Android Training in Indore – Get Tips to Set Up Environment for Android Development
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any time before as you will find the readily prepared set of instructions for installation process in the
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Android training in_indore_tips_to_set_up_environment_for_android_development


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Most experienced IT Training Institute in Indore known for providing Android course as per

Industry Standards and Requirement.
Indore Office : 37FF, Scheme No 54, Shekhar Tower, 1st Floor, Opp.Meghdoot Garden, Vijaynagar, Indore.452010
98260 29469

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Android training in_indore_tips_to_set_up_environment_for_android_development

  1. 1. Android Training in Indore – Get Tips to Set Up Environment for Android Development Summary: Android development requires setting up the specific development environment for the purpose. This would include installation of development tools required for the easy development work and also certain software to be installed for the purpose. ********************************************************** Indore is the hub of technology and education in central Madhya Pradesh. This is the best area in the state for those looking to develop career through quality education. The city is occupied with several reputed schools, colleges, coaching institutes offering academic courses and IT training centers in Indore that educate aspirants on various latest computer technologies and hence prepare them for bright future ahead. It’s android technology that is quite popular in the present times among the IT pursuing students in the city. Presently there is good demand for Android developers in the city and moreover it’s the lucrative earning opportunities one can get through mobile apps development that attracts several IT students and aspirants across city to take Android training. Both students as well as experienced professionals can take up this kind of Android training offered at these training centers in Indore and hence get the much require knowledge for mobile apps development process on this popular OS of the era. The Android development training course at these institutes in Indore is usually framed by the experts provide the complete knowledge of the subject to the trainees. Among the first and foremost things instructed at these training centers include the ways to set up an Android development environment for effective mobile apps development work. Let us now consider in this article the best way to set up Android development environment in your PC. The environment set up would include installation of various development tools required for the easy development work through this mobile OS and would also require certain software to be installed for the purpose. Step 1: First and foremost requirement for Android development work on your PC is the kind of OS it supports for the development work. Android supports following versions of OS for development work and hence requires an individual to have either if these on his/her pc if looking for development of mobile apps on Android platform. Mac OS X 10.5.8 or later. Microsoft Windows XP or later. Linux including GNU C Library 2.7 or later. Step 2: Secondly, you would need certain tools and software for the purpose, the most important of which is the JDK or Java Development Kit. You can get this from Oracle’s java site, Do not worry if haven’t done
  2. 2. any time before as you will find the readily prepared set of instructions for installation process in the downloaded files itself. By following them carefully you can ensure that you JDK installation are a success. Finally set up the environment variables PATH and JAVA_HOME to refer the directory that contains java and javac. For this you are required to follow a series of actions as below 1. Right-click on My Computer 2. Select Properties option. 3. Next go to Advanced and 4. Finally click on Environment Variables. Step 3: Go to official website of Android and download the latest version of Android SDK. Run the installer_rXXwindows.exe file present in the downloaded ones in order to install this SDK on your PC. On the completion of the installation your PC will get a new set of SDK tools. Among these tools one of them would be the Android SDK Manager. Launch this SDK manager by following All Programs > Android SDK Tools > SDK Manager. Now a window showing other Android SDK packages will be opened. By default it will ask you for installing 7 packages. You can however deselect the sample documents and documentation files as this complete installation would take much time. Having done this click on Install 7 Packages button to proceed with the process. Select ‘Accept All’ radio button in the next window and click on install button to get going. Wait until all the packages are installed. Step 4: Download a binary version of Eclipse IDE tool from Unpack this binary version and set the PATH variable. Then double click on eclipse.exe to start the Eclipse IDE. Step 5: Next step is to install the ADT plug in for Eclipse. For this first of all you are required to launch Eclipse which can be done by choosing Help option followed by Software Updates and then finally selecting the Install New Software option. Click on add button and set as the location. Click on OK. Eclipse searches for the plug-ins available in the given location and lists down all of them. Click on Select All>Next and follow the wizard to complete installation of Android Development Tools and other required plugins. Hence, your PC is now all set to support Android development. So just go on creating beautiful and functional Android apps with it for a wonderful development experience. ******************************************************************************* Author Box: TOPS Technologies, a reputed Android training institute in Indore offers excellent training courses for the freshers and students. Backed by live projects these courses are designed to offer hands-on industrial training to the learners for better job opportunities in IT industry.