Purchase Domain Name SEOCost.com: SEO Cost vs SEO Price


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Purchase Domain Name SEOCost.com: SEO Cost vs SEO Price

  1. 1. Purchase Domain Name SEOCost.com: SEO Cost vs SEOPricePurchase Domain Name SEOCost.com: SEO Cost vs SEO PriceSEO cost and seo price are not the same things. SEO price is a static figure whereas seo costvaries from site to site even at the same seo price paid for the purpose, depending on theprofitability level of the site. If the business on the site is very profitable, same seo price willtranslate to a very low seo cost. In that case one can afford to pay even a very high seo pricefor seo services, still keeping the effective seo cost low. So if you are the provider of seoservices to online businesses, you must emphasize on this fact in your business manual. Andwhat better way can there be to emphasize on this fact than building your online business onthe tell-tale domain name SEOCost.com!SEO Cost vs SEO Price – Search Engine Optimization Pricing SEO Cost vs SEO Price – Search Engine Optimization PricingPurchase Domain Name SEOCost.com. Here is its Estibot Appraisal: 1/5
  2. 2. Domain Appraisal – seocost.comYour domain appraisal results are displayed below. You can instantly order a professionalappraisal for this domain, check its availability and export this report to PDF by clicking on theappropriate button below.Domain Details: Purchase Domain Name SEOCost.com Domain: seocost.co m SLD: seocost Keywords: seo [c cost hang e] Language: Engli sh – 92% Category: Inter net — Web Deve lopm entAppraisal Overview: PurchaseDomain Name SEOCost.com EstiBot Value: $ 3,5 [ c 00 urren USD cy ] » Help me BUY this domain » Help me SELL this domain » Help me DEVELOP this domain 2/5
  3. 3. Link to this Appraisal: http://www.estibot.com/appraise.php?a=appraisal&k=0dd a237d49cdf924160f5c8ba1fe808f&domain=seocost.comOther Extensions: Purchase DomainName SEOCost.com com net org info biz us taken taken taken taken available available Related Domains For Sale: Purchase [?]Domain Name SEOCost.comcostocero. costartup. costumen costoffundcom com ow.com s.com($5,000) ($1,440) ($1,249) ($2,395) Related Sales: Purchase Domain NameSEOCost.comDomain Source Price Datehouseofsirens.co N/A $200 USD 2004-11-01mhotelcost.com Afternic $650 USD 2004-12-30costumejewellery. Afternic $500 USD 2005-03-21comcostumesuperstor Afternic $150 USD 2005-04-12e.comecostore.com N/A $2,000 USD 2005-05-04 view 47 more related salesSearch Overview: Purchase Domain Name SEOCost.com Avg Search Results (keyword): 244,000 Avg Search Results (sld): 134 Avg Ad Count (keyword): 11 Avg Ad Count (sld): 0Traffic Rank: Purchase Domain Name SEOCost.com Alexa Traffic Rank: 0 Google Page Rank: 0Type-in Score: Purchase Domain Name SEOCost.com Overture (domain): - Overture (sld): - Overture (keyword): - Word Tracker -(keyword):Average Monthly Search Stats 3/5
  4. 4. – seo cost Average 9,963MonthlySearches: Average $6.14 USDCost PerClick: Average lowAdCompetition:Average Monthly Search Stats– [seo cost] Average 1,599MonthlySearches: Average $6.14 USDCost PerClick: Average lowAdCompetition:Web Site Status: Purchase Domain Name SEOCost.com Title: Purchase Domain Name SEOCost.com > SEO Cost vs SEO Price Metadata Keywords: purchase domain, purchase domain name, domain name, seo cost, seo price, seocost.com IP: hosts approximately 91 sites Resolve Time: 180 ms Page Size: 10.6 KB Links: 80 Images: 7 Parked: N/A Status Code: 200 Host OS: Unknown Host Web Server: Apache Host Scripting: - Has Adsense: No Has Cookies: No Has CSS: Yes Has JavaScript: Yes 4/5
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