Tork UK: "Good workplace hygiene is..."


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The first installment of Tork UK's "Good workplace hygiene is..." digital presentation series.

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Tork UK: "Good workplace hygiene is..."

  1. 1. “Good workplace hygiene is...” ... saving your company money
  2. 2. The cost of poor workplace hygiene: 7 key facts “Good workplace hygiene European workplaces are subject to ubiquitous hazards such as inadequate control measures, insufficient information when epidemics occur, poorly maintained air conditioning and moulds. #1 (Sources for these facts and figures can be found in the final slide)
  3. 3. “Good workplace hygiene #2 In the European Union, 5000 workers die a year from communicable diseases acquired in the workplace.
  4. 4. “Good workplace hygiene Work days lost due to infectious disease in 2007-8 in Great Britain included 154,000 days for men and 104,000 days for women. #3
  5. 5. “Good workplace hygiene #4 Overall loss of output due to non-injury ill health was estimated to be between £7.1 and £10.2 billion in Great Britain in 2004.
  6. 6. “Good workplace hygiene #5 The cost of an outbreak can rapidly reach six figures or more: analysis of a large cryptosporidiosis outbreak in the USA (around 403,000 cases) revealed an estimated overall loss in productivity of $64.6 million.
  7. 7. “Good workplace hygiene #6 If a case of infection or an outbreak is perceived to be acquired at work, there is a risk of litigation with associated claims for compensation. For example, a large group action brought about by several victims of an outbreak can cost millions.
  8. 8. “Good workplace hygiene #7 Serious communicable disease is not just a problem of the developing world; the burden of disease from ordinary indigenous infections is considerable. England and Wales in particular are facing new infections.
  9. 9. The Implication? Companies cannot afford to be complacent when it comes to basic infection prevention measures... “Good workplace hygiene
  10. 10. Facility managers… What measures are you taking to ensure good hygiene in your workplace? Tell us here: In next week’s instalment: Four crucial steps to ensure good workplace hygiene “Good workplace hygiene
  11. 11. “Good workplace hygiene Sources: #2 - European Agency for Safety and Health at Work: Expert forecast on Emerging Biological Risks related to Occupational Safety and Health Expert forecast on Emerging Biological Risks related to Occupational Safety and Health. Luxembourg: Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, 2007. ISBN 92-9191-130-5 #3 - Health and Safety Executive (Gt Britain). Statistics on days off work and average days lost per case, 2007-8 #4 - Health and Safety Executive (Gt Britain). Interim update of the ‘Costs to Britain of Workplace Accidents and Work Related Ill Health, 2004. ( #5 - Corso PS, Kramer MH, Blair KA, Addiss DG, Davis JP, Haddix AC. Cost of illness in the 1993 waterborne Cryptosporidium outbreak, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Emerging Infectious Diseases 2003; 9(4): 426-431 #7 - Public Health Laboratory Service (England & Wales): Review of Communicable Diseases England and Wales. London: PHLS CDSC 2002 The full version of this Tork UK Report is available at