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Activity metrics for CHES day


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Activity Metrics: measuring what learners do, not what teachers say they do. Using xAPI statements, stored in a Learner Record Store, and a combination of data sources, including OpenLabyrinth, WordPress, H5P widgets and IFTTT, we have been able to capture a wide range of activity streams during learning activities.

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Activity metrics for CHES day

  1. 1. Activity Metrics: measuring what learners do, not what teachers say they do David Topps, Corey Albersworth, Rachel Ellaway, Maureen Topps CHES CoS, Vancouver, October 2016
  2. 2. Notices & Disclaimers
  3. 3. Problem?
  4. 4. Teachers are skilled observers
  5. 5. …especially when augmented
  6. 6. Teachers are poor judges
  7. 7. Some blame the forms…
  8. 8. Reading between the lines… Ginsburg S, Regehr G, Lingard L, Eva KW. Reading between the lines: faculty interpretations of narrative evaluation comments. Med Educ [Internet]. 2015 Mar [cited 2016 Feb 19];49(3):296–306. Available from:
  9. 9. Lots of work with virtual patients
  10. 10. OpenLabyrinth tracks everything they do…
  11. 11. What’s the fuss about Big Data? TED talk by Kenneth Cukier
  12. 12. The story of Charlie
  13. 13. Medbiq groups
  14. 14. Experience API (xAPI) • How to tie it all together • Multiple data sources • All pulled into a Learning Record Store (LRS) • All free open-source • Very simple programming • Very simple statements Bob Did This
  15. 15. Calgary examples – big Data
  16. 16. Scaling up meaning Activities EPAs? Competencies xAPI affordances arising from common data standards across systems & devices
  17. 17. Scaling up Activities Pre-entrustable EPAs Competencies
  18. 18. Arduino demo Are you stressed yet? -- Rushing Roulette -- Lackadaisical Larry -- Activity Metrics