New My Solavei Updates From August 2013


Published on :: Solavei is one of the best cell phone companies you may, or may not have heard of. Check out Updates to My Solavei - The official community that all members of Solavei are able to use to refer people to Solavei. They've thought of absolutely everything to help you, help others save money on their wireless bill, and use their phone more. Especially when it comes to the Outreach Manager. Learn much more about what it's like to be a Solavei Member, Enroll others, and all the additional features that come with your membership - Read More from TopNetworkersGroup and get Signed up Solavei Service here.

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New My Solavei Updates From August 2013

  1. 1. Generated by Jive on 2013-08-30-07:00 1 What's New in My Solavei August 12, 2013 Send Outreach Messages to Pending Members You can now reach out to people who have started an enrollment but never finished! This is different than someone signing the guestbook - this new functionality captures the contact information of people who go through most of the enrollment flow but do not complete payment. If a potential member clicks the Pay Now button, but does not complete the payment steps, an entry will be made in the sponsors Contact Tracker with a new Activity called Enrollment Initiated. You can then reach out to that pending member through Outreach and help them finish enrollment and build your network! (click image to enlarge) Usage Module In an effort to help you view and manage your usage we have added a Usage Module to MySolavei. You can now track and view your usage and compare it to the average consumption of voice and data across the community. Here's how it works: On the Account page you will find a new Usage section that will display your voice and data usage.
  2. 2. What's New in My Solavei August 12, 2013 Generated by Jive on 2013-08-30-07:00 2 There are other important functions to call out on the Account tab. • View usage for the current bill cycle • View usage for the last seven days by hovering over or clicking on the View Details link (Account Tab View - click to enlarge) Enrollment Functions We have enhanced the enrollment flow by adding two new functions.
  3. 3. What's New in My Solavei August 12, 2013 Generated by Jive on 2013-08-30-07:00 3 User Name Suggestions Pop Up During enrollment, you select a unique user name for your Solavei account, but there are times when your preferred user name might be taken. We have added a User Name Suggestion field to help you come up with alternative user names on the spot. It's very simple to use! If you enter a user name that is already in use, a pop up will appear with a few suggested alternatives. Just pick one that you like by clicking on the blue link and move on through the rest of enrollment. (click image to enlarge) Having trouble with enrollment? There is a new Chat Function available during enrollment. If a prospective member starts enrollment, gets past the member data entry step, then closes their browser for any reason, a chat pop up will appear on the screen. With this we can answer any questions or concerns on the spot and help guide them through the rest of the enrollment process. (click image to enlarge)
  4. 4. What's New in My Solavei August 12, 2013 Generated by Jive on 2013-08-30-07:00 4 Exclude closed accounts from your Network view Have you ever wanted to see your network view without all the closed accounts mixed in? Well now you can do that! In your Network view you will see a new check box that says Exclude Closed Accounts. It is checked by default, so you shouldn't have to do anything to see your network view WITHOUT closed accounts mixed in. If you want to see all of your network INCLUDING the closed accounts, simply uncheck that box and they will magically reappear. (click image to enlarge)