2010 Middle District PSN Training (09-30-10)


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2010 Middle District PSN Training (09-30-10)

  1. 1. Durham CountyDurham County ReentryReentry Providing Transitional ServicesProviding Transitional Services since 2000since 2000
  2. 2. The Big PictureThe Big Picture North Carolina Sentencing Structure:North Carolina Sentencing Structure:  Sentencing Reform in 1994 eliminatesSentencing Reform in 1994 eliminates ParoleParole  Post-Release Supervision (usually 9Post-Release Supervision (usually 9 months) for those convicted of Classmonths) for those convicted of Class B1 through E felonies (~ 20%)B1 through E felonies (~ 20%)  Everyone else maxes outEveryone else maxes out
  3. 3. Principle PartnersPrinciple Partners  Department of CorrectionDepartment of Correction – Division of Community CorrectionDivision of Community Correction – Post-Release Supervision CommissionPost-Release Supervision Commission  Criminal Justice Resource CenterCriminal Justice Resource Center  Durham Police DepartmentDurham Police Department
  4. 4. Durham County ReentryDurham County Reentry Pre-ReleasePre-Release  InitialInitial referralreferral through Post-Releasethrough Post-Release Commission, family or prison staffCommission, family or prison staff  Prison InterviewPrison Interview (Gather Information(Gather Information -Programs, Infractions; Complete Risk and-Programs, Infractions; Complete Risk and Needs Assessment)Needs Assessment)  Home VisitHome Visit  Recommendations to PRS CommissionRecommendations to PRS Commission (Request Specific(Request Specific SupervisionSupervision ConditionsConditions))
  5. 5. Durham County ReentryDurham County Reentry ReleaseRelease  Picked up by supervising officerPicked up by supervising officer  TASC AssessmentTASC Assessment  CJRC IntakeCJRC Intake  GPS MonitoringGPS Monitoring  Individualized Case PlanIndividualized Case Plan
  6. 6. Durham County ReentryDurham County Reentry Post-ReleasePost-Release  6 to 9 months DCC Supervision (6 to 9 months DCC Supervision (SupervisingSupervising Officer co-located at CJRC)Officer co-located at CJRC)  Day Reporting CenterDay Reporting Center  Monthly Case StaffingMonthly Case Staffing
  7. 7. Durham County ReentryDurham County Reentry Post-Release ServicesPost-Release Services  Cognitive Behavior Interventions “Thinking for aCognitive Behavior Interventions “Thinking for a Change”Change”  Adult Basic Education/ GEDAdult Basic Education/ GED  Substance Abuse TreatmentSubstance Abuse Treatment  HousingHousing  Reentry Support GroupReentry Support Group  Reentry and Reconciliation Ministry –Faith TeamsReentry and Reconciliation Ministry –Faith Teams  Wrap Around ServicesWrap Around Services (Housing, ID, Financial Assistance)(Housing, ID, Financial Assistance)  Employment ServicesEmployment Services
  8. 8. Roles of Partners -Roles of Partners - CJRCCJRC  Coordinate list of potential participants andCoordinate list of potential participants and all pre-release contactsall pre-release contacts  Risk and Needs AssessmentRisk and Needs Assessment  Services to offender and family after releaseServices to offender and family after release
  9. 9. Roles of Partners - DCCRoles of Partners - DCC  Provide DOC background information onProvide DOC background information on inmate to the teaminmate to the team (drug tests, infractions, crime(drug tests, infractions, crime version)version)  Supervision of clientsSupervision of clients  Liaison to PRS CommissionLiaison to PRS Commission  Member of the Reentry TeamMember of the Reentry Team
  10. 10. Roles of Partners – DPDRoles of Partners – DPD  PrProvide background information on inmate toovide background information on inmate to the team (the team (gang affiliation, known associations, crimegang affiliation, known associations, crime version, residenceversion, residence))  Notify inmate of federal laws re: weapons andNotify inmate of federal laws re: weapons and drugsdrugs  Keep team current on new charges and policeKeep team current on new charges and police mattersmatters
  11. 11. Other Critical Partners  Faith Community – long-term support and mentoring  Systems of Care – access to medical and mental health services  Housing Providers – one size does NOT fit all  Employment Training
  12. 12. Random Observations  More individuals are released with complex needs (dual diagnosis, medical needs)  First impressions are not always accurate  Employers care more about motivation and honesty, than criminal records  Sustaining partnerships is hard work – especially when money is scarce
  13. 13. Words of WisdomWords of Wisdom  Be honest, but gentleBe honest, but gentle  Keep your agreementsKeep your agreements  Respect each other’s boundaries andRespect each other’s boundaries and professional knowledgeprofessional knowledge  Don’t take your partners for grantedDon’t take your partners for granted
  14. 14. Contact Information Durham County Criminal Justice Resource Center 326 E Main Street Durham, NC 27701 Tel. 919.560.0500 Email cjrc@durhamcountync.gov Website www.durhamcountync.gov/departments/cjrc