TOPS Technologies offer Professional Software Testing Training in Ahmedabad.


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Most experienced IT Training Institute in Ahmedabad known for providing Software Testing course as per Industry Standards and

Ahmedabad Office (C G Road) 903 Samedh Complex, Next to Associated Petrol Pump,
CG Road, Ahmedabad 380009.

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TOPS Technologies offer Professional Software Testing Training in Ahmedabad.

  1. 1. Software Testing Training – Learn the Most Important Testing Models to Become a Good Tester Summary: There are five most important approaches or models of software testing process - manual testing, automation testing, white box testing, black box and gray box testing. An individual willing to become a successful software tester should join software testing training course to gain the best knowledge of these test processes. ************************************************************************* Article: Software testing is a process of tracing the errors or problematic areas that disrupt functioning of the software. This mechanism is implemented with a view to improve the user or customer experience with the software. By ensuring accurate and error-free testing, a tester can greatly improve the software quality by determining the faults in the software for correction prior its distribution to the users. Testing is a mandatory process at the workplaces where software is developed through SDLC and hence, to become a successful tester, one needs to possess knowledge of the best practices and methods of software testing. There are basically five most important approaches or work models of a software evaluation process which one should be aware of, in order to become a successful software tester. They include manual testing, automation testing, white box testing, black box and gray box testing. Let us now have a brief overview of what actually these test processes are. Black Box Testing Black box testing is a functionality testing process where software is tested for verification of its functionality. It does not require any knowledge of its internal coding or structure of the software. The tester will have the knowledge of inputs and outputs of software but not about the actual process behind producing of the outputs. It is done to check whether or not the software produces the desired output when the right input is entered. Hence, in this process, functioning of the software is verified by entering both valid as well as invalid outputs. White Box Testing Contrary to black box testing, the white box procedure deals with the evaluation of internal structure or coding of the system. Hence, this process can be carried only by the proficient testers who have good knowledge of the coding or software programming. White box testing includes analysis of software coding by designing test cases on the basis of code coverage, condition coverage paths coverage, branches coverage etc. Through this method, a user can verify the defects like security holes, broken or incomplete paths, conditional loops, outputs and flow of structure of the software. This is the best method of software testing. Gray Box Testing This is a combination of the above two processes. Here, the user is partially aware of the software coding or structure and hence, designs the test cases based on it. However, the software is tested from outside just as in black box testing. Therefore, this is not completely black box or a complete white box testing process. This process is widely used to test web services applications.
  2. 2. Manual Testing Here testing process is carried out manually without the help of any tools or scripts. Procedures like unit testing, system testing, integration and user acceptance testing are implemented in order to track the errors in the system. The goal is to make the software defect free and hence, test cases are designed manually and errors are fixed in order to provide quality product to customer. Automated Testing This is an efficient and faster testing process carried out with the help of special testing tools and frameworks. One of the major advantages of this test process is that it allows the tester to playback the earlier recorded actions, compare the results to the expected behavior and report the success or failure of tests to a test engineer for quality improvement. Automated testing process delegates cost and time savings for the tester while improving the accuracy of the evaluation process for better quality product. One can gain knowledge of these testing models by joining the software testing training course. In software testing course, one would get to learn about these test processes through the practical methods of implementation and hence, would get to understand these in better way. All the essential things in the testing processes including designing of test cases, creating the test plans and data etc can be learnt from the experts by joining a good institute for software testing training. Almost every institute provides training on these processes but what is required is quality training for better understanding of the subject and hence, selection of good software testing training institute would be mandatory for the purpose. Only the experts with extensive industry knowledge can guide the novice learner to the use of the best techniques for a better and accurate software evaluation process. ***************************************************************************** Author Box: TOPS Technologies is the best software testing training institute in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. With nearly 18 branches in the country, the institute provides quality software testing training and various other IT training courses to the students, freshers and also the experienced professionals.