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Day1 state of_the_trails_wa


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Day1 state of_the_trails_wa

  1. 1. WA Roundup  Strategic Level  Influencing  Big Initiatives
  2. 2. Trails Reference Group (TRG)•Implement the WA Trails Strategy 2009-2015•Trails Grants Scheme $1,000,000•WA Trails Conference•Sub Committees- World Class Trails Hubs; TrailsMapping; WA Conference; TopTrails WA.
  3. 3. Canoeing Bushwalking Dive Geo-Trails Horse Riding Motorised Mountain Biking4
  4. 4. Munda Biddi Trail 1008 Kms? Off Road Cycle Tour Bike Friendly Businesses Rod Annear Kirstin Stender - DEC Crystal Reed (MBTF)
  5. 5. Roelands Mission Honeymoon Pool1st Indigenous led Trail for 200 years
  6. 6. Cape 2 Cape •4 kms of access for more FACET - Peta McAuliffe DEC - Rod Annear DSR - Steve Bennett TopTrails WA - Linda Daniels WAMBA - John Barton PDC - Caroline Vincin Pemberton - Mark Hudson Dwellingup????
  7. 7. Inland SCUBA Trails ResearchTrail Bike StrategyWorld Class Trails HubsBib Track LoopsAugusta Margaret R TrailNFP Trails Body
  8. 8. One Web For All!