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10 Ways to Hack your Email Marketing


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Here is a speech and presentation I gave at Inboundcon 2016 on October 6, 2016 in Toronto, Canada. Hope you enjoy!

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10 Ways to Hack your Email Marketing

  1. 1. Lorem Ipsum Dolor Sit Amet Company Name Jeff Goldenberg Top 10 Ways to Hack Your Email Marketing
  2. 2. About Jeff Borrowell 500 Startups & TechStars Partner/Facebo ok Guru The Growth Hacker’s Guide to the Galaxy Abacus Mentor Head of Growth Co-Author
  3. 3. Email Is Important. Let’s Do It Right!
  4. 4. ABC: Always Be Collecting 1 2 3 Make email collection part of your acquisition strategy. Think Micro Conversions. Many ways exist to capture email addresses
  5. 5. Lead Cards
  6. 6. Lead Ads
  7. 7. Pop Ups
  8. 8. CTA Forms
  9. 9. Make It Personal 1 2 3 Goal is to get as close to 1:1 marketing as possible. More than just “Hi Stan” Authentic vs Casual
  10. 10. Segment and Solve 1 2 3 The Axes of Segmentation Solve a Problem Resend email to people who don’t open
  11. 11. Deliverability 1 2 3 Understand and avoid the keywords that trigger spam. Test smaller batches before blasting your list. Use a subject line testing tool
  12. 12. Score out of 100 Point get deducted for hazardous keywords Re Place Your Screen Here Colour coded for confidence of deliverability Also gives advice on subject line best practices
  13. 13. Open Rates 1 2 3 Obsess over your subject lines. Obsess over other people’s subject lines. Pay attention to times of day and day of week variability. today-to-increase-your-email-open-rates
  14. 14. Click Through Rates 1 2 3 Have a single CTA. Make your offer easy to understand and simple to act upon. Provide social proof to reduce the risk.
  15. 15. Mobile First 1 2 3 Assume your email will be read on a smartphone. Anything important should be above the fold. Gmail and Inbox by Gmail are now responsive.
  16. 16. Litmus
  17. 17. Email Automation 1 2 3 Not as hard as it sounds anymore. Automated email funnel that helps customers through the buying cycle. Really important for longer sales cycles.
  18. 18. Strategy First Idea/Opport unity Don’t let the tools drive the strategy! Logic Technology What is your objective? Strategy How would you like it to work? Business Rules Audit tools with the exact objective in mind. Tools
  19. 19. Quick Wins ONBOARDING CONTENT LEAD NURTURING E-COMMERCE Automate a series of welcome emails. Behaviour based emails that trigger by website actions. Automate marketing emails including cart abandon, referral program and review request. Automate recommended products, upsell and cross sell emails. Automate newsletter and customize different versions for segments. Offer drip email courses to educate your customers. Automate drip campaigns to walk prospects through your funnel. Automate collection and segmentation of emails into groups.
  20. 20. Download free email testing tracker at Testing 1 2 3 Always test a challenger against your champion. Good email is a puzzle with a lot of pieces. Test combos. Track all your results and look for outliers.
  21. 21. Bonus: Facebook Lookalikes Abacus.Agency
  22. 22. Don’t Quit!
  23. 23. Connect With Me @jeff_goldenber g jeff@abacus.agenc y