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Mapping on The HYIP Project (Open Source)


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Mapping System - The Hyip Project (Open Source)

A Unique System of Mapping that is 'Formed' to do its Best to Find and Recommend the Best Solutions for Every General Case. We develop the concept of this Unique Mapping System as an Open Source Project by taking a business called High Yield Investment Programs (HYIP) which we found as a perfect model for us as a starting point to be discussed prior other widely business models on the long time running. Assuring you of our best intentions, there is no such thing similar with this kind of concept.

The project is made in the purpose of getting a possibility to build an interface to generate an integrated info by setting the formation. On this project, the formation of three to four takes place to start. The three presents Hyip(1), Concept(2), and Programs(3), while the four are Site Building(3), Monitoring System(2), Business Networking(3), and Project Mapping(4) .

We have started to make our project documentation of our mapping concept as you can see in the diagram which begin with our Project Information in general. We will also introduce our initial Project Repository along with the Wiki Documentation.
We are going to setup our Portal for all the 'HYIP Script' that belong to the Project on GitHub, BitBucket, and SourceForge as well as our Script Portal on the most well-known programming like PHP, Python, Java, Go with possible also Node.js, Scala, Clojure, and Ruby.

On top of them, as we’re expanding and formalizing our Networking System, we also setup our Hyip Blog, Forum, News, Group, and Community for Public Discussion that, in line with the kind of formation explained above, covering six (6) networking plan in sequential of Hyip Monitoring & Rating(1), Marketing Strategy(2), Application Script(3), Topic Discussion(4), News & Blogging(5), and Social Coding(6).

The project discussion will not only cover the HYIP Sites Analysis but also the HYIP Forum, HYIP Monitor, HYIP Rating, and every other sources that are involved in the business. You are welcome to join if you find your interest on each one of them.

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