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11 different types of blog posts - to avoid boring your readers!

You want to have variety in your blogging, so people don't get bored and think "oh they ALWAYS blog about that, never about anything else". Don't be boring! Here are 11 DIFFERENT things you can be blogging about.

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11 different types of blog posts - to avoid boring your readers!

  1. 1. Team stuff People like to see your business personality. So share things about you team - for example: • “a day in the life of” posts • interviews with the team about projects/what it’s like to work there • Behind the scenes posts • reviews on events you have attended
  2. 2. Advice post Show your expertise – so people see you as an expert! Be friendly and helpful with your tone of voice – and make sure you use great headlines! • Tips on how to do things • Common sense advice • The things you are often asked • Myths you want to bust • How tos and step by steps • Pointing out what’s obvious to you but not to them
  3. 3. Company news Anything new going on? Have you won an award? Are you moving offices? Have you incorporated a new productivity tool? Did you get mentioned in the press? Don’t keep this a secret, show the world – just be sure you tell your company news in an interesting and engaging way.
  4. 4. Projects Show off your work! Each project has a story, and you can find the interesting things about them and tell them. Some ideas: • The project journey – from beginning to end • How you miraculously pulled off an almost impossible task • An amazing result due to a great relationship with your client • An unusual way that you met a client, and the continued work you do together
  5. 5. You’re in luck! The lazy blogger’s secrets to quick and easy blogs
  6. 6. Guest blog Someone else can write your blog post for you! Just choose someone you know who is an expert on something that your audience would like, give them the idea and the headline, and a deadline, and see what comes back! Be sure to format it for your blog – and add appropriate images!
  7. 7. Embed a video It’s really quick to embed a video, and in terms of your writing, all you need to add is a blurb at the top , introducing the video. In your intro, you can include: • What your reader/viewer will see/learn if they watched the video • Why you chose to feature it • What you like about it • Why it’s relevant to you
  8. 8. A long email If you are taking the time to write to one person, perhaps others would find the same information valuable? Write your email and turn it into a blog post later. This can be when you are replying to emails – for example: • Frequently asked questions • People asking you to remind them of something you mentioned in a meeting • People asking for more information about your service/product
  9. 9. Interview This is another easy post to prepare. Choose someone and ask if you can interview them for a blog post – with a couple of topic suggestions. And if they say yes, send them questions – things you know would lead to an interesting post for you and your audience. You can interview: • Your clients • Leaders in your industry • Strategic partners • Members of your team • Suppliers
  10. 10. Reblog Say you find a blog post you like. And want to share. You can blog about that post! All you do is you write a blurb about the post you read, perhaps pick out some key points, and then link to the original. Easy peasy blog post!
  11. 11. Infographic Infographics take time to do, but when they are done, you can include them in a blog post, with just a little explanation on what the key points are. Bonus tip: You can take elements of an infographic and use it as sharable image content on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and G+. Just be sure to size it appropriately for that channel!
  12. 12. Roundup You have probably seen these blog posts a lot. Usually (but not always) their headlines start with a number. What useful collection of tips or resources can you share with your readers?
  13. 13. More advice available Want to come for a brainstorming session with me on creating great headlines? Get in touch – details below: @topleftdesign 07788590315