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Web design training_best_practices_to_design_a_website_for_better_readability


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Most experienced IT Training Institute in Ahmedabad known for providing Web Design course as

per Industry Standards and Requirement.
Ahmedabad Office : 903 Samedh Complex, Next to Associated Petrol Pump, CG Road,

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Web design training_best_practices_to_design_a_website_for_better_readability

  1. 1. Web Design Training – Best Practices to ensure Better Readability for Your Website Summary: There are certain web design practices one can through learn web design training for development of websites with finest readability feature like using appropriate font size and font style, using bold, italic and underline for text emphasis, avoiding full justification for on-screen text and much more. *********************************************************************************** Article: A good website is the one that gives a user better browsing experience with clean and impressive layouts, improved functionality and the best readability. During web design training, you will be taught about certain factors which go into designing better websites that are liked by the users. One of these factors for designing user friendly website is to keep up the readability of the website by ensuring proper font format and ideal layouts to complement the fonts. There are certain techniques and easy ways through which one can ensure to develop websites with finest readability feature. 1. Prefer Appropriate Font Size – Do Not Use Too Many of Them Font size has a great impact on the look of the website. The content you place on the website should be clearly readable to the user. The color, size, style you use for the fonts of your website should complement its background and other designing features too. This will ensure better readability of the content in your website. It’s true that font sizes are great differentiators, but this does not mean you need to use them in surplus in order to highlight content in different positions in your website. Using not more than three different font sizes in a single web page is a good practice. Use three different font sizes to highlight the header, footer and main body content of your website, not more than that. It’s a distracting practice to do so. 2. Use an Appropriate Style of Font Using an appropriate style of font can make your website content look much better. The popular font styles that are widely preferred for website content include Calibri, Sans-Serif, Times New Roman etc. These kinds of fonts with appropriate size will appear very clear and neat on your website and hence ensure the best readability for it. 3. Emphasize Important Stuff in a Proper Way Using the classic highlighters, Bold, Italic and Underline is the best way to differentiate font within body content of a web page. Bold can draw the attention of the user and can be a good highlighting technique for headings and the most important content. However, too much use of bold will decrease readability of the content. When you have short phrases to highlight, go for Italics. Short phrases in italic are good highlighting techniques which can improve the content readability. However, do not use it with blocks of text as it will be very distracting and will reduce the readability of a web page to a great way.
  2. 2. Similarly, underlining too is a good highlighting practice but however care should be taken that they are not mistaken with the hyperlinks in the content. Make sure that style of font and color for hyperlinks and text to highlight are just different from each other. 4. Do not fully justify The Text In full justification, usually the text gets stretched to meet the left and right end points exactly. In such cases when there are shorter lines of text the content is stretched awkwardly and does not appear good. Full justification is good only with longer lines of text which 40 plus characters usually. For a website content however using fully justified text is not recommended because onscreen pages usually do not support the resolution to implement this thing smoothly. Apart from these there are few other practices too like using proper contrast between text and text background, capitalizing important words in titles and keeping the lesser filler words in lowercase, allow whitespaces wherever necessary and divide the content every now and then without ensuring that you are not placing the long or wide paragraphs. Long or wide paragraphs reduce the readability. There are number of practices in web designing to ensure that clean and fully functional websites for best user friendly experience are developed. To learn these, one can join a good web design course at a reliable web designing institute in their city. Make sure that the institute comprises of experienced faculty. Only skilled and experienced web designing trainers can teach you the best web designing. Hence go for web design training from experts in order to learn designing of website thoroughly. ************************************************************************ Author Box: Tops Technologies is a top web design training institute in Ahmedabad, India. The institute offers the best web design training courses for those looking to develop career in web designing field. For all those aspiring web designers in India, Tops has established more than 18 branches across various cities in the country and offers quality training under highly competent trainers.