xRM Gives I.T. that Much Needed Vacation


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XRM, eXtended Relationship Management is a strategy and platform that takes CRM (Customer Relationship Management) one step further, focusing on managing all relationships—not just those with customers. The “X” in XRM stands for “All.” XRM provide a comprehensive, unified system for all aspects of business. xRM is the rich platform I.T. has been waiting for to "give them that much needed vacation." Enjoy this Exclusive Slideshare Presentation on xRM

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xRM Gives I.T. that Much Needed Vacation

  1. 1. It’s Hard for IT to get a vacation
  2. 2. IT Dreamin’ the reality is that the backlog never gets complete Backlog
  3. 3. Intrapreneurial Brian Goosmere (HR) Using a 12 year old FORTRAN Database to recruit new employees cultures that won’t wait for IT to get caught up Steve Blankenhiemer (Enrollment) Lisa Longfield (Marketing) Using a fax machine and Excel Building an Access DB to spreadsheet to enroll employees track orders into benefits packages Steve Jackman (Sales) Using an ACT! Database to track his deals. Rob Johnson (Sales) Tracking contacts in Outlook
  4. 4. Creating islands of data that don’t talk to each other and operate as silos
  5. 5. The Challenge with islands of data 30 Different Customer Applications = 30 different groups of developers, with application-specific: Data Model Architecture Security Access Models Processes Hard-coded / Spaghetti Code (from multiple devs) User Interfaces Business IP
  6. 6. The Organizational challenge lives on Business Group IT Group Rapid Innovation is a Key Mandate Limited Budget & Resources Business Process Business Productivity Option of building customer applications Implement Global Innovation or buying packaged applications (both Waiting for IT to Deliver Requested have big negatives in cost, time and Applications scope) Business Builds Shadow Applications to Supporting hundreds of legacy Survive applications Poor Productivity due to many different Trying to support all the change requests user interfaces and tools coming from the business Lack of Intelligence or Insight Lack of ability to be responsive to the business due to limitations to quickly Takes too long to make business policy change custom software and process changes due to application IT Limitations Protect not Enable Difficult to deliver quick wins and rapid business success
  7. 7. Until Now introducing xRM
  8. 8. xRM Enables any relationship scenario Organizations Business Processes Relationships Task, Maintenance & People - Dealers, vendors, Recruiting Automation employees...) Places - Properties, locations, real-estate...) Things - Assets, animals, displays, franchise...) Departments/ “anything” (x) Groups Interactions & Activities Relationship Management
  9. 9. Bridging the Gap a better way to accelerate application development Rapidly innovate and grow your business Build Buy Development Development Application Packaged Tools Frameworks Platform Applications Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  10. 10. The Shift toward application platforms Organizations are converging what were once disparate, standalone applications and systems into an integrated, unified application No - 24% Yes, but no platform. plan is in place - 35% Approximately 75 percent of IT leaders across 412 companies in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Latin America anticipate a shift toward application Yes, it’s currently under platforms way - 41%
  11. 11. CRM to xRM Transitioning to Relationship-oriented Applications C = Customer x = Any Relationship CRM xRM Marketing, Sales & “Any” team Used by Customer Service Teams Customer Relationships “Any” Relationship To Manage Marketing, Sales & “Any” Relevant Business Automates Service Business Process Process Interactions, Activities, Interactions, Activities, Tracks Tasks & 360 History of “x” Tasks, and 360 History Customer-centric Analytics “x” -centric Analytics Provides
  12. 12. Key Drivers defining success for xRM 60% of CEOs believe their “Products and services can organizations need to be copied. Our business introduce fundamental/ processes and our business radical changes in the models are our next 2 years differentiators.” Business process innovation as key Business productivity innovation is Flexibility to rapidly implement competitive advantage needed now more than ever global innovation is a key enabler
  13. 13. Development Cycles using xRM as a platform Go Live Business Process 40% Coding Competitive Advantage Application Go Live 60% Foundation vs. Business Process Configuration & Customization 25% Application Foundation 10% Traditional xRM Development Development
  14. 14. Too Many Trade-Offs buy and build are both unbalanced Faster Lower Faster Delivery Time Lower Change to Business Narrow Scope of Available r Buy e Applications (Buy Multiple) Bu eliv (Packaged s ine oD Applications) ss et Fit Tim Broadest Scope of Possibilities Slower delivery Times Build Higher Potential Business Fit (Custom Applications) Resource/Time Intensive Difficult to Deliver and complete Slower Higher Scope of Available Applications
  15. 15. The Best of Buy & Build get speed, fit and business agility at a lower cost xRM Business Time Business Delivery Buy Speed Fit to Value Agility Build
  16. 16. xRM Enables IT & Business Success IT Group Business Group Enable & Empower Differentiated IT Define & Prioritize Drive Develop Deliver Demonstrate efficient & flexible business rapid innovation & business effective IT applications agility success xRM Platform
  17. 17. xRM differentiators Accelerates Power of Choice Flexibility Usability Ecosystem Leverage development & through public to fit people, through familiar of partners and your existing/future consolidation of cloud and private business, Microsoft Office/ partner solutions Microsoft LOB applications cloud options environment and Outlook interfaces deliver relevant technology budget value investments
  18. 18. Bring It IT now has a platform to fight the backlog Rapid Innovation is a Key Mandate Business Process Business Productivity Implement Global Innovation Waiting for IT to Deliver Requested Applications Business Builds Shadow Applications to Survive Poor Productivity due to many different user interfaces and tools Lack of Intelligence or Insight Takes too long to make business policy and process changes due to application IT Limitations
  19. 19. The Familiar Core Microsoft technologies Intuitive user tools increase Standard tools optimizes IT user adoption & productivity resources & infrastructure xRM works like and with familiar Microsoft technologies xRM Foundational Technologies
  20. 20. xRM architecture overview Microsoft Office/ Online/ Mobile/Portal/ Custom User User Experience Services Outlook Offline Custom Features Integration Business Logic Windows Extensibility Granular role- Business Process Workflow Services Services based security Modeling Foundation Services Enterprise Mashups/ Visual Studio .NET Composite Applications Assemblies Metadata Application Portable Release & Application Upgrade Client-side Jscript Embedded User Services Definition Model Management ASP.NET Custom Forms Interfaces/Frames Customer Workflow Business Logic/Process Actions Orchestration Database Declarative Data Referential Dynamic Ripple Integrity/ Services Modeling Relationship Effect Data & Metadata Event Framework/ APIs Dynamic Code Plug-ins Server SDK Prebuilt Analytics Dashboards Reporting/ Data Mining/ Offline SDK Connectors KPIs OLAP Predictive Services Multi-tenancy Enterprise-class Service-Oriented Architecture Multi-lingual scalability & Platform Developer Multi-currency performance Management Tools Tools
  21. 21. Point & Click build your applications with nothing but a mouse Powerful and intuitive point & click allows organizations to rapidly build entire applications For technical and non-technical users Enables lightning fast deployments and agile iterative design and feedback Completely define each unique application through point & click Less developers focused on building infrastructure
  22. 22. Data Modeling Services simple declarative modeling Schema modeling and metadata definition accelerates creation Every application is defined in metadata vs. in code Export application definition and import into other servers Metadata architecture simplifies upgrades Publish changes on the fly Applications built on XRM will inherit new capabilities as platform evolves
  23. 23. User Experience consistent user experiences across multiple LOB applications Decrease training time and increase user adoption with a consistent user experience Use the user experience that fits your users the best Consistent navigation and tools across all applications Productivity tools are optimized for users Consistent user experience, even in offline mode (data, reports, workflow, custom)
  24. 24. Security Services granular security model for role-based access and controls Simplify user administration with role-based access controls and data security logic Rapidly add multiple users directly from Active Directory Create role profiles and assign appropriate security access Export and use security roles across all environments (Dev, Test, Staging, Production) Control operations on all relevant custom entities
  25. 25. Analytical Services ensure data and insight consistency across all LOB applications Empower every day users with easy reporting, visual insight and actionable analytics Combine analytics with workflow for actionable intelligence Minimize costs by leveraging existing Microsoft technology investments Deliver business insight through familiar productivity tools Bring analytics to the masses
  26. 26. Process Automation automate and orchestrate line-of-business processes Reduce costs and increase user productivity through optimized processes and procedures Configure process models the way it fits your business Capture and operationalize process best practices Measure and improve business processes Wizard makes it easy for end-users to create personal workflow
  27. 27. Extensibility empowers IT to support many different business requirements Rapidly and deeply create extensions to fit the unique needs of every application Extension points throughout architecture Leverages common development tools and resources Enables reusability Simplifies adding features through registration tool and ensures upgradeability
  28. 28. Extensible user experiences xRM Works How the User Works
  29. 29. Integration rapidly innovate with a wide range of integration capabilities Enterprise User Business Leveraged Data Data needs Process Process Experience Logic from to be flows across Mashups Related Logic other apps Integration synched Integration applications Composite Applications Dynamically Generated “Traditional” Approach Full Blown Integration Integrated UI Web-Services Fully Operational APIs Pre-built Connections with Low Costs & Maintenance Call outs with Parameters (CRUD) Integration Platforms Embedded Get Results Back Data API (BizTalk) Metadata API
  30. 30. Architecture support broad set of global business application needs Organization Wide Multi-tenant Architecture Supports multiple isolated applications (database instances) in a single platform Administration across apps Work Teams Multi-language Corporate Divisions 40+ available languages Right to left and Unicode Multi-currency Base currency for roll-up Transactional currencies Work Departments
  31. 31. Enterprise enterprise-class capabilities for scale and performance Leverage Microsoft technologies to meet XRM scale, availability and performance requirements Leverage Windows and SQL Server platform optimizations Scale up and out across application and data tiers 24,000 Concurrent Users Actual Sub-second response times Benchmark 1 million web requests / hour 1 billion rows in database
  32. 32. Platform Management streamline LOB application administration with xRM Reduce administrative costs with tools that streamline and simplify operations Integrates with Microsoft tools and heterogeneous environments Full application portability streamlines ‘dev test-staging-production’ release Backwards compatibility Keep all XRM applications up and running from one place Data management
  33. 33. Sharepoint & xRM combined strengths cover broad business needs Unstructured & Semi- Social Engagement & Information Information Enterprise Across Teams & structured Data Collaboration Evolutions of Storage Rules Search Domains Structured Relational Interactions, Activities Info Generation & Formalized Data Query Within Teams & Data & Tasks Analytics Processes & Filter Domains xRM
  34. 34. xRM Apps Fit platform flexibility ensures each application build fits Fits Your People Fits Your Business Fits Your Environment
  35. 35. xRM Promise is one-to-many & many-to-one One Application for Many Customers Accelerate Go-to-Market Solutions Reusable IP with Power of Choice delivery Leverage future platform investments xRM Dozens of applications xRM Many Applications for One Customer Supports Many Initiatives xRM Accelerate Business Success Deeper Customer Relationships xRM Expand Across Business Units xRM xRM
  36. 36. One Platform many applications Vendor Management - Certification process, purchasing process, compliance process… Employee Management - New employee process, benefits enrollment process… Relationship Management - Manage customer relationships and process Marketing Management - Marketing process, lead generation, demand creation, metrics... Prospect Management - Resume submission process, screening and scheduling processes… IT Project Management - RFP process, new project kick-off process, status update process… Benefit Enrollment Management - Lifecycle process, group enrollment... Grant Management - RFG process, proposal evaluation process, grant tracking process… Agency/Broker Management - Lead management, enrollment processing, business intelligence... Pharmaceutical Program Enrollment Management - Enrollee signup and tracking, benefits coordination... Formulary Program Management - Integration of field reporting with formulary updating, profitability analysis... Value Health/Wellness Promotion Management - Portal management, customization of services to individual level...
  37. 37. It’s Time for a well deserved vacation
  38. 38. A Video xRM = x Relationship Management / any Relationship Management press play
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  40. 40. Next Steps for a well deserved vacation 1 2 2 Visit www.toplinestrategies.com Call (480) 503.8584