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Evernote presentation for The Inn Group, Pittsburgh, PA - 2012

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  • To create a new notebook in the Windowsdesktop version, right click in the notebooks toolbar and select Create Notebook
  • How do you user Evernote?
  • If you have a protected Twitter account, follow these steps:Follow @myEN on Twitter.@myEN will send you a follow request — accept this request.Send a direct message (DM) to @myEN.@myEN will send you a DM containing a link.Follow this link to Evernote.com and sign in to connect your Twitter and Evernote accounts.Once you've completed this process, any tweet posted to Twitter containing @myEN will be added to your Evernote account in your default notebook. Additionally, the note's source URL will be set to the URL for the tweet on twitter.com.Also, if your tweet includes a link to an image hosted on TwitPic.com, a thumbnail of that image will be added to the note.
  • Evernote

    1. 1.  Versatile – can take many types of notes (text, images, audio, PDF) Portable – available online, on your desktop (Win & Mac), iOS, Windows, Android and Blackberry devices User-friendly - can create notes by using various apps, email, browser plugin and Twitter Shareable (with Premium service) Free
    2. 2.  Client Notes Meeting Notes (like Summit!) To Do List Menu & Recipe Keeper Blogging Planner Expense Report Shopping List Sharing Files with Clients, Team Members
    3. 3. http://www.evernote.com/about/quotes/
    4. 4.  Filter by  Content type – Images, Video, Audio, PDF, link, Encrypted Text, Attachments  Source –Emailed to Evernote, Web Page, Another application, Evernote Hello, clipped from email, Mobile, Evernote Food  To do – finished or unfinished  Created  Modified
    5. 5.  Follow @myEN on Twitter. @myEN will follow you back automatically and send you a direct message (DM) containing a link. Click the link and sign into Evernote to link your Twitter and Evernote accounts. Once your account is linked, you can send message to your Evernote account by using @ mention or DM  @myen Here’s an awesome link! http://bynd.me  D myen Here’s an awesome link! http://bynd.me
    6. 6. If you prefer to use keystrokes: Mac: Command+Shift+T Windows: Control+Shift+C.Source: http://www.vsellis.com/web-applications/evernote-power-tip-dynamic-todo-lists/
    7. 7. “So, in your search bar simply type “todo:false” and you’ll getback all of the notes which have unchecked ToDo items.Why This Is Better Than A ToDo “List”While it challenges us to think about the ToDo list a littledifferently, I’d argue it’s better because it puts our ToDo’s incontext (surrounded by the notes on that subject). And bycombining the todo: search parameter with other searchparameters, for example tag:tagname we can easily refine oursearches and see only what we want to currently focus on, again,kept in context.I’d recommend creating and saving searches that you usefrequently so that you can easily execute the search later withouthaving to type things in every time.” Source: http://www.vsellis.com/web-applications/evernote-power-tip-dynamic-todo-lists/