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Gramsci devoted


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#gramscidevoted, Final project for BIG DIVE 2
A project by: Giuseppe Futia, Enrico Zimuel, Rocco Corriero

This dataset contains data collected by Neubot, a research project on network neutrality.
The group visualized the network neutrality, aggregated by countries, providers and Neubot instances.
The output is a view of the world where you can explore the neutrality level estimation.

Link to Project:
Link to Video Presentation:
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Published in: Education, Technology
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Gramsci devoted

  1. 1. Diving into Neubot dataDiving into Neubot data Team “Gramsci devoted”: Rocco Corriero, Giuseppe Futia, Enrico Zimuel
  2. 2. Team Rocco Corriero Data visualizazion using D3.js Giuseppe Futia Data visualization using D3.js Enrico Zimuel Data analysis (Python + MongoDB)
  3. 3. What is network neutrality? Network neutrality (NN) is the principle that the Internet should be neutral with respect to kinds of applications, senders and destinations. In other words, a network is neutral when ROUTERS forward packets using a first come, first served strategy.
  4. 4. What is Neubot? Neubot (the network neutrality bot) is a free software Internet bot, developed and maintained by the Nexa Center for Internet and Society, that gathers network performance data useful to investigate network neutrality
  5. 5. Dataset CSV files based on month measurements, about 110 Mb, 450k entries, contains the following fields: "client_address", "client_country", "client_provider", "uuid", "day", "connect_time“, "download_speed“, "neubot_version“, "platform“, "remote_address“, "test_name“, "timestamp“, "upload_speed", "city”, "asnum", "region", ", "hour", "month", "year", "weekday“
  6. 6. How to estimate the NN? We used the following formula: NN = 1 - | ST-BT | / ST where ST is the Speed Test (bytes/sec) and BT is the BitTorrent Test (bytes/sec)
  7. 7. Data analysis Filter + geodata Network Neutrality Aggregate by country geodata city and country NN Filtered data neubot.csv neubot.json MongoDB Python Python Python MongoDB MongoDB
  8. 8. Performance Filtering, geodata, store in MongoDB ( 450K rows in 3 minutes Network Neutrality ( 450K rows in 8 minutes Aggregate by country ( 6204 IPs in less than a minute We used the INDEX feature of MongoDB!
  9. 9. Aggregate by country We used the weighetd mean to estimate the NN of a collections of IP: where Wi is the number of clients (same IP), and Xi is the NN
  10. 10. Visualization
  11. 11. Viz aggregation
  12. 12. Viz aggregation Represent the Network Neutrality with the aggregation based on : Country Client_provider Neubot instances
  13. 13. DEMO
  14. 14. Thanks! Source code of the project: Neubot project: