==== ====Do you suffer from Yeast infections, check this outhttp://tinyurl.com/7x5yp68==== ====Is there really such a thin...
reddish rash can range from slight irritation in mild cases to the development of painful blisters andsores.While the rash...
Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=John_Read==== ====Do you suffer from Yeast infections, check this outhttp:...
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Yeast Infection in Man


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Yeast Infection in Man

  1. 1. ==== ====Do you suffer from Yeast infections, check this outhttp://tinyurl.com/7x5yp68==== ====Is there really such a thing as yeast infection in man?The answer unfortunately is yes, men really do get yeast infections. It may seem farfetched to youthat a man could get a yeast infection, but for those unfortunate few men who are afflicted by thispainful condition, it is no laughing matter.When you suffer from a yeast infection, its literally all you can think about. Your entire day isconsumed by the constant reminders of the infection. The pain, itching and discomfort are all youcan think about. The discharge can be extremely uncomfortable and embarrassing. Because youfind your self dwelling on and dealing with the symptoms all day, it affects your concentration andproductivity, often meaning that youll accomplish little or nothing due to the nightmare called yeastinfection in man.Every little tinge of pain, each wave of uncomfortable sensation draws your attention away fromthe tasks at hand. Difficult to ignore, your penile yeast infection mocks you, marking your manhoodwith unsightly and painful reddish spots. And the itching and burning constantly remind you of yourproblem even when you start to believe that the worst has passed. Just when you think its gone,like that it is back with a vengeance. It just seems that the nightmare will not go away.Its only after days or even weeks of agony and denial that you finally surrender to theembarrassing truth: its beaten you. A condition that is supposed to be a "female problem" hasinstead feasted on a man (you). And just like that, youve fallen victim to yeast infection in man,considered bymany to be a very rare or even impossible malady.But surely its not possible for man to get a yeast infection?Recently, the question of "Can a man get yeast infection?" is no longer an absurd inquiry. Notwhen the answer is more serious than most men believe it to be. Yeast infection in man is not asridiculous as you may think and, after much research, it has been determined to be more than justa possibility. Its now been proven to be a scientific fact, and there are now countless recordedcases of its occurrence. Penile yeast infection is just one of the manifestations of yeast infection inman, and justifiably, it is considered the most embarrassing, and medically speaking the mosttroubling.So what are the symptoms of penile yeast infection?Some of the known symptoms of penile yeast infection include a rash-like, reddish coloration onthe head of the penis with a white discharge that yeast infections are commonly known for. The
  2. 2. reddish rash can range from slight irritation in mild cases to the development of painful blisters andsores.While the rash is the most common manifestation, it is certainly not the exclusive symptom, andoften, both symptoms occur simultaneously. Very often, all of these symptoms appear at the sametime, adding to the humiliation and agony the the man experiences.As troubling as these symptoms may appear, many men mistakenly assume that when it comes toyeast infection in man, the fewer or milder the symptoms, the better. This is not necessarily thecase. While it is generally easier to manage a single symptom or a few mild symptoms, menmistakenly assume this apparent good luck to imply there is a lack of urgency to deal with theinfection, thus causing them to delay or even fail to address the infection with proper and prompttreatment. Such complacency can often lead to the development of a more severe or evenstubborn recurring yeast infection.Mild symptoms (or even no symptoms at all) can be disasterousBecause seemingly trivial symptoms can be ignored or believe to not be serious, some men justdo not appreciate that yeast infection in man can cause serious unexpected complications. Thisleads to indifference and lack of treatment, often with disasterous results.While deceivingly trivial symptoms can delay or even prevent timely treatment, even moreominous are those cases where there are literally no symptoms of infection at all. This is probablythe worst that yeast infection in man has to offer. In these cases, recurring yeast infection is theleast of a mans worries, because by the time the symptoms of an infection manifests, it mayalready be too severe or even too late to do anything to treat it.What can be done about yeast infection in man?This, more than other factor is why the question we ask shouldnt be "Can man get yeastinfection?", but rather "What can man do to avoid yeast infection?". The answer to the latter is, ofcourse, that men must be vigilant and must not simply ignore the potential signs and symptoms ofyeast infection in man.Knowledge and understanding of the causes, symptoms and cures of this ailment will surely beuseful in treating it, and better yet, in preventing it altogether. Armed with knowledge, it may evenbe possible for yeast infection in man to eventually fade away into the past and into obscurity. Menmust come to terms with the reality that yeast infection is as much a mans problem as it is awomans problem. Men must learn more about this problem and what can be done to prevent it.Eliminate your yeast infection before it gets worse. Untreated it can lead to arthritis, chronicfatigue, shortness of breath, and worse symptoms - like sexual dysfunction. Click here to learnmore about yeast infection in man. Go to http://yeastinfectionman.blogspot.com/
  3. 3. Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=John_Read==== ====Do you suffer from Yeast infections, check this outhttp://tinyurl.com/7x5yp68==== ====