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Here is an example of the work I have done using Indesign for page layout. This should both my design abilities and writing skills.

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Victoria harris indesign

  1. 1. Victoria Harris Show off your face! takes less time; however you have to keep girl is thinking “Boys find short hair By VICTORIA HARRIS up with haircuts every 4-6 weeks to avoid unattractive” you’re right a lot do. But looking shaggy. After a shower your hair are you going to let that control what you So you’re thinking about cutting your dries within a half hour and with a blow do? Your hair is about you. It’s about your hair. There are a few facts you should know dryer it dries within a few minutes! With style, comfort, and confidence, not what a and consider. As with everything there are guy thinks. Everyone has different ups and downs. opinions about everything; some Short hair seems to be timeless. may find short hair unattractive but In 1951 Audrey Hepburn had not everyone feels that way. With a pixie cut; where her sides short hair, you are limited to styles. were cut short and jagged You generally get your hair cut to with a layered top to give style it one certain way… not just a her a “piecey” effect. Even trim which you can style all different contemporary celebrities like ways You can’t braid your hair or Rihanna, Pink, Keira Knightley, curl it or straighten it (well, for the and Fatima Robinson have short most part). If you have curly hair and hair! Short hair can give you a cut it, it will be almost impossible to totally different look. It makes straighten. a statement, “I’m confident with So now that you know the ups and who I am and how I look, and I downs there are questions you should don’t need to hide behind all that ask yourself. Am I cutting my hair hair anymore!” Even though for me or to impress someone? Will you can’t curl, straighten, braid, cutting my hair give me something or put it up, you have much I don’t have now? For confidence, more versatility in your hair. perhaps? Do I picture myself with By putting in a little hair wax or short hair? Why am I considering spray your hair can look totally cutting my hair? Can you handle the different. You can accessorize “exposed” feeling right after you get in ways with short hair that just Are you confident enough? it cut? Even with the ups and downs didn’t work with long hair. short hair is something to consider. After talking to some short hair, bad hair days are rare. Short hair With its versatility, healthy look, and friends of mine that have short hair, I is easy to rewash when you’re having a bad timeless, there isn’t much of a reason not have concluded that short hair seems to hair day! The best part is people can see to go short. So why not break out of your boost confidence. Short hair always looks your pretty face with a short cut! shell and show everyone your pretty face? and feels healthier then long hair. Styling Now for the downs, I’m sure every Do people really take the masks off after Halloween fit in, at all. myself. Even though I still felt like I was By VICTORIA HARRIS I remember my first day of middle school a loner on the outside looking in, not when I was in a class with no friends. I felt fitting in, I understood that I didn’t have like there was nobody I could relate to. I to conform to be accepted. The season of Halloween is a reminder didn’t feel like I had anything in common of the mask I put on when trying to fit in, I don’t understand why we feel such with anyone. I knew after the first week a pressure to fit in, however, with the sometimes I feel like I’m still hiding behind of school. that if I wanted to survive here, it. Halloween is all about being whoever, cliques I can see how we feel the need to I was going to have to change. Everyone fit, it’s almost as if we must conform in or in some cases, whatever you want to be. was wearing clothes from Abercrombie or We dress up or put on masks to fill the role order to belong. Hollister and I was standing there wearing After reflecting on my past and my or the character. But for some of us, every Walmart and Sears cloths. Then I ended day is an internal Halloween. struggle to feel like I belong, I can up dressing in cloth’s I wasn’t actually look around and see fellow peers (girls We all remember our first days of middle comfortable in and acting ways that just school when some of us realized that we especially) struggling to fit in. I feel many weren’t me. That was the mask I clung to Fairport kids struggle to be something aren’t exactly part of the “in-crowd”. When so tightly. you suddenly are faced with the reality that they aren’t and many of them I feel like I Towards the end of sophomore year, can relate to. I see how they are working not everyone is your friend anymore. Some that mask was shed. I was accepted by a of us didn’t even feel like we fit in at the on being something they aren’t and I small group of seniors that showed me wonder if they ever took off that mask new school. Some of us felt that we didn’t that nobody will accept me unless I accept after Halloween. Support your Local Artist! their pictures truly have it rough. Anyone the Dryden Theater. The festival contains By VICTORIA HARRIS owning a camera considers himself a films by independent filmmakers from all photographer, making the competition over the world. The entries are narrative We all know what it’s like to walk on incredibly competitive. Studios like films, documentaries, and animations. the stage and perform or present a idea Keepsake and Clix that are expensive to Even though the crew of the movies might in front of the class. This can be stressful go to for family portraits or senior pictures; not be from Rochester, it’s still worth and not the easiest task to do. In a sense, it gives the amateur photographers who checking out! It’s easy to appreciate all the artists do this all the time. Right here in have fair prices a chance to get ahead. hard work that goes into them. The Little Rochester we can attend events that allow The only problem is that not many people Theater shows independent films all year us to experience different forms of art and want to go to a college student studying around as well as some foreign films. Even expression while supporting the artist as photography or someone just exploring to though there might not be movies graphy, well. Rochester has local bands that are see if they have any talent or an interest at and art, Rochester has a number of art rocking out, photographers that never fail all. During my search this year for who I festivals throughout the summer that are to take the shot, and directors that continue wanted to do for my senior pictures, I went always a unique experience! to entertain. with a college student who had started When artists are doing whatever they “Water Street Music Hall… where the his own photography business just for the are doing for the love of doing it, its silly music comes alive”. Water Street Music love of photography. My entire package not to support them! Sometimes the songs Hall is a local venue right here in Rochester was only around 200 dollars. The package created by local bands such as Storm the that both have concerts with local bands included the shoot, unlimited outfits, and Bay, Sans Ego, and Neothesis are just as and better known bands like Rusted Roots. as much time as he felt was needed. The likable as main stream bands. Pictures A lot of the bands that perform here on product of this was better than I could have taken by photographers are always more a regular basis are unsigned by a record expected. The Photos were artsy, unique, personal and more “you” then those taken company and truly performing for the love and definitely expressed my personality. at a big studio. And last but not least, of music. Even if you don’t like the band Whether you want to see short sometimes movies screened at the Little it’s totally worth exploring. The musicians animation clips or full length movies, The Theater and Dryden Theater are just as are passionate about their songs and never Little Theater and the Dryden Theater entertaining as those you would see at a fail to put on a fantastic show. at the George Eastman House is where it big theater! When you know these artists Photographers that are following their can be done! Every year The Rochester are doing what they’re doing for the love dream by trying to make money from International Film Festival takes place at of doing it, support their dream.
  2. 2. Page 2 Never Shout Never puts us in“Would it kill you” if I said a trance! Hellogoodbye is back? sound for something more By VICTORIA HARRIS strong recognizable influence from Queen and Styx. The album “flow” that’s purely enjoyable This was a transformation By VICTORIA HARRIS “indie”. Throughout this album starts with “Time Travel” which for Never Shout Never. I have they concentrated strongly on As music continues to feels almost like an acid trip when followed him and stayed a loyal making their own sounds not evolve into new directions, fan from the beginning. I have you’re listening to it, and if you Back in 2006 Hellogoodbye using electronic sounds. Along the band Never Shout Never look into some of the symbolism been to three concerts at least surfaced with their hit song with focusing on their sounds, is no different. His new album in this song it’s about his drug seeing him at his best and worst its “Oh, It Is Love” with its cheesy, they focused on keeping their Time Travel is a change from problems. The second song on obvious some of these songs were mushy, and romantic lyrics from lyrics the same theme. his older works. But fear not the album, “Awful”, is sort of written at his worst as apposed their album Zombies! Aliens! A common theme of Never Shout Never to his best Vampires! Dinosaurs!. After that, Hellogoodbye has always been fans, you will not be which Harmony we only saw small EPs surfacing love and still remains that way. disappointed! seemed to be from the band. On November 9th, “Finding Something to Do”, Christofer Drew written in for 2010 , Hellogoodbye released the album opener, definitely gave is a Joplin, Missouri the most part. . their latest album titled Would it me the feeling that this was about native who first This is almost Kill You? Which was produced to be another indie record. But stepped into the c o m p l e t e l y and recorded by their longtime “When We First Met,” which I music scene as unrecognizable producer Matt Mahaffey. Over considered one of the best songs Never Shout Never, for Never Shout the four years between albums on the album, is a rejuvenating which was just him Never but fear the band has spent the time love song, compared to modern and his ukulele. not classic NSN touring from living rooms to the music, explaining a love affair by He would tour all fans, Chrisofer Philippines. using changing hairstyles. over the country Drew’s voice is Hellogoodbye formed back To be honest I don’t love the singing love songs still beautiful!in 2001 as a small recording album. They almost lost their to tween fans that The sounds project back in high school in identity, in my opinion. But on could melt anyone’s and textures in Long Beach, California only a side note, they did keep what heart! His first true Time Travel are interested in wooing crushes and truly makes them who they are, album Harmony a mix of Queen to entertain friends. The group’s their cutesy love song lyrics. I’ve was released; which and Styx that debut self-titled EP featured their always viewed Hellogoodbye as contained his typical will make even first song ever written “Bonnie more of a powerpop, electronic sound like“Cheate the most passive Taylor Shakedown 2k1”. After band, not the somewhat generic rCheaterBestFrien music listener their first EP they toured around indie. However at the same dEater” along with pay attention. Orange County for the first two token, I don’t know if it’s fair a new mature spin. His older works years of their career. to compare them to their old This is Never Shout are immature Hellogoodbye’s experiences albums. Hellogoodbye developed Never’s first album and focused played a great role in their new a completely new sound. It as a full band when around love; now album Would it Kill You. With also should be noted that in the before it was just Is NSN on your playlist? he’s mature and this album they recorded it under new album, they included some Christofer Drew appears to have Wasted Summer Records, which unusual instruments for their with friends helping at concerts. a “throwback” which unlike taken a new view of the world. is their own label after dropping genre; brass on “Getting Old”, Along with Never Shout Never, the rest, could definitely fit on The only negative comment I Drive-Thru Records. In dropping and strings on “Coppertone”. Christofer Drew also has a any other album of his! “Silver have about this album is it’s only the old record label, they were The bands creativity truly shined dubstep project which he calls Ecstacy” is filled with lyrics that 32 minutes long. Even though at able to drop their “power pop” throughout their entire album. GONZO and a rock act under describe long lost loves and yes, first listen fans will be shocked, eatmewhileimhot. heartbreak. “Simplistic Trance- that will soon vanish. The album Is lying ever ok? Even His latest album Time Travel, Like Getaway” is a pop song at shows what skill and artistic released September 16th, the core that could definitely potential Never Shout Never is could not sound any better! be a song from his first album capable of. Before we know it, For the most part the album if it’s just to preserve Harmony. Even though this isn’t this will soon not only be on the is “trance-y” and has almost an album you’d rock out to in playlists of teens, but on those of a psychedelic feel to it with your room, the entire album has a adults. someone’s feelings? Kod- Red, to Blue Lightning, By VICTORIA HARRIS But what if you don’t know the person that’s asking you the I’m sure everyone can say pressing question? Do you still to Red Raider Robotics, tothey’ve been asked a question care if you hurt the person’s that’s nearly impossible to feelings? What would you be answer. Questions like “do benefiting by lying? But then SUCCESS! By VICTORIA HARRISthese pants make me look fat?” again… what are you benefiting LEGO League, and Junior FIRST seemed perfect. The slogan was or “does my hair look ok?” can by telling the truth? Either way make a person feel cornered you’re going to end up with a After recently forgoing a name LEGO LEAGUE. “Thunder makes the noise, but into either lying or hurting their guilty conscious, either you would change from Blue Lightening to Robotics is a fairly new lightning does the work”.friend’s feelings. But when know that you hurt the person’s Red Raider Robotics, the team program to Fairport. Mr. Gene Over the summer, the team you’re in this position, how do feelings or you would know that has come together for a year that Gordon along with 27 students in felt that they weren’t connected you know what to say if the pants you lied to them and possibly seems to show better potential 1997 started the original Fairport enough to the school causing than ever before. FIRST team calling themselves confusion on who FIRST team really make her look fat or when led them to wear something that 578 really was. Fairport High her hair they didn’t FIRST Robotics was started in 1992 in New Hampshire Schools teams are Red Raiders a c t u a l l y a c t u a l l y now, making it only feel right looks like “The decision is ultimately look good by Inventor Dean Kamen and MIT professor Dr. Woodie to include that in their name a birds in. nest? Is yours” The Flowers. making them Red Raider The first competition Robotics. this a definition This year’s game is called s i t u a t i o n of a lie, contained only 18 teams and since then has grown to Logomotion. The teams try to t h a t according form the FIRST logo on two justifies lying? to, is “a false more than 1600 teams in 11 different countries. FIRST is sets of three racks on their Hurting friends or family statement deliberately presented designated side of the field member’s feelings is hard as being true” or “something an acronym meaning “For the Inspiration and Recognition using inner tubes shaped and especially when it can be easily meant to deceive or give a wrong colored to match the logo (red prevented with a lie. Some refer impression”. That makes a “little of Science and Technology”. FIRST focuses on “Gracious triangles, white circles, and to these “feeling saving” lies white lie” sound a lot worse when as “white lies”. The definition, you think about what the real Professionalism” and This team has bragging blue squares). In the end of the sportsmanship, both making rights! match, the teams are to deploy from, of a definition of a lie. minibots onto towers where they white lie is an unimportant lie Even though I didn’t come to it stand out from high school (especially one told to be tactful a real conclusion to this, I think sporting events. The foundation’s Kod-Red, Team 36. Kod-Red slide up and down the pole. When or polite). But that brings me that lying can be ok. Hurting statement said “Our mission is was sponsored by Kodak. When building the robots, the teams back to my question, is it ok to someone’s feelings can be to inspire young people to be Kodak dropped them as a sponsor, have specific measurements and lie even to save someone from stressful. Whenever I’ve been science and technology leaders, a year later, The Gleason Works weight restrictions to the robots. being hurt? put in this kind of situation, I by engaging them in exciting picked them up. The Team re- The team spent Thursday, My thoughts on this are no. generally end up saying a white mentor-based programs that registered as FRC Team 277 FIA, March 3rd, through Saturday, Chances are anyone that is lying to avoid feeling bad and build science, engineering and or Fairport Intelligence Agency. March 5th at Rochester Institute coming to ask you for advice to avoid hurting the person’s technology skills, that inspire The team made it all the way to of Technology for a regional on how they look want a real, feelings. However, sometimes I innovation, and that foster well- the national champion ship that competition. The team came in solid, truthful, answer. Even suggest they try a different pair rounded life capabilities including year. 18th out of 44! The team won though you won’t want to hurt of pants or brush their hair out of self-confidence, communication, The team changed their name the Engineering Inspiration and leadership.” again to Blue Lightning. Blue Award due to all of their outreach your friends or family members whatever ridiculous up do they feelings, it could be even worse have, but either way I try not to FIRST has programs covering being one of Fairport High efforts made. Due to the award, if you lie and if they catch you hurt their feelings. The decision is all ages. The program includes School’s colors, and lightning it qualified them in the National in the lie. ultimately yours. FIRST Tech Challenge, FIRST symbolizing energy; the name Championship.
  3. 3. Page 3 Open mind + crib notes = no awkward moments!By VICTORIA HARRIS day! Before the date, take a shower, that left an uncomfortable tension the person again. After deciding that the hug idea I don’t care who you are, but on the group or the conversation. From my experience recently, Most of us can say that we was my best yet, I continued to body odor is unattractive. Same The never ending awkward animal I realized that a hug is a casual, have been on first dates that just walk. I ended up just opening my with bad breath; it’s completely jokes, such as the awkward turtle, friendly way to greet someone haven’t gone as “planned.” I’m arms as he turned around I had inexcusable. If you’re going always sparks a laugh or makes that establishes a relaxed feeling sure you’ve also been forced to said “What no hug?” That broke out on a dinner date, try not to for an easy conversation starter if from the on a project with someone the ice immediately! The hug gave order anything stinky or messy. they don’t know the joke. There’s always the situation where you don’t even know. Both of me a couple of spare seconds to If you’re going somewhere Something that happens a lot you are set up on a blind date these situations are awkward, hopefully start a conversation and where you won’t be able to order seems to be coming on too strong. or you’re just not comfortable; uncomfortable, and sometimes gather my thoughts. something without garlic or When meeting someone new, introducing yourself with a hug or completely unavoidable. After breaking the ice with another stinky spice, then bring such as a crush, you don’t want a handshake just isn’t going to cut I went on a date recently. a hug, the rest of the night’s breath mints, simple as that! to come off like you’re trying it. When you have no idea what to Surprisingly and to my liking, the conversation flowed naturally. Many awkward moments to impress them you should just say or have you ever considered date wasn’t awkward. The most I can’t help but wonder what occur after being asked or asking want it to flow naturally. Of what many of you do to cheat on challenging part was when we would have happened otherwise. a question then just answering course you want the other person a test? Yes, I’m talking about crib first met up. Even though we had What would have happened if I yes or no. Answering yes or no to think that you are successful, notes. been talking for weeks on end, didn’t start with a hug? Could the often leaves nowhere for the funny, smart, and such that you We have all experienced awful there was still the shock of being awkwardness have been avoided conversation to go. When the sometimes forget that it’s how situations where everything didn’t there. When I approached him all in another way? conversation has nowhere to go you act that really proves if you go as planned and the date didn’t I could think was “Oh man, what Maybe there are obvious sometimes you need something are all the adjectives you claim “flow” naturally. Sometimes by should I say? What do I do? What actions that we just aren’t seeing to help you get the conversation and want to be. If you’re confident taking a step back, these problems if I’m not what he expects? Do I that could fix relieve the tension over the awkward pause. If you’re in the areas then they will show can be solved. Even cracking a pick up the conversation where it when on a date or out with bad at thinking on your feet, crib naturally in the conversation. joke can ease the tension. Just left off? Do I talk about the drive friends? Maybe there’s a formula notes can help. Making yourself Try not to be offended. by taking a shower, answering up with Grandma?” Millions of like in math class that can help notes on conversation topics on Sometimes when you’re talking a question with more than just unorganized pointless thoughts avoid the situation completely? your hand or even texting them to to someone new and you’re yes or no, making crib notes, not and questions ran through my While I was coming up with yourself before the date can really getting to know them, they may coming on too strong, and being mind as I approach him, but then the lame formula, I researched help fill awkward silence. say something that isn’t exactly confident awkward moments the idea popped into my head, tips that could help soften Maybe you said something what you wanted to hear. Try not could possibly be avoided. And “maybe I should just ask for a awkward tension or even avoid it wrong or saw something weird to be upset. You never have to see most importantly, don’t have bad hug.” BAM, best idea I’d had all completely. breath! Tricked into acting how we act? By VICTORIA HARRIS I’m sure every girl out there influence of some sort of drug absolutely fabulous. Then there’s shows that truly capture the can say that they have bought when they had sex! the movie “Juno” where it makes reality of being a teen mom. an outfit because a celebrity like On “The Secret Life of the it appear easy to be pregnant in Thirty-one percent of teenage Walking down the halls at our Miley Cyrus or Haley Williams American Teenager” teen- high school. girls become pregnant before beloved high school, I turned wore something similar to it. mom Amy, had a baby and was Even though these shows are the age of 20 (that equates to a corner to see a girl pushed I bet many guys would for entertainment roughly 750,000 teen pregnancies up against a locker with her probably say the same! and you aren’t really a year). This brings me to MTV’s boyfriend attached to her neck. If small acts influence us looking at what they shows “16 and Pregnant” and Ok I exaggerated… but this that strongly, then things are displaying, they “Teen Mom” These shows reminded me of the TV shows such as seeing our favorite still have an effect. aren’t meant to glorify teenage many of us watch every day. I celebrity in an outfit have They never touch on pregnancies; they actually show couldn’t help but feel a little bit such an influence, then the reality of having how hard teen pregnancy is and disturbed when walking through chances are, negative a baby before being sometimes emphasize the stresses the halls when I see something influences have the same 18 and not being able it puts on the girl emotionally and that weird. affect. With both negative to support it or not physically. However, to a young Just by flipping through and positive influences having the ability to girl that could just look in and channels, you see sex scenes in life, sometimes the graduate from high see this, it could look to her like as opposed to leading sexual negative influences end up school. Over 80% instant popularity. dialogue. Did you know that being much more profound of the fathers don’t Constantly seeing messages there is a rating for these types even though they may be marry their teen mom like this, eventually weed their of shows? I bet you didn’t! hidden. leaving the baby way into your feelings. Even The rating is an “S” for sexual In 2005, 46.8% of without a reliable though you have the power to content. Most of these shows high school students family to grow up make your own decisions, there don’t contain this rating, but admit having sex, 6.2% with. are so many other factors that are don’t you think they should? admitted to having lost When you’re influencing them. When you see With TV shows like “Glee”, their virginity before the constantly surrounded so much of something, such as where a majority of the age of 13, and 14.3% of by these ideas that teen pregnancy, it starts to look characters are casted to represent high school students were teenage pregnancy normal. Stepping back and just high school kids, which target younger audiences (typically reported as having sex Would you want a teen mom? doesn’t change your thinking about the consequences, with over 4 people already life at all, it’s no pregnancy isn’t all its made out to 12-17) display passionate kisses in their live! The scariest statistic back to school easily balancing wonder that there is such a high be on TV. Put the possible baby and seductive dancing, it’s no is 33.9% of sexual active students school, friends, social life, and percentage of sexually active before you, would you want a wonder that we see what we see claim to have been under the motherhood while looking teenagers. There are only a few teen mom? in hallways and school dances. The 11:11 Wish Making PhenomenonBy VICTORIA HARRIS After doing some thinking are wishing to. I can’t think of can’t sit there staring at the clock she started dating a guy that and research, I have come something specific that we would waiting for 11:11 to hit. A small then called her making her wish We have all stayed up a little to the conclusion that our be wishing to. However, do you detail of what must happen is come true. Sure it’s probably later then we should watching the 11:11 wishes are just to give us need something to wish too? The you need to look at the clock, coincidence, but what’s wrong clock waiting till eleven minutes something to believe in. With our 11:11 phenomenon is all about see 11:11, then immediately look with a little hope? Another after the eleventh hour just to busy and stressful lives, I think comforting you, in my opinion, away to make your wish, then reported wishing a girl would say make a wish. But have you ever that its one of those ideas that so having something that you’re look back to make sure it’s not yes when he asked her out and stopped to think why are we we just settle for. It’s the same as wishing isn’t necessary. 11:12- if it is then the wish is it happened! Sure both of those wishing? Or maybe, are there kissing your hand blown. The wish examples are insanely cheesy, but rules to the wishes coming true? and touching the can be verbalized why not pretend there’s proof of Or do the wishes have to be about headliner of your or an inner wishes actually coming true? love? car before you go conversation with Both my examples were about I am not a superstitious through a yellow yourself but the love but that’s all I could find. person, but I have to admit that light to “protect clocks needs to The wishes made at 11:11 don’t from time to time I will stay up you in someway” be the main focus have to be about love, but they till 11:11 to make a wish. I don’t or going to the of thought. The could be. There isn’t a benefit to remember the first time I heard fountain in the wish needs to making your wish about love, it’s of this lucky wishing time, but mall or a wishing be specific, for not like Cupids bow is pulled and it’s something that’s stayed on well and tossing example it can’t ready to strike at 11:11. But you my conscious ever since. I had spare change be “I wish for never know! dismissed it as irrational at first, in it while starvation to end,” Even though there isn’t an origin but the idea of it kept popping making a wish Do you wish at 11:11? instead it should where it started, I think 11:11 is back into my head every time of something be something something we have and use to I would see 11:11 on the clock amazing happening. It’s just Could there possibly be rules like “I wish I could have a cling on to for hope. There were forcing me to make a wish just for something to cling to and give us to making these wishes come cheeseburger”. some specific ideas of rules but I the hell of it. Of course the wish hope of something better coming true? After spending some quality Other people have had luck doubt those truly affect anything. was about some boy, but when the along. time on Google, the only possible with their 11:11 wishes, not 11:11 seems to be all about hope; wish came true, my belief for the After thinking about why, logical rules I found was that it just me. A girl wished someone I think everyone could use a little lucky time began to flourish. it leads me to wonder who we has to be spontaneous, that you would call her and the next day bit in their lives.
  4. 4. Page 4 It’s like the real life Bachelorette... in the school at a deeper level between boys may not seem us feel comfortable and confident had the potential to grow into a hard but it’s actually one of the ByVICTORIA HARRIS around the other. The fact that we more serious relationship. When is scary. Being able to talk to someone that you never have to worst feelings ever. I knew and had a lot in common, (religion, I met Aaron, I really had little understood that if I kept going the hobbies, family background…), motivation to talk to him after worry about seeing again makes The end of The Bachelor it much easier to know him or way I was, I would end up hurting also meant we would have that day. However after he had to both of them, but if I chose one Season 15 rolled away as quickly common pastimes to participate in go home, I immediately noticed her because sensitive topics are as it came, giving Brad Womack easier to talk about. Since you of them I might end up losing together and talk about. Sebastian that I wanted to talk to him again. the other as a friend. I wasn’t (returning from season 11) a and I only had one common Even though I had known and have the possibility to never see second chance at love. While the person again, you can be sure whom I should choose, and hobby and after thinking, I knew liked Sebastian for much longer I played every lame game in the he was stuck between the two that being 16 and how most then I had known Aaron, there was more open and more yourself. remaining women, I couldn’t help When you talk to someone you book, ennie-menni-minie-moo, relationships go, we needed more one problem that was definitely a tossing coins, drawing out of a but relate. I went from feeling than one activity in common. see every day, it can be harder to like I was wearing a boy repellent possible “make-it-or-break-it”, talk about past experiences that hat, and more. Religion and family are important and I have a freaky hang up about After I was past the point of spray to having two boys to choose to me. Aaron not only was dating boys in the school. could be sensitive because there from within a matter of weeks. is a greater chance of them not playing games with myself, I religious, but he also followed I’m someone that needs space decided to look at the stars to see Then I realized that a boy that the same religion. After having and a lot of it. When you date accepting it. Talking to someone doesn’t show interest till another from a different school or town what I could come up with. My him meet my family and meeting someone in your school you’re Zodiac Sign is Taurus. I have dated boy is in the picture, isn’t worth his, I saw more in common. He seeing that person every day. I gives you the opportunity to know the time and effort in the first them without knowing anything Leo and Aquarius both of which appeared to have been brought up really appreciate space from my I had a rough relationship with place. This isn’t the first time this the same way as me, about the other. has happened to me. In the past, Being tied due to conflicting personalities. giving us a common Aaron is Scorpio and Sebastian is I would end up choosing neither structure. My between the of the guys because I just couldn’t two boys really Taurus. They say Taurus is most family liked him compatible with its opposite, feel like I could commit, which and his family liked compromised my was Brad’s problem the first time heart. Since I had Scorpio. A Taurus is generally me. Sebastian never reliable and loving, but can be he was on The Bachelor. met my parents, not known Sebastian Just recently the same problem for a while, I was stubborn, slow to make progress because of me, but and sometimes may not be able to happened again. After being because he never beginning to grow single for over a year, two equally comfortable around find something to say. A Scorpio wanted to hang out is obsessive and jealous, as well captivating guys walked into my or go on dates. him. We could joke life at the same time. The first time around and hold as determined and passionate. S e b a s t i a n Because Taurus is stubborn, this happened, I threw in the towel seemed naturally deep conversations; with one of the boys and focused I had the security both I and Sebastian are Taurus, confident with I tried to think about our past as on the other, and then chose not himself. He didn’t that he had an to date either of them. This time, idea of who I truly well as far enough into my future need a girl to show to see how we would fight. I am to be fair, I told both boys about off to his friends am. Even though the other boy. One of them, who I haven’t known someone that doesn’t give up and he appeared on anything if I think its right. I for the sake of this article will be satisfied single, Aaron long, I’m still called Aaron, acted like the news comfortable around have already seen that stubborn much as I was quality in Sebastian, which didn’t bother him at all. The other before all of this. him. I hadn’t been boy, who I’ll call Sebastian, made able to engage in could make fights our biggest Even though there downfall. Taurus and Scorpio it clear he was jealous. wasn’t much to deep conversations I’ve known and liked Sebastian Was he ever worth it? with him, but based are both jealous and possessive, talk about with so I thought Aaron would know for a while. While he was funny, him, the mood never seemed too boyfriend that happens when he on various conversations, I knew mysterious, and playful, Aaron, that his beliefs were similar to exactly what he would want and awkward. Our friendship made it goes to a different school. I don’t would ensure trust before getting whom I meet roughly three obvious that a relationship with know about for you, but I get mine. weeks ago, was relaxed and shy. With the security that into a relationship. Scorpio and Sebastian would be all about the sick of people when I see them Taurus are on opposite ends of the Sebastian had shown barely any fun of it with no hard feelings if five days out of my week, which Sebastian had an idea of who I am interest intill telling him about and knowing my common beliefs zodiac and well, you know what the relationship wasn’t to work. would probably cause me to get they say, opposites attract.Aaron; he reacted by making sure Before Aaron was in the picture, bored of the relationship. with Aaron, I felt each had a I knew he was available. Aaron understanding of me as I did them. After thinking about it, a guy Sebastian was limited with how Yes, there are days that I that doesn’t show interest until had begun showing interest the much he flirted and how much would love to be able to see my Considering they both still liked second time we meet. me after knowing more about other guys are in the picture isn’t interest he showed. After Aaron, boyfriend; the space seems to worth the effort. I had to chase Depending on which boy I’m Sebastian emphasized flirting make us closer. Having the ability me, caused even more confusion. with, the mood is completely The fact that I felt comfortable Sebastian and put a lot of effort with me and showing interest. to miss him really makes the time into it for him to notice me or different. Around Aaron I could Both boys had qualities I really we are together so much better. with both of them didn’t help me feel like myself and it was easy decide which one I liked better. to get him to react. Aaron was liked, making it hard to focus Something that I’m sure many easy going and chased me, in a to find something to talk about. on just one. Sebastian’s game of you have noticed, especially Sebastian made it obvious that However around Sebastian, he liked me, but made no effort way. Both of the boys were given of “hard to get” had roped me since Brotherhood-Sisterhood plenty of opportunities to pursue I nearly never knew what to in before Aaron was even in the Week just passed, is that Fairport to go on dates or hang out, when say. Sebastian made it difficult I suggested hanging out, the the possibility of getting to picture, but after Aaron acted stresses making a Fairport family. know me and because Sebastian to create and carry on casual like Sebastian didn’t bother him That idea sticks with me; it idea was shot down with some conversation, but when we were bogus excuse. Aaron on the other played hard to get, Aaron had the at all, I was roped into Aaron’s sticks with me to a point where opportunity to sweep me off my talking about something deep, confidence. hand, was eager to hang out and he was opinionated, had his side everyone in the high school feels constantly trying to get to know feet before Sebastian had much of I ended up thinking about what like a sibling. Occasionally I can a chance to react. I think I learned of the story, and knew where his I wanted in the first place. When I get past the family feeling, but me.ideas were coming from. With both of them showing a lot from this experience. If a had meet Sebastian, I just wanted it always seems to come back at guy doesn’t show any interest till When I was around Aaron something fun with someone that some point. interest and one of them not it was clear that we had a lot in acting on the interest, it made me after another boy is in the picture, I had a lot in common with that Getting to know someone he isn’t even worth considering. common, which helped both of confused and upset. Being caught Facebook, Keep it PrivateBy VICTORIA HARRIS embarrassing situations. The which says “Photos and Videos everyone in the world. your password. After that, next to I’m sure you didn’t know that you “Facebook Search Results” select friends lists enable you to control of Me”, then click on the drop the “Only Friends” privacy Something that Facebook setting. This makes sure that users seem too often be confused you cannot be searched except about is the customizable privacy when a friend is looking for settings and their uses. Facebook you in their friends list. Sure is a social networking site that you won’t get as many friend is widely used for both personal requests, but it makes your and business contacts that you’ve Facebook much more private. friended, I’m sure you don’t Being confused about your know that when you’ve selected privacy is something that “everyone” you are literally should be ironed out right when allowing everyone in the world you make your Facebook. to see whatever it is you’ve Because Facebook is used for uploaded. Do you want everyone seeing both personal and business After doing a minimal amount everything? contacts, it only seems right of research, I realized that there have the ability to keep yourself that you would want to limit who are three key ideas Facebook who sees what. The lists also have down selector, and click on the off of search results. After you’re sees what. With friends lists and has conquered helping us ensure customizable privacy settings. “Custom” option. You can then on Facebook anyone can Google keeping tagged photos private, that you have complete control Everyone has had someone select “Only Me”. By making you and find exactly who you it can ensure that you keep your over who sees various posts such upload a photo of them that was it so only you can see tagged are. Even though this isn’t too reputation and don’t offend as photos, statuses, and friends either embarrassing or downright photos; you can ensure that when common for someone to be able anyone. Being able to remove comments, on our Facebook. ugly. Some of us have probably people are looking at your photos, to come up with the right words to yourself from search engines Those “friends lists” seem even had a photo uploaded that you know exactly what they see. search, it still can happen. You can improves your safety and ensures annoying and hard to work was reputation ruining. Just Another key thing to keep change your settings by visiting you won’t have any awkward with, however once in place by going to the profile privacy in mind is that when you select your search privacy settings, then encounters because of something they can save you from possibly settings page and go to the section “everyone” it literally means click “Edit Settings” and enter on your Facebook.