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HeroPress: A Case Study


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A case study of the HeroPress project found at , detailing the history, present, and possible future of the project.

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HeroPress: A Case Study

  1. 1. HeroPress A Case Study @topher1kenobe HeroPress: A Case Study Topher DeRosia
  2. 2. What is HeroPress? HeroPress reaches out to people in the WordPress community who feel marginalized as a result of culture, language, gender, or anything else. Our published essays come from people who have overcome barriers which previously kept them on the periphery. @topher1kenobe HeroPress: A Case Study Topher DeRosia
  3. 3. Discovering HeroPress ● Assignment ● Weeks of brainstorming ● Constant pivoting ● Incessant refinement @topher1kenobe HeroPress: A Case Study Topher DeRosia
  4. 4. Going Commercial ● Spinning up a Kickstarter ● Pressnomics and personal communication @topher1kenobe HeroPress: A Case Study Topher DeRosia
  5. 5. Going Commercial ● Dealing with negativity “This is all pretty ridiculous. People who makes useful software are helpful. But heroes? That involves real personal sacrifice, often with the person’s life.” ● Dealing with failure @topher1kenobe HeroPress: A Case Study Topher DeRosia
  6. 6. Rebounding ● HeroPress directionless ● Employment status unknown ● Pivoting and taking charge @topher1kenobe HeroPress: A Case Study Topher DeRosia
  7. 7. Impact @topher1kenobe HeroPress: A Case Study Topher DeRosia
  8. 8. Impact “For me personally, HeroPress re-affirms or gives a peek into the idea that WordPress is not just code or software or culture – but also something that has a potential for socio-political impact on issues of openness, transparency, diversity and empowerment.” -- Aditya Kane, Mumbai India “People are everything. No project is complete or even possible without the people behind it. The stories of those people are what has helped shaped them into the people they are today. Knowing one’s story is fundamental to truly getting to know a person. That’s precisely why HeroPress is important. You are helping tell people’s stories.” -- Pippin Williamson, Kansas “...the stories of the people working with WordPress form the story of WordPress itself.” -- Saurabh Shukla @topher1kenobe HeroPress: A Case Study Topher DeRosia
  9. 9. The Future ● Keep publishing essays ● Better marketing ● Maybe a scholarship to get people to WordCamp ● Maybe a fund to help sponsor struggling WordCamps ● Maybe audio interviews @topher1kenobe HeroPress: A Case Study Topher DeRosia