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Boost your digital public relations skills with these social media optimization tips from TopRank Online Marketing CEO Lee Odden.

This presentation offers trends in internet marketing that matter as well as how and why you should adapt an "Optimized State of Mind" when it comes to getting better results with content marketing.

Companies optimize their websites, why not optimize their social media? Facebook SEO, Blog SEO, Twitter SEO, LinkedIn SEO and why not Google+ SEO?

Make it easy for your customers as well as journalists, reporters, analysts and bloggers to find your news content when they're looking for sources. Easy to find means more traffic and more links. More links means better search visibility and you know what that means: Even more relevant traffic to your website.

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  • SMO can lead to increased traffic to our site, as friends encourage their friends to digest specific content.
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  • Advance Your SEO Skills With Social Media Optimization Social media and search engine optimization (SEO) present the most significant opportunity for public relations and communications professionals to master the search and social Web. In this information-packed workshop, learn essential skills for planning social SEO in order to increase reach and engagement. Practical tactics for optimizing blogs, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube will be discussed. Also, learn about free and low-cost social SEO tools that will help you implement and measure success.learn essential skills for planning social SEO Practical tactics for optimizing blogsOptimize LinkedInOptimize FacebookOptimize TwitterOptimize YouTube Free and low-cost social SEO tools
  • Lee Odden is CEO of TopRank Online Marketing and editor of Online Marketing Blog: Rated the #1 content marketing blog by Junta42 and a top 10 blog by Advertising Age.  A 14-year online marketing veteran, Lee has been cited by numerous industry publications and books including The Economist, DM News and ‘Marketing in the Age of Google’ by Vanessa Fox.  Lee speaks internationally on Social Media SEO and Content Marketing for top conferences including ad:tech, Intel’s Social Media Summit and SES, where he serves on the board of advisors. His first book, ‘Optimize’ will be published by Wiley in 2012.
  • What happens in 60 seconds on the internet?
  • of brands social media content (FB or Twitter) doesn’t rank in top 20 on Google for brand name
  • The intersection of SEO, Social Media and Content Marketing arms marketers with a 360 degree opportunity to attract, engage & retain customers online.
  • Who cares about great content?
  • Customers do53% of time spent on the Internet is directly attributable to content consumption. AOL Nielsen May 2011
  • In an interview with Wired Magazine, Udi Manber, Google’s head of search, said that Google will make as many as 550 changes to its search algorithm this year
  • Take inventory of your content and media. Anything digital published online can be optimized for findability.
  • framework for content marketing strategy and practical optimization and social media marketing tips to grow business online.
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