What are the_important_things_to_consider_while_doing_seo_of_a_website


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What are the_important_things_to_consider_while_doing_seo_of_a_website

  1. 1. What are the Basic Things done in an SEO Process? Article: SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a process of optimizing websites such that their visibility increases in the search engine results. Search engine results are the results displayed by search engine like Google when a user types a query using a keyword in its search box. Today most of the businesses are competing to establish their business websites in top ranks of these search engine results because being at top ensures that more and more people can find their website and hence attracts prospects for better business and traffic to their business websites. The process ensures that the websites are made search engine friendly so that the crawlers can easily crawl the website and hence rank it at top in its results. The main motive of this process is to make a website appear in top rankings of the search engine results displayed every time when a user searches in Google with a query containing relevant keyword targeted for or present in the website. Achieving this motive in the present competitive search engine optimization industry, is very tough as the search engines are keeping on changing their crawler algorithms. It’s a big challenge for SEO masters to rank the websites in top SERPS of the search engines today but still they are putting up constant efforts and researching continuously on the way the algorithms work in order to get websites in top SEO rankings. Different things are done in both online as well as offline SEO processes in order to boost up the website rankings but the basic things are never left out. Some of these basic things that are must in every SEO process include Optimization of Meta Tags Meta tags like title, description and keywords need to be optimized as per the content of the web page is order to ensure that both user and search engine are guided properly with information about the webpage. Titles and description are very important elements from the user as well as search engine point of view. They give the user and search engine a brief description of what actually the p-age is about and what it contains. In website optimization, it is mandatory to optimize each and every page of website with unique and informative title and description tags. Syntax of title, description & keywords meta tags for optimization of web page would be as follows <title>Title of the Page</title> <meta name="keywords" content="Appropriate Keywords for the Page" /> <meta name="description" content=" Appropriate Description about the Page" /> Optimization of Images Images are not understood by the Googlebot and hence are not crawled by it. Hence the images need to be made search engine friendly by optimizing them with ALT tags. Through ALT tags you can provide the information about the image in case it does not display due to internet or some other problems. Moreover if a link is placed on the image then the ALT attribute of the image will be considered as anchor text link which is very beneficial from the SEO point of view. Making the Website easy to Navigate both by the Users as well as the Search Engines With appropriate links or breadcrumbs included in the web pages, one can ensure that the user as well as search engines are guided through different sections of the website easily. Hence planning out a
  2. 2. simple navigable structure for website right from the root page will ensure that both users as well search engines can easily navigate through the entire website structure for information. Usage of Appropriate Heading Tags in Various Text Contexts Headings are very important from user point of view in making them understand the importance of the content. By highlighting the important content in a web page one can guide the user to important aspects of the web page and convey the required information about the web page to the user in an easy and faster way. Quality and Original Content with Right Usage of Keywords Duplicate content is not accepted by the search engines which may consider a website with duplicate information as spam. Completely original, easy-to-understand and relevant content with appropriate usage of keywords is desired for good optimization results. Added to this usage of sitemaps and robots.txt file for your website will ensure better optimization process as the robots file will tell the Googlebots about which pages to crawl while the sitemaps will give an idea of the urls present in the website and hence promote easy crawling of the website by the crawlers. All the above steps are the basic things done in each and every website optimizing process put by the web masters in order to increase the ranking of websites in SERPs. However there are number of other things too done in website optimization and ranking process. A better way to learn all these things is through SEO training. Joining a SEO training course can help the novice learners learn in detail about the activities done in the optimization process and how actually are strategies planned to get websites in top search engine results. For those looking to learn SEO, TOPS Technologies can offer the best SEO training courses which would impart the complete knowledge of search engine optimization activities including onpage and offpage processes to the learner. Right from the basics of internet to the tools used in the process, everything will be taught to the students through interactive training procedures by the SEO experts. **************************************************** Author Box: TOPS technologies is a leading IT training institute in India offering the best SEO courses for the novice learners who do not have an idea of SEO. The training would impart the knowledge of basics of internet, keywords search, On-page and Off-page SEO processes and about the tools used in the process to the learner.