TORKE TOP 25 Cases


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These are some of awarded works, from many others that we've done on the course of past 7 years. We called them TORKE's TOP 25 cases and we hope you to check them and see why we call ourselves, Agency of the Month

TORKE TOP 25 Cases

  1. 1. AGENCY  OF  THE  MONTHWhen  TORKE  was  born  in  2005,  en6tled  itself  as  "the  1st  guerrilla  marke6ng  agency  in  Portugal,"  in  order  to  do  something  innova6ve  on  the  market.  Since  then,  Torke  has  looked  at  the  agencies  below  the  line,  above  the  line,  disrup6ve,  of  brand  ac6va6on,  brand  entertainment,  brand  experience,  crea6ve  hotshops,  best  Agencies  of  the  Year  at  Cannes,  best  Agencies  ever  on  the  Moon  and  realized  that,  that  6tle  did  not  reflect  TORKE’s  true  purpose:  to  be  different.Brands  need  to  be  con6nuously  challenged.  Consumers  are  increasingly  more  demanding  and  it  is  essen6al  to  think  of  new  plaSorms,  new  media,  test  other  paths,  have  other  ideas,  in  a  non  stop  way.  And  to  be  different,  not  just  an  integrated  crea3ve  360º  interac3ve  digital  mul3-­‐disciplinary  agency,  Torke  is,  from  now  on,  the  Agency  of  the  Month.
  2. 2. TORKE  SAO  PAULO TORKE  LISBOA TORKE istanbul@torke.ptPrédio  Tomie  Ohtake Rua  Luz  Soriano,  67,  2º  Dto Ömer  Avni  Mah.  Av.  Faria  Lima,  201,  24th  floor 1200  Bairro  Alto   Beytülmalcı  sok.  No:7/3CEP  05426-­‐010 Lisboa,  Portugal Kabataş,  İstanbul  São  Paulo,  Brazil
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