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  • I really enjoyed reading about your coffee maker buying guide. I own a very small coffee roasting business and have used the Keurig so I can taste my own roasts. I find they do not last very long. I have had four of them in four years. I'm now going to try the Cuisinart single brew 700 to see how it performs.

    I do not use tap water in my Keurig! Eventually the descale appears, and even if I do descale it, it comes back. I am tired of Keurig's business of making coffee makers that only their brands of coffee can be used. I love the EZ-Cup and EZ-Cup filters and hope this new Cuisinart will be the one for me.

    Nancy S.
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Coffee maker buying guide

  1. 1. COFFEE MAKERS BUYING GUIDE Do you want to know what constitutes a good coffee maker?
  2. 2. COFFEE MAKERS BUYING GUIDEWell, to know the best coffee maker would be to assess your needs first. Even the most basiccoffeemakers can brew you a cup of coffee but ifyou desire more such as convenience and taste, then you will need to use more money.
  3. 3. COFFEE MAKERS BUYING GUIDE Ask yourself this question:-
  4. 4. COFFEE MAKERS BUYING GUIDE How many cups of coffee do I drink?The number of cups you drink every day will determinethe right coffeemaker for your choice. If you drink little amount of cups, consider taking smaller coffee maker and drink multiple cup, take a big coffee maker.
  5. 5. COFFEE MAKERS BUYING GUIDE How do you space your coffee drinking throughout the day?If you drink coffee throughout the day, consider buying acoffee maker with insulated mug or carafe. The insulated mug will help to keep the coffee hot and fresh for a long time thus you wont come back to a cold coffee.
  6. 6. COFFEE MAKERS BUYING GUIDE Do you want convenience?A clearly marked water reservoir is great and convenientbecause it helps you to see how much water youve put inthus preventing spills that can be messy. K-cup system isalso convenient because it makes brewing coffee easy but you must consider the added cost.
  7. 7. COFFEE MAKERS BUYING GUIDE How much is your budget? If you have low budget, you will have to sacrifice convenience unless you can find great deals on coffee makers. Consider buying coffee makers on holiday seasons.
  8. 8. COFFEE MAKERS BUYING GUIDE Espresso? To make an espresso, you will have to use an espresso machine.
  9. 9. COFFEE MAKERS BUYING GUIDE If you want to know more about top rated coffee makers, go to Thank you!