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Compare cell phone_plans_and_solavei_wins


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Picking a winner is the easiest way to win ;)

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Compare cell phone_plans_and_solavei_wins

  1. 1. Comparing Cell Phone Plans so that you can save money? That's intelligent. Why spend more money than you need? When comparing cell phone plans there's one company I've found to stand above the rest. I want to list those reasons, however I also want to provide you with a few other alternatives too. NO need in taking MY word for it; It's always better for you to decide on your own. Let's start with the fact that you can Turn your cell phone into an additional stream of income. If you were making more money, you probably would not be so concerned with how much you are spending each month for cell phone service. Then again, You'd have more money to spend on other things - imagine earning an additional $500 to $1,000 per month - that for several people would be life changing income. It all begins with changing your cell phone plan, and your cell phone company. Who do you currently get service from? Do you think it's worth it to continue paying them? What are they doing for you? These are important questions to ask ourselves - our decision to continue paying into these corporations keep them rich and keep the rest of us broke. it's time for the Social Revolution. It's time that we start making wiser decisions with our money. We must decide about the best ways to empower ourselves. It all begins with changing our cell phone plans. We must stop relying on companies that do not care about our communities. We must start coming together, and just by our luck, we know of a company that will provide you and I with not only excellent cell phone service, but also, a real opportunity to make money. Related Articles q Affordable Cell Phone Plans q Solavei - Affordable Cell Phone Plans with No Contracts q Mobile Virtual Network Operators: What Are They? q Phone Contracts - TopNetworkersGroup Solavei Blog You may have seen the chart on the first page which shows you that Solavei beats out the competition just about every single time. However if you really look around I am sure you can find plans that are even lower, but what you get for less - includes poor service. So this is all about being able to Get the same or better quality, save money - AND have the opportunity to earn. A Cell phone plan that pays you is always better than a Plan that does not!
  2. 2. The compensation Plan With Solavei is simple. Refer 3 people - Earn $20 per month. They refer 3 People - You'll earn $20 on EACH Trio in YOUR network. So that's 3 x $20 coming in each month.... or a total of 4 "Trios" - paying you $80/mo - so instead of paying for service; Your cell phone service will be paying You! Not everyone you share this with will jump on it. some people will have doubts and fears about trying something new. In time though they will get tired of paying too much for cell phone service and will see YOU making money with yours. Also, some people may be stuck in cell phone contracts; As soon as they're able to move will they think of you? They will, ONLY if you get started now, tell others, and hang around long enough for them to come to you when THEY
  3. 3. are ready. It always helps to have people to cheer you on, and provide Support. You will get that working with TopNetworkersGroup. Solavei provides more than enough support - but just in case you want someone to help guide you through everything they have for you - I'm here for you. Here's my Card. Get Solavei Service here :: Pick A Cell Phone Plan That Pays