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  • The first thing you notice about the Amana ASD2522WRB is the color - black. If you're hesitant about breaking from the all-white tradition in the kitchen then relax. This appliance oozes style and quality, and the color serves to underline its distinctiveness. Yet it's surprisingly easy to move around, should you need to. you have a medium to large sized family then seriously consider this Amana side by side refrigerator. It has a number of thoughtful little features that make all the difference between a purely functional appliance and one that is a pleasure to use.For example, having adjustable door bins so you can match the storage space for each food to your rate of consumption of it, and having your butter available just inside the door in a compartment that has its own temperature control (so you can spread it straight from the fridge) make life so much easier.Get more information and buy it now on Amazon >>>From Slide-Out Freezer Baskets to Spillsaver Glass ShelvesThe Amana ASD2522WRB certainly has an emphasis on convenience. You can forget about straining to find something at the bottom of a freezer basket, or feeling around the frozen contents. Just slide the basket out and look inside - simple.And it's no longer a disaster when you spill something inside the fridge. The neat glass shelves with sealed edges keep any spills to just one shelf, so it's easily mopped up.The humidity control on the Garden Fresh crisper drawer is another thing I really like about this model. By adjusting the humidity level you can make fruit and vegetables last much longer. It takes a little practice at first, but it's another little touch you normally wouldn't expect for the low price you pay.Loads of Space and Fresh Water TooAt a shade over 25 cubic feet, there's just so much space to use. And it demands space as well, so check the dimensions before deciding. With the huge capacity, of course, you get adjustable door bins.But nothing's too large for this beast. Gallon milk containers, 2-litre bottles of soda, they all disappear inside without a problem. The gallon door storage facility means you'll have to be very disorganised to run out of anything again.The external water dispenser with its built-in PUR filtration system, that supplies fresh, filtered water and cubed or crushed ice (your choice) is something you associate with refrigerators costing up to twice as much. Naturally, it's on the outside, so you don't even have to open the door. Oh, and did I mention that it's Energy Star qualified?Features and Specifications* Capacity : 25.1 cu ft* Refrigerator Fresh Food Capacity: 15.2 cubic_feet* Freezer Capacity : 9.9 cubic_feet* Installation Type : Free standing* Form Factor : Side by side* Color: Black* Voltage: 120* Connector Type : Water Line* Defrost : Automatic* Door Material Type : Steel* Lighting : Incadescent* Shelf Type : Glass* Shelves : 3* Certification: Energy Star* Material Type : steel* Included Components: Ice Maker, Water Dispenser* Item Dimensions:* Weight: 270 Pounds* Depth: 33.75 inches* Width: 35.50 inches* Height: 69.75 inchesGet more information and buy it now on Amazon >>>Customer Reviews and ScoresAt this time there are two reviews on Amazon for this model, both giving it the maximum 5 stars, as you'd expect. Neither have a bad word to say about it. Other reviewers praise it for its exceptional quietness and value for money.The only criticism from anyone is that the water isn't quite ice-cold. This is probably because the water line runs through the refrigeration side of the appliance. But no-one else has felt the need to comment on it, and you can always top it up with some ice.Get more information and buy it now on Amazon >>>ConclusionFor a distinctive refrigerator with a huge capacity and all the convenience factors I've mentioned, and at a great price, you really can't go wrong with the Amana ASD2522WRB.
  • Haier RRTG18PABB Refrigerator-Freezer Black Review Haier RRTG18PABB is made by the second largest white goods manufacturer in the world. Haier is also the number 1 refrigerator brand in the world.All this is according to Euromonitor International's 2010 Global Major Appliances Brand List, and it sounds impressive, so does that mean that this Haier refrigerator, price $549 on Amazon, is good value for money?It's an 18.2 cu ft frost free top mount refrigerator-freezer in black, and it certainly looks stunning when you first see it.Get more information and buy it now on Amazon >>>Capacity and Adaptability at an Affordable PriceSeveral appliances nowadays come with the ability to have their doors hang from either side, and this model is one of them. So if your kitchen layout forces a left or right hand opening on you then don't worry.The shelving is adaptable as well, with two full-width, adjustable cantilevered shelves that can be placed at whatever height you want. Inside the door there's gallon shelving to take your milk cartons and soda bottles, and three full-width clear door shelves and a clear dairy compartment, so you can see everything at a glance.Fresh Fruit and Vegetables For LongerEven at a budget price you can still have humidity control, and this appliance proves it with two clear humidity control crispers with clear covers, so you can easily check on the quality of the contents. And they're the right size as well - "cabbage head high and celery stick long". Practicality as well as value for money.Features and SpecificationsCapacity : 18.2 cubic_feetPart Number : RRTG18PABBForm Factor : freezer_topColor: BlackMaterial Type : steelItem DimensionsWeight: 211 PoundsDepth: 29.63 inchesWidth: 32.25 inchesHeight: 65.38 inches* Automatic Interior Light in Fresh Food Compartment* Two Fixed Freezer Door Shelves* Kick Plate Color Coordinated* Deluxe Door Handle with Monochromatic Accent* Textured Steel Door and Cabinet* Never-Clean Condenser* Post Loop Condenser* Optional Ice MakerCustomer Reviews and ScoresThere are two reviews of this model on Amazon, giving an average of 4 stars. Both reviewers seem to love it, though one mentioned a problem with a couple of missing components, something that regrettably happens on occasion and doesn't impinge on the overall quality of the product or its value for money.Get more information and buy it now on Amazon >>>ConclusionThe Haier RRTG18PABB is a solid, reasonably priced product from a world-renowned manufacturer, and it's extremely unlikely that you'll go wrong with it. Probably you'd be well advised to purchase the optional ice maker, left out of the specs to keep the price down, but at less than $200 it's not much of an issue. I have no difficulty in recommending this product.
  • The Engel MT45F-U1 is an almost unique product with few, if any, competitors. It has been available for over 20 years and is still going strong, with thousands of satisfied users. The manufacturers put its success down to "build quality and the Sawafuji Compressor", the high efficiency swing compressor which they say is the most power efficient on the market. But its looks must help as well - a two tone grey with a smart red band at the top.Get more information and buy it now on Amazon >>>At Home - In Your Home, In Your Car or In Your BoatPowered from either a 12 volt car or boat battery, or a household 110 volt supply, this 20 inch high appliance automatically switches between the two as the occasion arises. And there's a removable basket so you don't have to hump the whole unit into the house to re-stock.How much can it hold? About 43 quarts - that's 60 12 fl oz cans, or the equivalent. You can get enough groceries in it to last one person a week.Perfect For People Who Enjoy The Outdoor LifeThe two main characteristics of this model are its sheer power and its ruggedness that naturally appeals to outdoor folk. It can freeze almost anything, and it doesn't take long to do it. On a lower setting it acts as a reliable refrigerator. And it's tough enough to take any punishment meted out to it in a life where it's liable to be picked up and put down several times a day.Product Specifications* Brand Name: Engel* Model Info: MT45F-U1* Part Number : MT-45-F* Form Factor : freezer_top* Special Features : works well in extreme locations; refrigerator or freezer; rugged construction for many years of use; 12v dc or 24v dc or 110v ac with automatic switching.Item DimensionsWeight: 52.9 PoundsDepth: 14.33 inchesWidth: 25.47 inchesHeight: 20 inchesCustomer Reviews and ScoresThere are 15 reviews on Amazon, 13 of them giving the maximum of 5 stars. One reviewer is an OTR trucker who says he has saved many times its cost over 5 years of not having to pay premium meal prices at truck stops.It's evident from reading these reviews that this little appliance is worth its weight in gold to them. The only gripes relate to the price (to some people, any price is too high), the weight (yes, if you put a week's groceries supply in it then it will weigh quite a bit), and the lack of temperature readout. Hardly anything much to worry about, I would say.Get more information and buy it now on Amazon >>>ConclusionThe Engel MT45F-U1 has thousands of fans who use it and in doing so test it to the limit, with hardly any complaints. It does its job without any problems, so you can order one with complete confidence. I highly recommend this product.
  • Whirlpool ET0MSRXTL Top Freezer Refrigerator Whirlpool ET0MSRXTL is a budget refrigerator with top freezer that boasts the style, looks, and many of the extras of appliances costing two or three times as much.The capacity is 9.7 cu ft, and while this may not be sufficient for a large family, it is ideal for one or two people, or for use in a weekend condo. Its sleek, practical appearance is typified by the integrated handles on doors that are themselves reversible, so you won't be banging your head against the wall to see what's inside.This model even resists fingerprints, and requires no special cleaning materials to keep it looking good. And you can still stick magnets on it :).Get more information and buy it now on Amazon >>>Keeps Fruit and Vegetables Fresh For 25% LongerThis must be one of the most compelling reasons to buy this appliance. How much money will you save by having your perishables last 25 per cent longer? The problem that Whirlpool have tackled with this appliance is that different fruits and vegetables give off ethylene, a potentially harmful gas, at differing rates. Those that give it off more slowly suffer from absorbing it from other foods by ripening too quickly.Whirlpool's solution is ingenious - their patented FreshFlow Produce Preserver, which absorbs the gas, thereby extending the life of these foods considerably. You'll get more information about this when you buy the product.Have Complete Control Over What Goes On InsideIt's very easy to see absolutely everything in this refrigerator. A clear, full-width crisper and shelves give an unobstructed view of all the contents.The patented SpillMiser glass shelves mean that any spills will be restricted to one shelf at a time without spreading to shelves further down. And the Automatic Defrost System has a timer with limit switch, and a heater that melts built-up ice periodically, saving you from having to defrost the freezer ever again.Features and Specifications* 2 Glass Shelves* Clear Humidity-Controlled Crisper* Reversible Door Swing* Automatic Defrost System* FreshFlow Produce Preserver SystemRefrigerator Capacity: 7.0 Cu. Ft.Total Capacity; 9.6 Cu. Ft.Freezer Capacity: 2.7 Cu. Ft.Dimensions in inches:Depth Radius: 48 3/8Height: 60 3/8Height To Top Of Cabinet: 59 7/8Depth Closed Including Handles: 26 7/8Depth: 26 7/8Width: 24Get more information and buy it now on Amazon >>>Customer Reviews and ScoresAt the present time there are two reviews on Amazon, both giving the maximum of 5 stars. On Whirlpool's own site there are seven reviews, six of which are positive and give 5 stars out of 5 for both performance and quality.The one unfavorable review pointed to the shallow shelves and excessive noise, but no-one else has found any problem, so check the dimensions to make sure they will be deep enough for you, and put the appliance on level ground (usually the cause of excessive noise in most appliances).This model appears to be very popular with almost all its users, and is certainly a bargain at the price of $521.99.Get more information and buy it now on Amazon >>>ConclusionWhirlpool are one of the world's leading manufacturers of refrigerators, and have produced a gem with the ET0MSRXTL, and at an unbeatable price. You can buy this with full
  • Samsung RF217ACBP Refrigerator Review The Samsung RF217ACBP Refrigerator is a 20 cu ft French door model, and it's in black. Designed for the family that does a fair amount of cooking, it has two massive crisper bins with humidity control and five opaque gallon door bins with an opaque freezer bin.It's renowned for using less energy than similar appliances, and if you inadvertently fail to close a door fully it emits an alarm after two minutes. Other than that, though, I found this model to be extremely quiet.The black pearl exterior with contoured doors and a smooth finish ooze style and capability in a slightly smaller model than the largest appliances available, so if you have only a confined space or have to fit your fridge underneath wall cabinets then this may well be just the job.Get more information and buy it now on Amazon >>>Instant Temperature Control plus Twin Cooling for Fresher FoodThere's an eye-level digital temperature display and controls that make control of the temperature in all compartments very easy. And if you need to quickly freeze or rapidly cool the food in any particular bin then you have the Power Freeze and Power Cool controls that enable you to reduce the temperature by up to ten degrees within minutes - great for making sure ice cream from the shop doesn't start to melt, or making your newly-bought soda cool enough, even on the hottest days.Samsung's Twin Cooling System separates the cooling air circulating in the refrigerator from that in the freezer, so your food in the refrigerator can be kept more moist, prolonging its life, while the freezer remains dry and frost free for longer. A subtle but very real benefit.Automatic Ice Maker in a Compact SpaceSamsung refrigerators are known for producing tons of ice for use at any time, and this model is no exception. Although the RF217ACBP has less space than most similar models, it doesn't skimp on ice production. Its automatic ice maker is as good as any in models costing twice as much.Features and Specifications* 20 cu. ft. total capacity* Twin Cooling System®* Surround Air Flow* Power Freeze and Power Cool Options* Humidity Controlled Crispers* 3 Tempered Glass Spill Proof Shelves* Gallon Door Bins* EZ-Open Handle® on Freezer Door* 2-Minute Door Alarm* Concealed Hinges* Contour Doors w/ Smooth Finish* CoolTight Door* Blue LED Display Color* Short Arc Handle* R-134a RefrigerantDimensions:Total Capacity (cu. ft.): 20.0Refrigerator Capacity (cu. ft.): 13.3Freezer Capacity (cu. ft.): 6.4Product Dimensions with Hinges (W x H x D): 32 1/4" x 69 3/4" x 30 1/2"Product Dimensions without Hinges: (W x H x D) 32 1/4" x 68 5/8" x 30 1/2"Shipping Dimensions (W x H x D): 34 5/8" x 75" x 33 1/8"Product Weight (lbs): 251Shipping Weight (lbs): 282Get more information and buy it now on Amazon >>>Customer Reviews and ScoresThere's just one customer review on Amazon, giving this model 4 stars out of a possible 5. The reviewer praises its quietness and energy efficiency, but seems to have a need for slightly larger storage capacity than the RF217ACBP gives.However, thousands of users of this model seem to be happy enough with the capacity, so if that might be an issue for you just check the figures before you buy.Get more information and buy it now on Amazon >>>ConclusionThis is a quiet, energy-efficient workhorse that's super-easy to control. It's priced reasonably, and it will look great in any kitchen.
  • GE GTR12HBXRWW23 Top Freezer Refrigerator Review GE GTR12HBXRWW top freezer refrigerator is a compact, budget model in white that stands 60 inches high and has a total capacity of 12 cu ft (3 cu ft for the freezer and 9 cu ft for the refrigerator). It's available in both right and left hand configurations.Don't be deceived by the budget price. This model does everything a refrigerator with freezer should do, and quietly. It has dual controls for the two compartments that are easily reached and adjusted to requirements.Get more information and buy it now on Amazon >>>Adaptable Storage System Makes Full Use Of SpaceClever design means that a surprising amount of food can be loaded into this appliance. I particularly liked the can rack inside the fridge door, even though three of the shelves have to be shortened slightly to accommodate it.The right layout and size of fixed door shelves and adjustable internal wire shelves is difficult to arrive at in a compact model like this, but GE are past masters at design, and they have arrived at a very good solution here, so most popular food items fit in without difficulty. The crisper drawers at the bottom are transparent and make locating each item of food there extremely easy.A Reliable Appliance At A Budget Price With The Option To Add An Ice DispenserThis model is gaining a reputation for reliability and quietness, and several owners have commented so on consumer web sites. Of course, at this price level, a few of the luxuries available nowadays with refrigerator freezers have to be foregone. But if an ice dispenser is something you must have then GE have allowed for it to be an optional extra for around just $80.Features:* Fittings for optional automatic ice maker: You decide whether you want this convenience for an additional $80 or so.* Adjustable wire shelves: Flexible shelving options so you can make full use of the internal space.* Fixed door shelves: Easy access to your favorite foods right inside the door* Clear crisper drawers: Transparent drawers enable you to find the contents very easily.* In-the-door can rack: Canned drinks are easy to find when you're in a hurry* Wire freezer shelves: These strong wire shelves provide efficient storage for frozen foodsForm Factor: freezer_topColor: WhiteDefrost: frost_freeItem Dimensions:Weight: 205 PoundsDepth: 29.63 inchesWidth: 23.25 inchesHeight: 60 inchesGet more information and buy it now on Amazon >>>Customer Reviews and ScoresThe single customer review on Amazon, at the time of writing, gives 4 stars out of 5. The only real negative factor mentioned by the reviewer relates to its energy efficiency rating, but this hasn't been mentioned by several other reviewers online, most of whom are impressed by its good looks and convenience.Get more information and buy it now on Amazon >>>ConclusionThis modest model has a lot going for it - good looks, adaptable storage system and transparent crisper drawers, with the option for an ice dispenser if required. And at a great price.If you're in a modest sized apartment, or are looking for a supplemental refrigerator freezer then seriously consider the GE GTR12HBXRWW.
  • Price: $1,899.00 LG LFC25776ST French Door Refrigerator Review The first thing that strikes you about the 25 cu ft LG LFC25776ST French Door Refrigerator is the recessed LED lighting that makes it distinctive in daylight and striking in the dark.But if you look inside you'll see why LG have become a force to contend with in the field of refrigerator manufacturers. Of course it has internal temperature sensors and controls and multi-air flow cooling, a quiet operation and a door alarm in case you fail to close a door completely. But there's much more than that.Get more information and buy it now on Amazon >>>Practical Benefits of a Four Compartment Crisper SystemThe two main crisper drawers are independently controlled for humidity, so you can ensure your perishables are fresher for longer. You'll probably want to keep your meat or delis in there, because there's a third drawer specifically for fruits and vegetables.But a really top feature is the pull-out freezer drawer, called a Glide-N-Serve drawer, so you can easily inspect the contents without having to kneel on the floor. It has a divider, so you can store meats in one section and ice cream or other desserts in the other.Good Looks - and Good Performance With The Linear CompressorThe styling on this model is first rate, with concealed hinges and contoured doors, lit up with LED lights, which give the stainless steel finish a kind of luminosity when it's standing in the dark.The Linear Compressor is the key component that enables LG to give this appliance a 10 year guarantee that they know they will hardly ever have to honour. This newly developed compressor is extremely efficient as it has very few moving parts, and so very little wear over extensive periods of time.Features and SpecificationsDoor Type: French 3-DoorFreezer Type: Pull-out DrawerTotal Capacity: 25.0 cu. ft.Refrigerator Capacity: 17.7 cu. ft.Freezer Capacity: 7.3 cu. ft.Size (W x H x D with door open): 44 1/4" x 69 3/4" x 46 1/2"Counter Depth (in.): 27 7/8" (Depth Less Door)ENERGY STAR® Compliant: YesColor: Stainless SteelMulti-Air Flow Cooling: YesTemperature Controls: Internal LED Touch PadTemperature Sensors: 5LoDecibel Operation: YesDoor Alarm: YesLED Interior Light: YesWarranty: 1 Year Parts and Labor, 7 Years on the Sealed System, 10 Years on Linear Compressor SIZE AND WEIGHTDepth with Handles: 34 1/4"Depth without Handles: 31 3/4"Depth without Door: 27 7/8"Depth (Total with Door Open): 46 1/2"Height to Top of Case: 68 3/8"Height to Top of Door Hinge: 69 3/4"Width: 35 3/4"Width (Door Open 90° with Handle): 44 1/4"Width (Door Open 90° without Handle): 39 1/4"Door Edge Clearance with Handle: 4 1/2"Door Edge Clearance without Handle: 1 3/4"Installation Clearance: Sides 1/8", Top 1", Back 1"Weight (Product): 302 lbs.Weight (Shipping): 355 lbs.Carton Dimensions (WxHxD): 38" x 73" x 37"REFRIGERATORNo. of Shelves: 4 SplitSlide-Out Shelves: 4Cantilevered Shelves: YesShelf Construction: Spill Protector, Tempered GlassCrisper Bins: 2 Humidity Crispers / 1 Bonus DrawerGlide N’ Serve Drawer: YesRefrigerator Light: Premium LEDUtility Bin: 2 Piece Bin (with cover)REFRIGERATOR DOORNo. of Shelves/Bin: 6 (5 Adjustable Gallon Size)Dairy Corner/Bin: YesFREEZERDrawers: 2DuraBase Solid Drawer Base: YesDivider: YesIcePlus: YesIce Bin: YesFreezer Light: 60WFreezer Door Bin: 1 Tilting Get more information and buy it now on Amazon >>>Customer Reviews and ScoresThere's one review on Amazon for the LG LFC25776ST, giving it the maximum of 5 stars. Reviews on other sites are similar, with praise for the abundant space, the quietness of operation and the low energy consumption. Only one had an issue, with the freezer sealant not installed correctly, but it was apparently repaired quickly and effectively, which shows that after sales service is good.Get more information and buy it now on Amazon >>>ConclusionThis is a large capacity 25 cu ft appliance, that looks impressive in any kitchen. It uses the very latest technology in keeping your food fresh, giving you full control no matter what your requirements are. And for sheer convenience, the LG LFC25776ST really does take some beating.
  • Title: LG LMX28988ST Price $2,089.00 The LG LMX28988ST 4 door French door refrigerator is a massive 28 cu ft giant that nevertheless has all the little extra touches which LG products are becoming famous for. Things like their famous Glide N’ Serve Drawer, electronic temperature controls and sensors, a child lock, LED interior lights and a door alarm in case you don't shut one of them properly.Mixing quality design with down to earth practicality, this appliance adds elegance to any kitchen (in spite of its size) with contoured doors, concealed hinges and LED lights, and gives you convenience that includes two humidity controlled crisper bins, 4 split shelves, 3 slide-out shelves and one folding shelf.Double Freezer Drawers and a Super 12.6 inch Water and Ice DispenserExactly how does LG manage to incorporate a massive 12 inch plus water and ice dispenser into the front of this appliance while at the same time not only maintaining its stylish appearance but also retaining all the door shelf space normally sacrificed to fit the dispenser?As if that wasn't clever enough, then what about the double drawer in the freezer? That's a smart way of keeping your frozen meats separate from your ice creams or frozen desserts. It might have 8.7 cu ft of space, but this freezer won't risk letting you place incompatible foods next to each other.Attractive Design plus a Hi-Tech CompressorWith an appliance this large (it is nearly 70 inches high) it is very difficult to make it stylish and elegant. But, viewing the LMX28988ST, it's difficult not to admire its good looks.It's almost silent, too, which is always a surprise for a large machine. That is down to the Linear Compressor, which has very few moving parts, meaning less wear, more reliability and durability, and a 10 year warranty from LG in case it ever does go wrong.Features and Specifications* Door Type: French 4-Door* Freezer Type: 2 Drawers* Total Capacity: 27.5 cu. ft.* Refrigerator Capacity: 18.8 cu. ft.* Freezer Capacity: 8.7 cu. ft.* Size (W x H x D with door open): 44 1/4" x 69 3/4" x 47 5/8"* Color: Stainless Steel* Ice & Water Dispenser: Yes* Display Type: LED (Temperature R/F, Ice & Water, Child Lock, IcePlus, Water Filter Status)* Slim SpacePlus Ice System: Yes* Water Filtration System: Compact Filter LT700P* Multi-Air Flow Cooling: Yes* Temperature Controls: Electronic* Temperature Sensors: 6* LoDecibel Operation: Yes* Door Alarm: Yes* LED Interior Light: Yes* Child Lock: Yes* Warranty: 1 Year Parts and Labor, 7 Years on the Sealed System, 10 Years on Linear CompressorSIZE AND WEIGHTDepth with Handles: 35 3/8"Depth without Handles: 32 7/8"Depth without Door: 29"Depth (Total with Door Open): 47 5/8"Height to Top of Case: 68 3/8"Height to Top of Door Hinge: 69 3/4"Width: 35 3/4"Width (Door Open 90° with Handle): 44 1/4"Width (Door Open 90° without Handle): 39 1/4"Door Edge Clearance with Handle: 4 1/2"Door Edge Clearance without Handle: 1 3/4"Installation Clearance: Sides 1/8", Top 1", Back 1"Weight (Product): 324 lbs.Weight (Shipping): 377 lbs.Carton Dimensions (WxHxD): 38" x 73" x 38"FEATURESSmart Cooling: YesREFRIGERATORNo. of Shelves: 4 SplitSlide-Out Shelves: 3Folding Shelf: 1Cantilevered Shelves: YesShelf Construction: Spill Protector Tempered GlassCrisper Bins: 2 Humidity Crispers / 1 Bonus DrawerGlide N’ Serve Drawer: YesRefrigerator Light: Premium LEDREFRIGERATOR DOORNo. of Shelves/Bin: 6 (2 Adjustable Gallon Size)Dairy Corner/Bin: YesFREEZERDrawers: 2DuraBase Solid Drawer Base: YesDivider: YesIcePlus: YesIce Bin: YesFreezer Light: Premium LED Get more information and buy it now on Amazon >>>Customer Reviews and ScoresThere's one review on Amazon, giving the maximum of 5 stars. It's difficult to find any negative comments in reviews of the LG LMX28988ST. The price has been mentioned, but really for just over $2,000 you're getting everything you could easily pay another $600 to $700 for.Get more information and buy it now on Amazon >>>ConclusionA huge capacity appliance that nevertheless looks good and has features coming out of its ears. If you have the space in your kitchen for the LG LMX28988ST then you owe it to yourself to invest in it now.
  • Samsung RB195ACPN 19 cu ft Bottom Mount Refrigerator Freezer ReviewPRICE on Amazon: $1,349.00 The Samsung RB195ACPN is a 19 cu ft capacity bottom mount freezer fridge in stainless platinum, and incorporates Samsung's usual features of counter depth, slide-out glass shelves, twin cooling, power freeze and cool, and LED lighting.This appliance can easily serve a large family that eats home cooked meals and likes frequent fresh water, chilled drinks and ice. What I really like about this model, though, is the easily read external digital display, allowing you to adjust the settings to your exact requirement in seconds.Get more information and buy it now on Amazon >>>Reversible Doors Make For VersatilityThis is another feature I really like. It's surprising how often the door layout on a refrigerator can rule it out as an option for your kitchen. Not so with this model, which can be adapted very easily to have the doors open from the left or from the right. And the door alarm, which sounds after a couple of minutes if you fail to shut a door properly, works in either configuration.Frost Free in the Freezer and Fresher Food in the FridgeSamsung have really set the standard in the design of Refrigerator Freezers. Gone are the days when the only difference between the refrigerator and the freezer was the temperature. These days we know how important humidity is, and if you have the same cooling system governing each department then you have the same humidity in the freezer as you have in the fridge, with all the problems of frosting up in the freezer and drying out in the fridge.Samsung's Twin Cooling System generates cooling air for each department separately, so it delivers around five times the humidity to the refrigerator as it does to the freezer. This means your refrigerator food has the humidity to stay fresher longer and your freezer stays drier and frost-free. No more switching the whole appliance off to de-frost the freezer.Features:Total Capacity (cu. ft.): 18Cooling System: Twin Cooling System®Surround Air Flow: YesPower Freeze and Power Cool Options: YesHumidity Controlled Crispers: YesTempered Glass Spill Proof Shelves: YesGallon Door Bins: Yes2-Minute Door Alarm: YesConcealed Hinges: YesContour Doors w/ Smooth Finish: YesDisplay Color: BlueWater Filter: YesRefrigerant: R-134aDimensions:Total Capacity (cu. ft.): 18Refrigerator Capacity (cu. ft.): 12.17Freezer Capacity (cu. ft.): 5.69Product Dimensions with Hinges (W x H x D): 32 1/4" x 69 3/4" x 28 1/4"Product Dimensions without Hinges (W x H x D): 32 1/4" x 68 3/4" x 28 1/4"Shipping Dimensions (W x H x D): 34 3/8" x 74 3/8" x 30 1/2"Refrigerator Features:Capacity cu. ft.: 12.17Surround Air Flow: YesHumidity Control Crispers: 2Tempered Glass Shelves: 3Gallon Door Bins: 1Door Bins: 5Egg Container: YesInterior Light: LEDFreezer Features:Freezer Capacity: 5.69Built-In Automatic Ice maker: YesIce maker: YesInterior Light: 40 WLarge 2-Divider Opaque Bins: 1Warranty:One (1) Year All Parts and Labor: YesFive (5) Years Sealed System Parts and Labor: YesPower:ENERGY STAR® Compliant: YesEnergy Consumption: 445kWH/yearRefrigerator Type: Bottom FreezerWeight:Product Weight (lbs): 218.3Shipping Weight (lbs): 240.3Get more information and buy it now on Amazon >>>Customer Reviews and ScoresThere's one review on Amazon giving this appliance the maximum of 5 stars. The reviewer liked in particular the counter depth and the quietness of operation. Reviewers elsewhere generally love this model, with only one person complaining that they couldn't turn the ice maker off. However, no-one else seems to have found fault, and this is something that could be remedied quite easily if you really didn't want ice.Get more information and buy it now on Amazon >>>ConclusionThis appliance is a first-rate mid-range refrigerator freezer with all the features you'd expect from one costing considerably more. It has a decent 19 cu ft capacity and yet can fit into a mere 33 inch opening. It's ENERGY STAR® compliant with a low energy consumption, and with Samsung's warranty you can purchase the RB195ACPN with confidence.
  • Title: Whirlpool GX2FHDXVQ 22 cu ft Bottom Mount Refrigerator Freezer ReviewPRICE ON AMAZON$1,268.00 The Whirlpool GX2FHDXVQ is a 22 cu ft bottom mount French door refrigerator in white, ideal for family use. It has six SpillGuard glass shelves and a full width pantry drawer, with gallon door bins and two freezer baskets that slide out easily for easy access to frozen food. Priced competitively on Amazon, it is a viable alternative to Samsung or LG models in the same price range.Apart from convenience and ease of use, its main design purpose is to be the most energy efficient appliance in its class while at the same time giving perfect performance in keeping refrigerated food fresh for longer.Get more information and buy it now on Amazon >>>Smart Interior Design Maximises Ease of UseWhat strikes you first when you open the refrigerator door is how easy it is to arrange your food exactly the way you want it. This appliance is the height of an average man, so you need to know where everything is. Especially when there is a full array of shelves, drawers and bins to keep your various foods separated.There's a hanging deli drawer as well, with its own settings, naturally. And you can store your milk and drinks containers in the adjustable door bins if you need to free up space on the slide-out shelves inside. An automatic ice maker that maintains a level supply of ice is another nice touch that I liked.6th Sense Technology To Help Keep You In Control6th Sense Technology is the force behind the built-in Accu-Chill temperature management system that puts you in charge. It uses smart sensors, which relay information back to the central control unit in order to keep temperatures in all the separate compartments that it covers at the right level.Different foods need different temperatures and varying humidity levels for long lasting freshness, and that is what this appliance does very well.Features and Specifications* Electronic temperature controls* Allow easy adjustment of the settings.* Accu-Chill temperature management system* Delivers accurate temperatures to accommodate the cooling needs of different foods and beverages.* 6 SpillGuard glass shelves* Contain small spills and messes for easy cleanup.* Full-width pantry drawer* Provides an ideal place to store vegetable trays and birthday cakes.* Clear, humidity-controlled crisper* Keeps produce fresh longer to minimize waste.* Hanging deli drawer* Houses cold cuts and cheese.* Adjustable gallon door bins* Store milk and juice containers to free interior shelf space.* Automatic ice maker* Keeps a steady supply of ice on hand.* Upper and lower wire freezer baskets* Organize frozen food and slide out for easy access to food in the back.* Contoured door* Provides a stylish appearance.Warranty Terms - Parts: 1 year limitedWarranty Terms - Labor: 1 year limitedProduct Width: 32-5/8"Product Depth: 34-7/16"Height to Top of Refrigerator (in.): 68-3/16Height to Top of Door Hinge (in.): 70-1/8Counter Depth: NoDepth Without Handles (in.): 33Depth Including Handles (in.): 34-7/16Depth with Door 90° Open (in.): 47-1/16Total Capacity (cu. ft.): 22.0Capacity: Freezer (cu. ft.): 6.0Capacity: Fresh-Food (cu. ft.): 16.0Thru-the-Door Ice Dispenser: NoThru-the-Door Water Dispenser: NoRefrigerator Shelf Construction: Spill-proof glassTemperature Control Type: ElectricWater Filtration: NoFactory-Installed Ice maker: YesGallon Door Storage: YesHumidity-Controlled Crisper: YesChild Lock: NoDoor-Open Alarm: NoSurface Finish: SmoothCabinet Side Color: WhiteDoor-Handle Color: WhiteStyle: French-DoorColor Category: WhiteEnergy Consumption (kWh/year): 459Estimated Yearly Operating Cost: $49ENERGY STAR Qualified: YesFreezer Door Type: Pull Out DrawerNumber of Doors: 3-DoorGet more information and buy it now on Amazon >>>Customer Reviews and ScoresThere are three reviews on Amazon at the time of writing, giving an average of 4 stars out of 5. The general view is one of satisfaction, though one owner, giving only 3 stars, says only that the true width of the appliance is 32 inches as opposed to 30 inches stated in the Amazon product specification. If this could affect you then you could measure the precise width at your local appliance store.Get more information and buy it now on Amazon >>>ConclusionThis is a keenly priced, large refrigerator with advanced electronic controls, designed for a grown up family. It is versatile in the amount and types of food that can be stored in it, and easy to control. It is ENERGY STAR qualified, with a low energy consumption and running cost. It's also easy to clean and maintain, and I can easily recommend the Whirlpool GX2FHDXVQ as a sound, risk-free appliance.
  • Samsung Rf267aers 26 cu ft French Door Refrigerator in Stainless Steel ReviewPRICE ON AMAZON$2,455.99 The Samsung Rf267aers is a 26 cu ft French Door refrigerator in stainless steel, and has all the features that we've come to expect from Samsung. At nearly $2,400 on Amazon it's around $200 cheaper than on Samsung's own site. This price reflects the model's superior specifications (see below).Stylish and elegant, it enhances the look of any kitchen. It has a filtered water supply direct from the mains for the external water and ice dispenser, a deep pull-out drawer to access the freezer contents, and an external digital display so checking and adjusting the temperature in each compartment is a breeze.The energy-efficient ultra-modern LED lighting is one of Samsung's strong points. Gentle on the eye, it reaches into the furthest corners of each compartment so checking the contents and locating items is very easy. And this kind of lighting doesn't emit any heat.Get more information and buy it now on Amazon >>>Drop temperatures with Power Freeze and Power Cool When you bring in drinks, milk, and cold snacks from the store they can be too warm to enjoy, especially on a hot day. Samsung's renowned answer to this is to give you this feature, that lets you drop the temperature of the refrigerator or freezer by several degrees in around 10 minutes, so you can enjoy these food items as they were meant to be enjoyed without having to wait.Twin Cooling For Fresher FoodNo refrigerator in this price range from Samsung would be complete without twin cooling. This facility keeps your perishables fresher for longer by circulating air of the correct humidity around it. Air of this humidity in the freezer compartment would quickly lead to frosting, so dry air is circulated there so as to avoid this problem.Features and Specifications:Cool Select Pantry with Temperature Control: YesTotal Capacity (cu. ft.): 26External Filtered Water and Ice Dispenser: YesCooling System: Twin Cooling System®Surround Air Flow: YesPower Freeze and Power Cool Options: YesHumidity Controlled Crispers: YesTempered Glass Spill Proof Shelves: YesGallon Door Bins: YesEZ-Open Handle: YesAuto Pull Out Clear Upper Freezer Drawer: Yes2-Minute Door Alarm: YesConcealed Hinges: YesContour Doors w/ Smooth Finish: YesCoolTight Door: YesDisplay Color: BlueFilter Indicator: YesWater Filter: YesDimensions:Total Capacity (cu. ft.): 26Refrigerator Capacity (cu. ft.): 17.4Freezer Capacity (cu. ft.): 8.1Product Dimensions with Hinges (W x H x D): 35 3/4" x 69 3/4" x 31 3/4"Product Dimensions without Hinges (W x H x D): 35 3/4" x 65" x 28 7/8"Product Dimensions with Handles (W x H x D): 35 3/4" x 69 3/4" x 35 5/8"Shipping Dimensions (W x H x D): 38 1/2" x 75 5/8" x 39 1/2"Refrigerator Features:Capacity cu. ft.: 17.4External Filtered Water/Ice Dispenser: YesSurround Air Flow: YesHumidity Control Crispers: 2Tempered Glass Shelves: 5Gallon Door Bins: YesDoor Bins: 6Dairy Compartment: YesCoolSelect Pantry: YesEgg Container: YesExtending Half Shelf: YesInterior Light: LEDSlide-In Shelf: 1Slide-out Shelves: 2Spill proof shelves: 4Water and Ice Dispenser: YesFreezer Features:Freezer Capacity: 8.1EZ-Open Handle: YesIn-Door Pizza Pocket: YesAuto Pull Out - Upper Freezer Drawer: YesWater and Ice Dispenser: YesCubed and Crushed Ice: YesInterior Light: YesLarge 2-Divider Opaque Bins: 1Warranty:One (1) Year All Parts and Labor: YesFive (5) Years Sealed System Parts and Labor: YesDesign:Color: Stainless SteelPower:ENERGY STAR® Compliant: YesEnergy Consumption: 519kWh/yearRefrigerator Type: French DoorWeight: Product Weight (lbs): 328Shipping Weight (lbs): 364Get more information and buy it now on Amazon >>>Customer Reviews and ScoresThere is one review on Amazon, giving this product a full 5 stars out of 5. The reviewer loved the large capacity and all the other features of this model, the only slight drawback being that the water filters are a little expensive, but then he added that he could order them through Amazon 3 at a time and get free shipping with no tax.On the Samsung site there are 67 reviews, over half of which give this product 5 stars..Get more information and buy it now on Amazon >>>ConclusionThis refrigerator from Samsung is a very safe buy. It is ENERGY STAR compliant, with a door alarm if you don't shut the doors properly, and CoolSafe doors that close automatically with a tight seal. For large capacity, ease of use and low power consumption it's very hard to beat.
  • Title: Maytag MFX2571XEM 25 cu ft French Door Refrigerator FreezerPRICE ON AMAZON  $2,422.00 This Maytag MFX2571XEM 25 cu ft French Door Refrigerator Freezer is the model they installed in one of the houses on Blog Cabin. Perhaps it was the Easy Access Drawer, or maybe the exceptional quietness, that was so appealing, but more likely the sleek good looks were the deciding factor for the program bosses.It has a handsome digital inter-active screen in full color, so you can check and control the status of the water dispenser and the temperature.Get more information and buy it now on Amazon >>>Easy Access Refrigerator Drawer For Convenience and Energy SavingThe thing most owners love above anything else about this model is the Easy Access Drawer that holds the equivalent of up to five bags of groceries. This glides open and closed very easily, and you can see at a glance exactly what you have in it.It's ideal for children and anyone in a hurry because of the ease with which you can get hold of your most frequently accessed items. And while the drawer is open, the remaining 80 per cent of the refrigerator space is closed, saving energy. A really thoughtful touch is that above this drawer, the floor of the refrigerator is clear glass, so you can view what's in the drawer when accessing the refrigerator proper.Superior Ice and Water DispenserMaytag have taken ice and water dispensing to a new level with this dispenser. The whole unit is flush with the door surface, and the faucet rotates. It dispenses smaller sized ice cubes than other dispensers, which is ideal for refillable water bottles and for making smoothies. You can choose crushed ice if you prefer.Features and SpecificationsForm Factor: freezer_bottomMeasured Fill: YesSpecialty Shelf Description: Mini ShelfRefrigerationDispenser Lockout: YesFreezerFreezer Bin Description One: Small BinFreezer Bin Description Two: Lower Freezer BinStyle and ExtrasFiltered Water: YesIce Maker Type: Factory InstalledColor: WhiteCapacityRefrigerator Capacity: 18.4 Cu. Ft.Freezer Capacity: 6.6 Cu. Ft.DimensionsWeight: 352 PoundsHeight To Top Of Cabinet: 68 5/8Width: 35 5/8Depth Closed Including Handles: 35 5/8Height: 70 1/8Depth: 35 5/8Door Radius: 48Get more information and buy it now on Amazon >>>Customer Reviews and ScoresThere are two enthusiastic reviews on Amazon, both giving this product the maximum of 5 stars out of 5.Nearly all other reviewers online love the MFX2571XEM, citing in particular the ample storage space, the Easy Access Drawer, the smooth operation of the drawers, the quietness and the LED interior lighting.The only negative of any substance was to do with the placement of the ice maker so that it takes up more room than if it was placed on the door, but this has not seemed to worry anyone else and doesn't affect the overall capacity.Get more information and buy it now on Amazon >>>ConclusionMaytag, a sub-division of Whirlpool, is well known for using long-lasting components. For example, the refrigerator drawer glides on this model have been tested to 600,000 openings and closings. Maytag products are among the most durable available, and with this appliance it gives you a 10 year limited parts warranty.The Maytag MFX2571XEM seems to be very popular among its owners, and there's no reason why you shouldn't find the appliance as beneficial as everyone else.
  • Samsung RF4267HARS 25.5 cu ft French Door Refrigerator Review The Samsung RF4267HARS is a typical Samsung product in that the designers have thought of everything, even looks. Take the eye-catching design. Even though it's a big, heavy household appliance, Samsung manage somehow to make it look as desirable as an iPhone.It's not just because of the things that you come to take for granted with Samsung products. Things like push-button ease of use and sleek good looks and other things too numerous to mention here. It's also the sheer joy of using it.Get more information and buy it now on Amazon >>>Huge 25.5 cu ft Capacity Plus Samsung's FlexZone DrawerThis is one of Samsung's flagship products, coming in at a thumping 25.5 cu ft - enough for a large family of keen chefs who all love cooking different things. With adjustable shelving inside, you're never going to run out of space.The FlexZone drawer is a brilliant concept and is just below the French doors, at a convenient height to pull out and inspect. It already has a comfortable depth, and you can divide it into four compartments of any size - whichever sizes suit you best. And then you can customise the temperature settings in each compartment according to the type of food - Meat/Fish, Cold Drinks, Deli/Snacks, and Wine/Party Dishes.Unique Twin Cooling Plus System To Keep Your Food Fresh For LongerThe special Twin Cooling Plus system makes sure that the air that circulates in the refrigerator is kept separate from the air circulating in the freezer, so as to ensure your fridge food is kept moist enough to stay fresh for longer and yet your frozen items are dry and free from frost.Needless to say with a Samsung refrigerator, there's also the ice dispenser which works quietly in the background producing the ice to whatever quantity you demand, whether it's just everyday family use, or a sudden crowded party. And, of course, you don't have to open the fridge door to gain access.All this is not to mention Samsung's superior LED lighting, which lets you see clearly into the furthest corners of the appliance without using excessive energy or causing heat to escape into the refrigerator.So after all this, can you operate the refrigerator controls to ensure it performs exactly as you want it to? Does it use no more than a miserly amount of energy each day? And is your quality of life upgraded to luxury each time you interact with the RF4267HARS?The answer each time has to be a resounding "yes".Features:* 26 cu. ft. Total Capacity* FlexZone Drawer* Twin Cooling Plus® System* Surround Air Flow* Power Freeze and Power Cool Options* 2 Humidity Controlled Crispers* Tempered Glass Spill Proof Shelves* Gallon Door Bins* Easy Open Handle* Stainless Steel Interior Accents* Auto Pull Out Clear Upper Freezer DrawerDimensions26 cu. ft. Total Capacity14.9 cu. ft Refrigerator Capacity3.5 cu. ft FlexZone Capacity7.1 cu. ft. Freezer CapacityWith Hinges: 32 13/16" (W) x 69 3/4" (H) x 33 3/4" (D)Without Hinges: 32 13/16" (W) x 68 1/2" (H) x 29 11/16" (D)With Handles: 32 13/16" (W) x 69 3/4" (H) x 36 1/4" (D)Shipping Dimensions: 35 1/4" (W) x 75 3/4" (H) x 36 1/4" (D)ENERGY STAR RatedCEE Tier 2: More Efficient515 kWh/YrGet more information and buy it now on Amazon >>>Customer Reviews and ScoresAt the time of writing there's just one customer review on Amazon, giving this product a maximum score of 5 stars out of 5. There are other reviews online, but these all give 5 out of 5 as well, and no-one seems to have come up with any criticisms.Get more information and buy it now on Amazon >>>ConclusionWhat more is there to say? You really can't go wrong with this appliance. The Samsung RF4267HARS has just about everything. If you're the head of a large family who love home cooking then as long as you have the space in your kitchen and the price in your account, this is the model to buy.
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