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Build Ecommerce Sites With Confidence (Demystifying Ecommerce), WordCamp Los Angeles 2020


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Building an ecommerce store can be a daunting experience. Suddenly you’re not just working with content anymore, now it’s taxes and shipping and customers that need to be kept happy.

Fortunately it doesn’t have to be scary. We’ll look at a number of steps you can take to remove the uncertainty from building ecommerce websites, so that you can move forward with confidence.

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Build Ecommerce Sites With Confidence (Demystifying Ecommerce), WordCamp Los Angeles 2020

  1. 1. Build Ecommerce Sites With Confidence Demystifying Ecommerce Presenter Date Topher DeRosia 18 October, 2020
  2. 2. Topher DeRosia ● Senior WordPress Architect at Camber Creative ● Community Ambassador at BigCommerce ○ #BC4WP ● @topher1kenobe ● My Background ○ 25 years in Web Development ○ 10 years as a WordPress Developer
  3. 3. Agenda Demystifying Ecommerce A simple, straightforward look at the basics. Learn how ecommerce works end to end during a transaction. Solutions to Common Concerns Exploring solutions and building confidence. You can do this. @topher1kenobe #BC4WP Ecommerce Misconceptions Confused? Worried? Afraid to get ecommerce wrong? You’re not alone. Long Term Solutions Set yourself up for long term success using these tools and resources.
  4. 4. Ecommerce Misconceptions
  5. 5. I’m nervous I won’t set up and manage taxes correctly. I worry that I won’t have all my I's dotted and T's crossed -- from all the little settings, payment processing, taxes, shipping, AND inventory! What if I get sued because we’re hacked and things go south?! I’m nervous I won’t set up and manage taxes correctly. Taxes would be the death of me.
  6. 6. Common Fears & Concerns ◿ There will be computer coding involved ◿ It has many moving parts ◿ Other people’s money is at risk ◿ Hackers will target you ◿ Taxes! @topher1kenobe #BC4WP
  7. 7. Demystifying Ecommerce
  8. 8. Customer Facing Process Customer tracks shipment Awareness Customer finds website Find products inside store Purchase Delivery Post-Delivery Service Payment is made ● Directly via card ● Digital payments ● Services offering flexible payments Customer chooses product Selection Shipping Customer receives product Customer communication ● Thank you emails ● Return/exchange options ● Discount coupons for next time @topher1kenobe #BC4WP
  9. 9. Behind The Scenes ◿ The payment is processed ● Money is taken from the customer’s account ● Taxes are paid ● Money is transferred to the merchant’s account ◿ Custom events like pinging accounting or inventory software ◿ Products are shipped (if physical) @topher1kenobe #BC4WP
  10. 10. Solutions to Common Concerns
  11. 11. “How Do I Ensure Ecommerce Security?” ◿ All the normal website security standards ◿ Get a host with good engineering and good support ◿ Check your PCI compliance ◿ Don’t store sensitive data on the web server ◿ Enable fraud protection ◿ Enable DDoS protection @topher1kenobe #BC4WP
  12. 12. “How Do I Manage Taxes Correctly?” ◿ Taxes can be difficult to set up properly and costly if you make a mistake ◿ Tax calculation apps are relatively inexpensive and readily available ● Avalara ● TaxJar ◿ Consult a business tax professional for your geographic area @topher1kenobe #BC4WP
  13. 13. “What about Payments Processing?!” ◿ Features and costs vary between payment processors. Look at your options ● Stripe ● Paypal ● ● Many others ◿ Compare processing fees ◿ Make sure they work with your bank ◿ Look at what currencies are handled @topher1kenobe #BC4WP
  14. 14. “How Do I Set Up the Right Shipping Options?” ◿ Use a shipper you’re already familiar with ◿ Shop around for rates ◿ Form a relationship with the shipper ◿ Leverage what your platform offers ● Rates are often discounted ● Many setup procedures are streamlined @topher1kenobe #BC4WP
  15. 15. “Inventory Management Seems Complicated” Simple Options ◿ All decent platforms let you enter how many items you have, and count down by sale ◿ Many platforms offer addons to get a little more elaborate Advanced Options ◿ Some platforms offer addons to integrate with common inventory systems ◿ Quality platforms offer an API so you can write custom code for your in-house inventory system @topher1kenobe #BC4WP
  16. 16. Building Long Term Confidence
  17. 17. Get a Good Support Structure ◿ Choose an ecommerce platform with strong support beyond the technical. ● Financial advice ● Business advice ● Marketing help ◿ Make use of the training and education provided by the platform @topher1kenobe #BC4WP
  18. 18. Get a Good Team ◿ For custom work, a developer can save both time and money. ◿ Rely on trusted sources like your ecommerce platform to make quality recommendations. ◿ A good developer will help you know what questions are good to ask. @topher1kenobe #BC4WP
  19. 19. Summary
  20. 20. You can do this ◿ Help is available, whether in docs or in personal support. ◿ Every service, vendor, and addon maker in ecommerce benefits from your success. If you’re successful, they’re ALL successful. They want to help you, don’t be afraid to talk to them. ◿ Feel free to contact me at any time. @topher1kenobe Resources ◿ BigCommerce Blog: ◿ BigCommerce Partners: s/#partners ◿ Bonus reading: ommerce-customer-experience/
  21. 21. Why Customer Experience Matters ◿ Strong customer retention and customer loyalty. ● On average, 43% of U.S. customers report spending more with the brands and retailers they are loyal to. ● It can be up to five times more expensive to acquire a new customer than to retain the shoppers you already have. ◿ Customer Lifetime Value. ● Loyal customers spend 67% more, on average, than new customers. ◿ Free promotion. @topher1kenobe #BC4WP
  22. 22. Know your customers. ◿ Watch what they do — not just what they say. ● Track how they use your site ● Track what they buy ◿ Engage with your customers ● Communicate with them personally ● Use surveys and invite comments @topher1kenobe #BC4WP
  23. 23. Make products easy to find. ◿ High Quality Search ● “Type Ahead Find” reveals results as the customer types ● Weighted results ◿ Product Organization ● Categorization ● Filtering @topher1kenobe #BC4WP
  24. 24. Educate your shoppers. ◿ Create high quality content on your own website. ◿ Create an educational newsletter ◿ Become an authority ● Submit content to other sites. ● Take part in Forums and Social Media @topher1kenobe #BC4WP
  25. 25. Optimize for mobile ◿ Mobile ecommerce sales account for 34.5% of total ecommerce sales in 2017, and that number is growing. ◿ By 2021, mobile ecommerce sales are expected to account for 54% of total ecommerce sales. ◿ One-third of our decision to purchase is influenced by looking up additional information on a product via our mobile device. @topher1kenobe #BC4WP