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MWC Marketing Flyer


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Overview of Manhattan Wine Company\'s capabilities.

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MWC Marketing Flyer

  1. 1. » Professional Wine StorageReady for Your Wine. » Global Wine Logistics » Fine & Rare Wine Merchants
  2. 2. Manhattan Wine Company: Ready for your wine. Founded in 2006 as a pure-play, off-site cellaring company, Manhattan Wine Company has grown to become a fine wine platform that offers services facilitating all aspects of fine wine collecting. Our service offering is tailored to wine enthusiasts because we too are passionate about fine wine and understand the challenges inherent in properly managing a collection. We focus on the details, so, in the end, you can go back to enjoying your collection and discovering new wines—which is, after all, why you began collecting in the first place. Professional Wine StorageUtilizing our 10,000 square foot subterranean warehouse facility just outside of Manhattan, weprovide collectors and trade participants alike a full-service, offsite temperature and humidity-controlled storage solution. Through our proprietary inventory management system, the VirtualPrivate Cellar, our storage clients have insight into every bottle coming in and out of theircollections in real-time. Whether you have one case or 500, live in NYC or Hong Kong, needtemporary storage or long term cellaring, our team of trained wine stewards stand ready to handleyour collection.Also in the first quarter of 2013, we will be opening a new dedicated storage facility inManhattan, providing our clients the unique option to keep their drinking wines in the heart ofAmerica’s largest city and their young wines in long-term cellaring conditions in NJ. Global Wine LogisticsShipping wine is complicated and, for those without considerable experience , it can be quite thechallenge. There are many important variables that have to be considered (and some mitigated)when moving wine, including proper packaging, temperature control, transit insurance and taxesand duties, among others. As enthusiasts ourselves, we know first-hand how the per-case shippingfees can get expensive. MWC’s logistics specialists have decades of experience originatingshipments of all types at competitive rates no matter the mode. Whether you need to have yourcollection relocated to your new home or you wish to consolidate your purchases from purveyorsthe world over, chances are we’ve moved it before.
  3. 3. Fine & Rare Wine MerchantsAt Manhattan Wine Company, we employ a knowledgeable and passionate staff that allthoroughly enjoy wine and are guided by a simple principle: there is a perfect wine for everyoccasion. As a relationship-driven fine and rare wine merchant, we cater to: wine collectorsseeking to broaden their collections or making room for their new favorites; the casual drinkerlooking for that special bottle for a momentous occasion; as well as, the savvy investor takingadvantage of an arbitrage opportunity. No matter your situation, Manhattan Wine Company hasthe experience and knowledge to assist you in your next wine purchase or sale.We bring wines to market primarily via email offers to our proprietary mailing list and our securewebsite, ,where availabilities are kept in real-time. In the fall of 2012, we willbe expanding our merchant operations beyond online retailing and opening a retail location inManhattan. Our store will showcase our finest wines, expand our product offerings andprovide our own unique space for hosting wine events with wine-makers, their representativesand our clients.We maintain deep relationships with some of the most prolific wine collectors around the world,many of whom store their collections with us, ensuring a steady pipeline of sought-after, backvintage wine with exceptional provenance. To our buyers of wines acquired from privatecollections, we represent a trusted and knowledgeable source that stands behind every bottle itsells. To our private sellers, we represent an advisor with keen insights into the current marketthat offers a lower cost, faster liquidity alternative to the traditional auction houses. To ensure allof the wines we have for sale receive proper global attention, we routinely publish our availablestock to wine directory sites, such as addition to back vintage wines, we have also worked Our Integrated Approachhard over the years to support the distributors andimporters who represent the world’s most important and Storage clients who also buy orunique producers, ensuring that we can offer our clients sell with Manhattan Wineaccess to the latest and greatest from vineyards all over Company eliminate the cost, riskthe world as well as many highly allocated wines onrelease. Traveling extensively throughout France and Italy, and headache of shipping sowe have also forged direct relationships with producers that their wines are in the bestand their local trade partners and are often able to source condition possible when theywine ex-cellars at extremely competitive prices. decide to drink or divest them.
  4. 4. Wine Inquiries: Storage & Logistics Inquiries: Matt Tornabene, President Don Echevarria, Director of Operations973.574.8701 ∣ 973.574.8701 ∣ Investor Relations: Billy Tornabene, Chief Financial Officer 804.343.9747 ∣ Manhattan Wine Company, LLC 610 River Road Clifton, NJ 07014 ∣