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Purchase Domain Name Rara Music – Haitian Music Genre


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Purchase Domain Name Rara Music – Haitian Music Genre

  1. 1. Purchase Domain Name Rara Music –Haitian Music GenrePurchase Domain Name Rara Music – HaitianMusic GenreRara Music that originated in Haiti is a festival music highly popular in street processions,especially during the Easter Week. Though this Haitian music traditionally used a set ofcylindrical bamboo trumpets called vaksen mainly to create the music, but other instruments likedrums, maracas, güiras or güiros (a percussion instrument), metal bells, and cylindrical metaltrumpets are also freely used. These days even standard trumpets and saxophones havestarted being a regular part of Rara music performances as they march along the streets. ThisHaitian music genre has by now become an integral part of the Afro-Dominican music scene,where it is colloquially known as Gaga.Haitian Music – Rara Music of Haiti Haitian Music – Rara Music of Haiti: Video 1/5
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