located LCBO outlet.

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Lcbo wine convenience campaign | lcbo vintages magazine fancy talk

  1. 1. Image via WikipediaVintages MagazineThe LCBO Vintages Magazine is designed to get your fantasy going and get you going to the nearestinconveniently located LCBO outlet.Modeled after what are called in the trade, “aspirational” magazines, it is intended to appeal to the ideayou have of yourself or what you would like to be. The soft teasings of glistening chardonnay andpurple pinots featured in luxurious settings are meant to trigger a general wanting impulse and a desireto be among the glamorous and in-the-know Ontario glitterati.Here they tout classics, essentials and special offers for their fine wine and premium spirits. TheLCBO’s expert buyers and marketing arm have united to get you fantasizing about the perfect pairingof BBQ ribs and velvety merlot.I guess you can read all about it as you make your way on a long transit ride to the nearest LCBO.Reading is not recommended for those in their cars fighting traffic to get to the parking lots attached tothe LCBO Vintages store and their fine tastings.Maybe the LCBO should make a talking book version of their magazine so that drivers can keep theireyes on the road and their minds preoccupied with the bounty they will find when they finally reachtheir local Vintages emporiums. Slavering away as they honk and chug pollution into the air whilenosing into the gridlock to get a wine of the month at $58.85.The current Vintages Magazine puts the spotlight on California wines, intended to send the reader intoa frenzy of lust for 11 reasons to love the Golden State. These include: Stag’s Leap Wine CellarsArtemis Cabernet Sauvignon 2007 ($49.95); Atlas Peak Cabernet Sauvignon 2005 ($94.95); and themore modest but no less ambitious 7 Deadly Zins Old Wine Zinfandel 2008 ($24.95).After you peruse the expensive brands and sigh that these are beyond the reach of your pocket book,
  2. 2. what do you find but a Bommarito Cabernet Sauvignon 2007 at a mere $19.95. Restaurants have usedthis ploy for eons. Here’s how it works. After the waiter explains the special, Tartar a la Popsicle aveccrème fraiche is $89.95, the Salmon with pickles, at $49.95 seems like a steal. It’s not and neither arethe overpriced lower label offerings at LCBO Vintages.But you’ve arrived at the LCBO Vintages store, led by their magazine. You’re in the store passing shinybottles from other international wineries and vineyards. They’ve got you in the store, tempting youwith yet more point of purchase promotions, colors and, yes, the desire to be among the true wineexperts and appreciators.Few can resist getting a couple more bottles since they’re already in the Vintages store within the largerLCBO retailing maze. You’ve arrived. Your reward? You are now a Vintages Insider standing in theline at the cash.