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Shingles for human phys


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Shingles for human phys

  1. 1. ShinglesBy Jaime Morgan
  2. 2. What is it?!• Shingles is also called herpes-zoster• It is a viral infection that lies dormant for years in the dorsal root ganglia in sensory nerve cell bodies which run in the nervous system• It is an aftermath of the chickenpox – It forms when virus particles are left in the blood and settle into clusters of verve cells• It creates a rash on the outside of the skin
  3. 3. More information regarding shingles• Because the nervous system has a left and right side, shingles only appears on one side of the skin• If a person has the chickenpox before the age of one, he or she is more susceptible to get shingles at a younger age.• It most commonly occurs in older people because their immune system is weaker
  4. 4. What activates Shingles?• Extreme temperature• STRESS• Poor diet• Radiation treatments for Cancer• Immune suppressive drugs• Age
  5. 5. Check out this video which shows a visual animation of how shingles forms Refer to wikispaces page to see the video
  6. 6. Is Shingles contagious?!YES, shingles is contagious to…- A person, usually a child, who has never gotten the chickenpox vaccine or the chickenpox. - They can only catch chicken pox from direct contact with the shingles sores.- It is cannot be caught from being in the same room, because the virus is not normally in the lungs and therefore cannot spread via the surrounding air.
  7. 7. Symptoms• Burning or tingling pain and itching of the skin in a particle spot on either side of the body• Fluid-filled blisters which resemble acne• The rash can be mild or very painful (usually in elders)• Lesions can last from a few weeks to a few months depending on the person
  8. 8. Treatment There is no formal treatment to get rid of shinglesbecause it is a virus that remains dormant in the nervous system. Long Term- ongoing for months and very Short Term- several weeks painful (Postherpetic neuralgia)• Antiviral drugs are prescribed • Antidepressant medications which make the rash subside • Anesthetics, such as lidocaine, and prevent reoccurring to numb the area episodes. • Anticonvulsant medications – The 3 most common being: acyclovir, valacyclovir • Opioids, such as codeine (prevent additional viral • Very rare cases, surgical shedding), or famcyclovir treatment may be (pain) implemented• Antibiotics that are applied – Cutting the nerves to block directly to the skin pain
  9. 9. Complications with Shingles• Infection- the rash may become infected• Scarring- very unlikely, but sometimes the blisters can leave scarring• Eye ulceration and permanent scarring- cornea of the eye may become scarred which causes hazy vision and inflammation may occur• Postherpetic neuralgia- result from nerve fiber damage
  10. 10. Prevention Techniques• Chickenpox Vaccine – Immunization can protect children of 18 months to adolescence from getting chickenpox and later shingles.• Shingles Vaccine – In May 2006, the FDA approved a vaccine to prevent the shingles – It is given to people 60 years of age and older who have already had the chickenpox
  11. 11. Why did I pick Shingles?!• Personal Experience – I had shingles at the age of 15, my sophomore year. – I had it on the right side of my face, in my right eye, the area surrounding my right eye, and on my forehead – I have permanent scarring in my right eye because of it which results in weaker vision
  12. 12. Some of the treatment/medications I used• Oral Tablet – Valtrex and its generic form, which reduced the risk of further infection• Eye Ointment – For the first 2 weeks of having shingles, 2 times a day to keep the eye lubricated• A variety of eye drops – Eye drops to help with eye pressure (Combigan) – Steroidal drops to help with shingles flaring back up and inflammation. i.e. Alrex (weaker steroid), Lotemax (stronger steroid) Corneal Associates had to wean me off these eye drops and there was a lot of experimentation, since it is VERY rare for someone at such a young age to get it and none the less in the eye. Long Term effects are not available for a young teen on such types of eye drops
  13. 13. Sources•••