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Digital Convergence: Integrated Marketing & Public Relations



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Editor's Notes

  • The trend towards convergence of marketing and public relations is upon us. With combined strategies, marketers can deliver more meaningful marketing performance in a social and content centric world. PR and communications professionals can embrace the measurable impact delivered by marketing best practices for achieving influence and brand visibility. This presentation will offer attendees a peek into the converged world of marketing and PR, who’s doing it right and a model for making the transition to deliver more powerful business results.
  • Transmedia storytelling means not only the strategy but also the technique of telling a brand story or experience using all available media – video, graphics, audio and print, and publishing these stories across multiple platforms and formats to reach the digitally empowered consumer of media.= Omni-channel is the holistic evolution of multichannel marketing. Omni-channel marketing means you’re talking to your customers through various media all the way through the purchase.
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