Purchase Domain Name NurseManager.org: Nurse Manager – Running A Unit


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Purchase Domain Name NurseManager.org: Nurse Manager – Running A Unit

  1. 1. Purchase Domain Name NurseManager.org: NurseManager – Running A UnitPurchase Domain Name NurseManager.org: Nurse Manager –Running A UnitThe nurse manager is the nurse with extra managerial jobs to fulfill in a nursing unit. Thesenurse managers report to their service director. Their basic extra responsibilities are staffing,budgeting, and day-to-day operations of the unit.Assistant Nurse Manager | St. Louis Children’s HospitalAssistant Nurse Manager | St. Louis Children’s HospitalPurchase Domain Name NurseManager.org. Here is its Estibot Appraisal: 1/5
  2. 2. Domain Appraisal – nursemanager.orgYour domain appraisal results are displayed below. You can instantly order a professionalappraisal for this domain, check its availability and export this report to PDF by clicking on theappropriate button below.Domain Details: Purchase Domain Name NurseManager.org Domain: nurseman ager.org SLD: nurseman ager Keywords: nurs [c e ma hang nage e ] r Language: Engli sh Category: Healt h—H ospit alsAppraisal Overview: PurchaseDomain Name NurseManager.org EstiBot Value: $ 2,9 [ c 00 urren USD cy ] » Help me BUY this domain » Help me SELL this domain » Help me DEVELOP this domain 2/5
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