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How Best Answer Content Drives B2B Marketing Results

  1. How Best Answer Content Drives B2B Marketing Results @LeeOdden - CEO, TopRank Marketing
  2. We’re about to launch another campaign about how great we are! It’s beautiful… I’m so getting promoted.
  3. We’ve given a million reasons why we are awesome, where are the leads? Oh sh*t But it’s so beautiful…
  4. @leeodden Information Overload Ads Social Email Events PPC Influencers Chat Bots SMS Sales Calls Retargeting
  5. @leeodden@buzzsumo #bestanswerbuzz The Hamster Wheel of Content Mediocrity We have 1,000 SEO keywords, let’s make a small web page for each. Just copy the features and benefits from our sales sheets, that should be enough. Why write our own posts? We can outsource our articles for only $35 each! Follow the formula: 1 ebook, 3 blog posts, 1 infographic and 12 social shares. Every time.
  6. @leeodden@buzzsumo #bestanswerbuzz We Can Do Better You need to create ridiculously good content – content that is useful, enjoyable and inspired. Ann Handley Chief Content Officer MarketingProfs
  7. @leeodden Only 23% of CMOs feel they are producing the right content and delivering it at the right time and format. (eMarketer)
  8. @leeodden Buyers Want Easy to Find Answers to Their Questions What solutions are possible? How will a solution work for me? Who is best to provide a solution?
  9. @leeodden The Funnel Has Evolved: B2B Buying is a Journey Source: Lori Wizdo, Forrester - Myth Busting 101: Insights IntoThe B2B Buyer Journey
  10. @leeodden Is your marketing about creating content or answers? Think about what your customers really want.
  11. @leeodden@buzzsumo #bestanswerbuzz Integrated Content Marketing Model Identify program objectives Research market, competition, current situation Define target audience segments Research audience goals Research topics, keywords, messaging themes Identify influencers Identify publications Research Ed Cals Develop integrated strategy Research & Strategy Customer segments inform personas Map topics/keywords to buying cycle / content Map influencers to content topics / assets Create optimized content plan: site, blog, social profiles, media Plan off-site content: guest posts, byline articles, content marketing (ebooks, infographics, video, reports, interactive, email) Plan content types for amplification Content Planning Keyword Audit: Map topics/keywords to buying cycle Content & Digital Assets Audit Tech SEO Audit External Link Audit Social Media Audit Competitive Audit Earned Media Audit Identify Internal and External Influencer Advocates Audits Create owned, earned, paid media / content Influencer outreach, engagement, content capture, integration Pitch content to media GSC crawl, page speed, structured markup & data, HTML/code, URLs, internal links, mobile External link signals: acquisition, reclamation, disavowal, management Digital asset optimization: images, videos, audio, MS Office docs, PDF, social content Content Creation & Optimization Distribution/promotion via brand social channels, email, ads Engage influencers to promote content Engage broader social networks for sharing Cross-publish content to LinkedIn, Medium, guest posts on other blogs Repurpose content in other media formats Promote media placements Run paid search, social ad campaigns Attraction & Promotion Attract: SEO, social, content, ads, email, influencer and earned media KPIs for visibility, awareness, inbound & media placements. Engage: Content consumption and interaction KPIs. Page views, interactions, time spent, shares, social & media citations. Convert: Form captured data for downloads, trials, demos, subscriptions, inquiries, transactions Optimize: Monitor KPIs and make adjustments in campaigns, create repurposed content Measurement & Optimization
  12. @leeodden@buzzsumo #bestanswerbuzz TopRank Marketing – B2B Content Marketing Pros
  13. @leeodden 1.  Best Answer Content Strategy 2.  Content Planning 3.  Power Pages 4.  Repurposing & Promotion
  14. @leeodden Best Answer Content Strategy
  15. @leeodden Being the Best Answer For Customers Is More Than Being Found in SERPs
  16. @leeodden It’s a Promise Your Brand Makes To to Be Easy to Find, Useful & Actionable
  17. @leeodden B2B Brands that Are the “Best Answer”
  18. @leeodden Think: What Questions Do Your Customers Need Answered In What Channels In Order to Buy? awareness interest consideration purchase advocacy
  19. @leeodden@buzzsumo #bestanswerbuzz Better Customer Insights = Better Content SEO keywords Customer insights Social Media data Web analytics data Brand messaging Product/Service Influencer Research Social Profiles Content Optimization Social Engagement Community Theme Community Content Community Engagement Primary Topic Related Topic Related Topic Related Topic Related Topic
  20. @leeodden@buzzsumo #bestanswerbuzz Customer-Centricity Pays Off 90% of top-performing B2B content marketers put their audience’s information needs ahead of their company’s promotional message. B2B Content Marketing Trends 2019 CMI/MarketingProfs Compared to 56% of the least successful
  21. @leeodden@buzzsumo #bestanswerbuzz Understand Customer Information Needs Discover Consume $$$ Act Search Keywords Influencers Advertising Publications Subscriptions Word of Mouth Text, Images, Audio, Video Mobile, Tablet, Computer Formal, Funny, Long, Short Social Share Engage Subscribe Register Inquire Buy
  22. @leeodden@buzzsumo #bestanswerbuzz Best Answer Insight in Action: SEO, Content, Influence Keywords Drive Content Topics: AI Finance AI Job Security Data Driven AI AI Adoption Benefits of AI AI Solutions ROI of AI Investment in AI AND Influencer Selection: Jack McCullough Ben Murray James Myers David Talby John Cotlhart Daniel Newman Oliver Christie Christopher Penn
  23. @leeodden@buzzsumo #bestanswerbuzz Campaign Performance Keywords Drive Content Topics: AI Finance AI Job Security Data Driven AI AI Adoption Benefits of AI AI Solutions ROI of AI Investment in AI AND Influencer Selection: Jack McCullough Ben Murray James Myers David Talby John Cotlhart Daniel Newman Oliver Christie Christopher Penn 189% Increase in views 642% Increase in Engagement
  24. @leeodden But We Can Do More To Make Our B2B Brand the Best Answer
  25. @leeodden Best Answer Topic (BAT) BAT BAT BAT BAT BAT BAT SEO/SEM Social Networks Content Marketing Industry Media & News Advertising Create & Publish Findable, Useful Content Where Your Customers Are Influencers
  26. @leeodden Buying Stage Keywords Social Topics Content Type Awareness broad trends blog, webinar, social Interest category investigative video, white paper Consideration comparison demos feature comparison, reviews, case study Purchase transactional referrals buyer guide Retention tips best practices FAQ, how to, support Advocacy supporting participation buyer community Buyer – “Ted” •  Pain Points •  Goals •  Interests •  Triggers to Buy Balance Topic Demand/Relevance with Buyer Stage to Inform Content Topics Buyer Insights > Keyword & Topic Research > Content Creation & Optimization
  27. @leeodden@buzzsumo #bestanswerbuzz Develop a Hub & Spoke for Content Focus Best Answer Topic Supporting topic Related topic Related topic Related topic Related topic Related topic Related topic Related topic Related topic Related topic Related topic Supporting topic Supporting topic Supporting topic Supporting topic Supporting topic Related topic
  28. @leeodden@buzzsumo #bestanswerbuzz Hub & Spoke: Accounting Software Accounting Software Small Business Accounting General Ledger Church Constru ction Reviews Choosing Personal Works Cloud Factors Best Accounting Online Accounting Software Specialized Accounting Software Accounting Software Mac Accounting & Payroll Software Book- keeping
  29. @leeodden@buzzsumo #bestanswerbuzz What it Takes to Be the Best Answer on Google ü  Specific, in demand topic ü  More valuable and useful than other sites ü  Credible ü  High quality ü  Engaging ü  Device friendly, accessible ü  Loads fast
  30. @leeodden@buzzsumo #bestanswerbuzz Best Answer Content is Great SEO ü  Leverage keywords/topics in titles to inspire clicks ü  Include page features that increase engagement (interactive, visual) ü  Provide comprehensive content on specific topics ü  Cover related topics as well
  31. @leeodden@buzzsumo #bestanswerbuzz Google Takes Answer Content Seriously: Patent
  32. @leeodden Is AEO the New SEO? By 2020 70M+ U.S. households will have smart speakers (Juniper Research) SEARCH ENGINE ANSWER ENGINE “AEO” tips via Chee Lo & Jason Barnard, SEW Clearly communicate your purpose: •  Semantic HTML5 •  Schema structured markup Establish credibility •  Review sites •  Links from trusted sources •  Correct inaccuracies
  33. @leeodden PAA Best Answer Opportunities in SERPs “People Also Ask” appears in 79% of search results. (Moz) •  Publish complete questions and answers. •  Use plain language •  Avoid sales language •  Add Q&A schema PAA tips via Ryan Johnson, Search Engine Land
  34. @leeodden@buzzsumo #bestanswerbuzz Best Answer Topics in Action: Cherwell Grow awareness, engage thought leaders, drive leads Influencer Content Marketing Campaign: 5 channels targeting specific decision makers
  35. @leeodden@buzzsumo #bestanswerbuzz Customer Insights RITHM Report
  36. @leeodden@buzzsumo #bestanswerbuzz Integrated: Content, SEO, Ads, Social, Influence
  37. @leeodden@buzzsumo #bestanswerbuzz Sequenced Content: Optimized & Shareable ITSM Influencer List Ungated ITSM eBook SEO’d Power Page Optimized Blog Posts Social Content
  38. @leeodden@buzzsumo #bestanswerbuzz Hub & Spoke Content Promotion Social Networks Paid Social Influencers Email
  39. @leeodden@buzzsumo #bestanswerbuzz Program Performance Influencers Email Social Networks Paid Social 437% Share Increase 22% Revenue Growth
  40. @leeodden@buzzsumo #bestanswerbuzz Customer Centers of Influence = Opportunities Search Queries Peer Influencers Industry Influencers Industry Publications Industry Events Content Types Content Topics Social Networks Forums, SIGs CXO
  41. @leeodden@buzzsumo #bestanswerbuzz Topic Research & Content Planning
  42. @leeodden@buzzsumo #bestanswerbuzz Keyword Research vs. Questions
  43. @leeodden@buzzsumo #bestanswerbuzz Keyword Research vs. Questions
  44. @leeodden@buzzsumo #bestanswerbuzz How to Research Best Answer Content 1.  Survey / research customers 2.  Identify “Best Answer” Topics 3.  Fine tune with keyword research 4.  Research relevant questions 5.  Map questions to buying stages 6.  Create a “Best Answer” content plan
  45. @leeodden@buzzsumo #bestanswerbuzz Basic Customer Question Identification 1 2 Ask sales / customer service for most common questions. Ask them to bcc your department when answering common questions. Analyze aggregate of text content provided on web contact forms:
  46. @leeodden@buzzsumo #bestanswerbuzz Keyword Research Tool: SEMRush Freemium has limited functionality (10 keywords) •  Keyword volume (popularity) •  Keyword difficulty score •  Cost per click •  Number of search results (competition) Paid version has comprehensive keyword research functionality •  Organic and paid •  Related keywords •  Numerous filtering options
  47. @leeodden@buzzsumo #bestanswerbuzz Keyword Research Tool: Moz Free version has many features (requires creating an account) •  Relevancy score •  Monthly volume •  Many filtering options •  Analysis of search results page •  Difficulty •  Average organic click through rate •  Priority score to id “ideal” phrases
  48. @leeodden@buzzsumo #bestanswerbuzz Buying Stage Questions = Goldmine of Topics Interest Awareness Consideration Action BuzzSumo Question Analyzer How does it compare? 1,330,205 questions in 472 topics What is it? 11,167,610 questions in 447 topics Where to buy? 885,097 questions in 432 topics Keyword + Tips Advice Suggestions Recommend Experience with Which Where When Why Does Are there Is there Can I Should I How does it work? 7,442,132 questions in 468 topics
  49. @leeodden@buzzsumo #bestanswerbuzz Question Research Tool: BuzzSumo Question Analyzer •  Topics •  Questions from: Forums, Q/A Sites, Reddit
  50. @leeodden@buzzsumo #bestanswerbuzz Question Research Tools: Storybase & Serpstat •  Phrases &, questions •  Demographics •  Related words •  Multi-language support Search Questions •  Multi-language support •  Popular words •  Categorized questions
  51. @leeodden@buzzsumo #bestanswerbuzz Map Questions to Buying Stage Awareness: Consideration: Purchase: “Accounting Software” Small Business Best Business What is the best accounting software for small business? Online Do I need accounting software for my small business? Where can I buy small business accounting software online? Actual search query questions sourced from SEMRush Keyword Magic Tool: Questions
  52. @leeodden@buzzsumo #bestanswerbuzz Best Answer Content Plan: Awareness Do I need accounting software for my small business? Blog Post Blog Post eBook Infographic Guest Post Online Quiz Guest Post Influencer Roundup
  53. @leeodden@buzzsumo #bestanswerbuzz Best Answer Content Plan: Awareness When should a small businesses Invest in accounting software? When SMBs should Invest in accounting software Real Estate Broker’s Guide to Accounting Software Accounting Software Do’s and Don’t’s for Small Businesses How Accounting Software Helps Grow SMB Construction Companies Are You Ready for Accounting Software? Take the Quiz Retail Business Owner’s Guide to Financial Software 10 SMB Finance Experts on Accounting Software Do I need accounting software for my small business?
  54. @leeodden@buzzsumo #bestanswerbuzz Best Answer Content Plan: Awareness Date Type Title Category Buy Cycle Audience Topic/ Keywords Influencers Social Topics Media Promote Repost 1/1/19 Blog Post When should a small businesses Invest in accounting Software? SMB Awareness SMB SMB, invest, software, accounting Bob Smith, Jane Doe Tips on investing in accounting software Image, Video Social, Email, Influencers, Social Ads Newsletter 1/3/19 Guest Post: Real Estate Today Real Estate Broker’s Guide to Accounting Software Verticals: Real Estate Awareness SMB, Real Estate Brokers SMB, Real Estate, Accounting Software Jane Smith CPA Account tips for real estate brokers Image, Diagram Social , Newsroom, Newsletter Cross post to company blog
  55. @leeodden@buzzsumo #bestanswerbuzz Best Answer Power Pages
  56. @leeodden@buzzsumo #bestanswerbuzz What is A Power Page? Topic Specific D e e p Answer Buyer Questions Include 3rd Party Expertise Related Topics Optimize for Search & People Engaging: Video, Images, Audio CTAs Throughout
  57. @leeodden@buzzsumo #bestanswerbuzz Power Page Example: Field Service Engagement
  58. @leeodden@buzzsumo #bestanswerbuzz FSE Power Page Breakdown 1/3 Keyword title in title tag and in H1 format at the top of the page. Animated statistics. Customer centric, keyword optimized copy. Embedded video. CTA to main content asset (eBook). BAT in action. Answering questions.
  59. @leeodden@buzzsumo #bestanswerbuzz FSE Power Page Breakdown 2/3 Answering more questions, use of primary keyword. Practical advice on BAT keyword. Industry expert on the BAT keyword offers advice.
  60. @leeodden@buzzsumo #bestanswerbuzz FSE Power Page Breakdown 3/3 Continuation of practical advice about Best Answer Topic. Links to other related resources. Final CTA to an eBook about the Best Answer Topic.
  61. @leeodden@buzzsumo #bestanswerbuzz Power Page Hub & Spoke Promotion eBook Power Page Blog Post Blog Post Social Content House Ads Influencer Social Promotion Influencer Webinar Email Blast Email Blast Blog Post Social Content Influencer Social Promotion 237 eBook downloads $570,000 SQLs $1.5m pipeline revenue
  62. @leeodden@buzzsumo #bestanswerbuzz 3 Step Power Page Process Best Answer Topic = Themes, Topics, Keywords Customer Pain/Goals Cross Posted Blogs Social Networks Industry Media Customer Pain Branding Influencer Content Brand Solution SEO Keywords CTA Proof SEO Keywords Image Assets SEO Influencer Content Influencer Content Influencer Promotion IDEATION: CREATION & OPTIMIZATION: PROMOTION:
  63. @leeodden@buzzsumo #bestanswerbuzz Repurpose & Promote Best Answer Ingredients
  64. @leeodden@buzzsumo #bestanswerbuzz Repurposing Creates Best Answer Opportunities SMB Audience RE Audience NP Audience Retail Audience Real Estate Campaign 1.1 Non- Profit Campaign 1.2 Retail Campaign 1.3 Accounting Software Campaign
  65. @leeodden@buzzsumo #bestanswerbuzz 3 Steps to Modular Content Repurposing 1. Deconstruct & Organize Best Answer Content used in content marketing and social media campaigns into ingredient topics. 2. Create and Curate Answers around best answer topics: text, images, audio, video relevant to your target audience. 3. Use Best Answer Topic Ingredients for content marketing and social media programs, including industry segment targeting and repurposing.
  66. @leeodden@buzzsumo #bestanswerbuzz Modular Content Repurposing Scenario Large Asset Blog Post Infographics Industry Article Micro-Content Themed Content Elements
  67. @leeodden@buzzsumo #bestanswerbuzz Microcontent = Ingredients to Repurpose “Your content and stories are the only differentiator you have left. Hire and invest accordingly.” Robert Rose “Social content is different than traditional content. Today you must create content that educates, entertains and empowers.” Amy Porterfield
  68. @leeodden@buzzsumo #bestanswerbuzz Influencer Ingredients for Future Content Recipes Motion Graphic Newsletter Infographic Listicle Blog Post eBook
  69. @leeodden@buzzsumo #bestanswerbuzz Create Momentum, Credibility to Earn Media Optimized For Search Email Blast Brand Social Influencer Social Guest Post Influencer Cross Post Social Ads Retargeting Brand Cross Post Repurpose to Blog Video: LinkedIn Repurpose to Infographic Share to Forums PPC Share LI Groups Accounting Software BAT Power Page Influencers
  70. @leeodden@buzzsumo #bestanswerbuzz Measuring Best Answer Content Marketing Success ATTRACT Share of Search Share of Voice Social Views & Impressions Traffic by Source Traffic by Segment Content Distribution Media Placements Blog Mentions Brand + Affinity Brand Sentiment ENGAGE Page Views Click Through Rate Social Network Size Social Interactions Content Interactions Comments, Shares Time on Site, Content Paths Through Site CONVERT Newsletter Subscriptions Demo & Trial Requests Contact Us Orders •  Volume •  Frequency •  Length of Sales Cycle •  Revenue Per Order Content & SEO Performance Metrics
  71. @leeodden@buzzsumo #bestanswerbuzz Best Answer Content Takeaways q  Be the best answer for the topic. Cover the topic A-Z (as reasonable) q  Customer centricity is key: questions/answers, sub-topics, visuals, relevant influencers q  Keyword optimize: Titles, Subheadings, body copy, influencer content, media, links in/out q  Promote! Social, email, ads, influencers, cross link from guest posts and brand site q  Guide reader to action: from awareness to consideration to decision
  72. @leeodden Thank You! Lee Odden - @leeodden B2B Influence & Content Marketing Experts