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Dear Mr. President


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My Solution of the US Financial Crisis & how the USA can arouse a new economical heyday. A creative recommendation from Germany with love by

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Dear Mr. President

  1. 1. dear Mr. President
  2. 2. IT’S TIME To heal America’s Economy and Self-Confidence awake your country’s biggest sleeping POWER.
  3. 3. your people 48% of all Americans would love to be their own Boss! enable them to do so by a simple step.
  4. 4. start GAPITALISM
  5. 5. again That will be one small Step for a Man, BUT a giant leap for mankind.
  6. 6. because When the US-Economy rises from the Dead THE WHOLE WORLD WILL participate.
  7. 7. the wasted resource Each day Millions of new Business Opportunities arise. BUT ONLY A FEW get detected.
  8. 8. be brave Arouse a new creative BrainStorm guided by enthusiastic idea professionals.
  9. 9. and The United States will have a new heyday instead of sending »mayday«.
  10. 10. LET’S GROW I detect Gaps in the Market. AND I’M READY TO Go » ARE YOU TOO?
  11. 11. IF – PLEASE SEND FLIGHT TICKET & GREENCARD TO Mister Gap Volker c. neumann germany / europe