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How to get a software testing job as a fresher


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Published in: Technology, Education
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How to get a software testing job as a fresher

  1. 1. HOW TO GET A SOFTWARE TESTING JOB AS A FRESHER? By TOPS Technologies TOPS Technologies:- :9974755006
  2. 2. Software testing Jobs Projects & Training INTRODUCTION : SOFTWARE TESTING JOB • • • • Many students who want to build a career in IT look forward to being a software tester as a stepping stone. Whether you want to transition into software development later on or continue to become a excellent software tester, it is a good idea to pursue a career as a software tester as your first job. This PPt will cover what you should and should not do to get your first job as a testing professional. TOPS technologies will guide you to Software testing Jobs for fresher. TOPS Technologies:- :9974755006
  3. 3. Software testing Jobs Projects & Training HOW TO GET A SOFTWARE TESTING JOB WHEN YOU HAVE NO EXPERIENCE? • • • • • • #1: Be Passionate About Testing #2: Have the Right Skills Required For the Job #3: Choose Your Niche #4: Bust All Myths #5: Write a Perfect Cover Letter and Resume Freshers/Job Seekers: views/suggestions TOPS Technologies:- :9974755006
  4. 4. Software testing Jobs Projects & Training 1 SOFTWARE TESTING JOB : BE PASSIONATE ABOUT SOFTWARE TESTING • • • • Why do you want to do a testing job? This is probably the most common question across all testing interviews. You should have a clear answer as to why you plan to pursue a career in this field. If you are a computer science engineer, why did you not choose software development? If you are from some other streams, why not look for a job in your field of study? People who are passionate about this field and would love to grow as a quality tester often end up getting the best jobs out there. Anyone can be trained. But only the people with real interest in this field can make a name for themselves. TOPS Technologies:- :9974755006
  5. 5. 2 SOFTWARE TESTINGSoftware testing Jobs Projects & Training JOB : HAVE THE RIGHT SKILLS REQUIRED FOR THE JOB • As a software tester, you’d be spending most of the time trying to “break” the software. You should have excellent aptitude skills coupled with knowledge of testing methodologies and tools. • As a fresher, most of the time, you would not have exposure to any test cases. In such cases, you could join a training institute that offers hands on testing training. You could also take up some freelance work to improve your experience. • Nowadays most job openings require you to have some certifications. This is made mandatory by most companies so that the candidate can be productive from day 1 and no amount of time or money need to be spent on training the candidates on the basics. • If you are serious about testing career, you could go for certifications like ISTQB which will enhance your value in the job market. TOPS Technologies:- :9974755006
  6. 6. Software testing Jobs Projects & Training 3 SOFTWARE TESTING JOB : CHOOSE YOUR NICHE Have you heard the saying “Jack of all trades but master of none”? Well, these days, especially in IT field, you need to specialize and not generalize. A specialist is always preferred over a generalist by most companies (Although it’s not a good idea to choose specialists as they have limited scope, most HR’s find the easy way out to fill up the position fast).  Some of the popular testing niches you can choose are  TOPS Technologies:- :9974755006
  7. 7. Software testing Jobs Projects & Training SOFTWARE TESTING JOB : CHOOSE YOUR NICHE • • • • Some of the popular testing niches you can choose are Manual testing: In this method, a tester takes on the role of the end user- one who will be using the software product. It’s a tedious process by which the tester has to use all of the software features to find bugs. In most cases, testers perform these tests based on an already laid out plan Automation testing: Using this mode of testing, a tester can evaluate software by writing scripts that automate the tasks. No need of manually doing everything which saves a lot of time. This is often the most cost-effective way of testing a software over the long term Performance testing: In this method of testing, software is tested against a specific workload. Some of the metrics that would be evaluated are responsiveness, maximum load capacity and so on. TOPS Technologies:- :9974755006
  8. 8. Software testing Jobs Projects & Training 3 SOFTWARE TESTING JOB : CHOOSE YOUR NICHE • Similar to software development, software testing is a vast field. So you should focus on one area of testing. This will make you a hot property in the job market. Even though you should specialize in one area, you should also try to be familiar with other areas. You must also be flexible enough to shift to another track if required. TOPS Technologies:- :9974755006
  9. 9. Software testing Jobs Projects & Training 4 SOFTWARE TESTING JOB : BUST ALL MYTHS • Sadly, the industry and students have a lot of misconceptions about software testing jobs. • Some of the myths still prevailing are • Software testing is a simple job. So anyone can do it: • Although it’s not rocket science, testing still requires a lot of work and intellect from the part of the tester. So don’t think this is a walk in the park type of job and jump into it. • Testing is a second tier job compared to development: • We had one student apply for a job who supposedly thought that she was entitled to a testing job since she had already worked as a software developer. TOPS Technologies:- :9974755006
  10. 10. Software testing Jobs Projects & Training 4 SOFTWARE TESTING JOB : BUST ALL MYTHS • • • • Her argument was that since testing is inferior to development, and she cracked development interview and worked on a project or two, she was entitled to a job as a tester without an interview. Well, we have news for you. It isn’t the case! Software testing is just as important and valued as software development. So experience in one domain doesn’t necessarily entitle you to a free pass to another. Automation testing means clicking a few buttons and the software will do it for you. While it can be true for some existing test cases, most of the time you’d have to create the script for automation testing. So don’t think that it will be easy and since you don’t know/hate programming, it’s the perfect opportunity for you. TOPS Technologies:- :9974755006
  11. 11. 5 SOFTWARE TESTINGSoftware testing Jobs Projects & Training JOB : WRITE A PERFECT COVER LETTER AND RESUME • How many times have you applied to a set of jobs at a stretch using the same resume and not even thinking about including a cover letter? • If you are like most people applying for a job, you reply should be “most of the time” or “always”. • We receive several resumes each day from candidates who simply attach their fresher resume and blindly apply to just about any job they can without even reading the titles. Do you really think a recruiter will take the pain to evaluate you after such an attempt? • Always customize your resume and make sure that you include a custom cover letter with each application. Instead of trying to apply to 50 different employers at a stretch, apply to just a few relevant ones. • You’ll drastically improve your chances of hearing back from the employer. TOPS Technologies:- :9974755006
  12. 12. Software testing Jobs Projects & Training SOFTWARE TESTING TRAINING IN AHMEDABAD FOR GTU STUDENTS  Technology is ever changing and Software Testers need to keep upgrading their knowledge to understand and use these gadgets in order to test them, with the vast enhancement of software development and almost compulsion to use internet and various technology in our day to day life the future for the Software Tester is no more a Myth but a reality which will go on enhancing day by day. Improve your Software Testing Skills look for better software for its better performance, and play a vital role for Software Testing Company. TOPS Technologies is going to organizes workshop to learn Software testing, learn how it is done in each stage of product life cycle from requirement specifications, design, coding, to the user acceptance etc. with the help of various types of testing such as Manual Testing and Automatic Testing supported with other necessary methods accompanied by other related detailed technical expertise tests in guidance and in moderation of experienced faculties. TOPS Technologies:- :9974755006
  13. 13. Software testing Jobs Projects & Training WHAT YOU SHOULD LEARN SOFTWARE TESTING ? • The following advice should help clarify your thinking about software testing and help you improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your testing. It is helpful to think about software testing in terms of five essential elements: • A test strategy that tells you what types of testing and the amount of testing you think will work best at finding the defects that are lurking in the software • A testing plan of the actual testing tasks you will need to execute to carry out that strategy • Test cases that have been prepared in advance in the form of detailed examples you will use to check that the software will actually meet its requirements • Test data consisting of both input test data and database test data to use while you are executing your test cases, and • A test environment which you will use to carry out your testing. TOPS Technologies:- :9974755006
  14. 14. Software testing Jobs Projects & Training SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT LIFE CYCLE [SDLC] • Software Development Life Cycle, or Software Development Process, defines the steps/stages/phases in the building of software. • There are various kinds of software development models like: • Waterfall model • Spiral model • Iterative and incremental development (like ‘Unified Process’ and ‘Rational Unified Process’) • Agile development (like ‘Extreme Programming’ and ‘Scrum’) • Models are evolving with time and the development life cycle can vary significantly from one model to the other. It is beyond the scope of this particular article to discuss each model. However, each model comprises of all or some of the following phases/activities/tasks. TOPS Technologies:- :9974755006
  15. 15. Software testing Jobs Projects & Training SDLC IN SUMMARY • Project Planning • Requirements Development • Estimation • Scheduling • Design • Coding • Test Build/Deployment • Unit Testing • Integration Testing • User Documentation • System Testing • Acceptance Testing • Production Build/Deployment • Release • Maintenance TOPS Technologies:- :9974755006
  16. 16. Software testing live Projects, Training and jobs TOPS Technologies:- :9974755006
  17. 17. Software testing Projects & Training VISIT US AT • College Students from Ahmedabad Gujarat BCA, MCA, BE IT, BE Tech, M Tech, BSC IT can also join. URL: • Ahmedabad Office (C G Road) • 903 Samedh Complex, Next to Associated Petrol Pump, CG Road, Ahmedabad 380009. 9974755006 • Ahmedabad Office (Maninagar) • 401 Amruta Arcade 4th Floor, Maninagar Char Rasta, Nr Railway Station Maninagar, Ahmedabad 99748 63333 TOPS Technologies:- :9974755006