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Using OneNote for Teaching and Learning


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Sharing observations after one year of using OneNote in the Limerick Institute of Technology.

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Using OneNote for Teaching and Learning

  2. 2. OneNote is #onenote CC-by-4.0 SA @topgold 2  An online cloud-based notebook service.  Simple to use.  Robust and dependable.  Pleasant to use on desktop and mobile devices.
  3. 3. Experience after One Year OneNote #onenote CC-by-4.0 SA @topgold 3 Using OneNote with 147 students in nine modules.
  4. 4. Also using OneNote with #onenote CC-by-4.0 SA @topgold 4
  5. 5. OneNote Helps Find Things The most compelling reason for me to use OneNote is it helps me find things faster. #onenote CC-by-4.0 SA @topgold 5
  6. 6. OneNote on Handsets #onenote CC-by-4.0 SA @topgold 6
  7. 7. Notes where you need them. On desktop as an app. In lab sessions as a cloud service. Synced to handsets as timely content. #onenote CC-by-4.0 SA @topgold 7
  8. 8. Me and OneNote While teaching. To share reading material. Alongside Office Lens. With Pinboard. Working through snags. #onenote CC-by-4.0 SA @topgold 8
  9. 9. Finding OneNote. #onenote CC-by-4.0 SA @topgold 9
  10. 10. Classroom Collaboration #onenote CC-by-4.0 SA @topgold 10
  11. 11. Seeing Collective Learning Happen OneNote annotates individual student work, allowing me to see who is pulling their weight. #onenote CC-by-4.0 SA @topgold 11
  12. 12. Collective Learning #onenote CC-by-4.0 SA @topgold 12
  13. 13. OneNote for Learning Assessment #onenote CC-by-4.0 SA @topgold 13
  14. 14. Seeing Live Student Work I can see student work quickly as it unfolds on OneNote. It’s much faster than Moodle. #onenote CC-by-4.0 SA @topgold 14
  15. 15. OneNote for Feedback #onenote CC-by-4.0 SA @topgold 15
  16. 16. OneNote for Curated Reading #onenote CC-by-4.0 SA @topgold 16
  17. 17. Using the Content Library I use the Content Library to share important reading materials. It’s easy to share and cross-reference information as it arrives on my handset via newsfeeds and emails. #onenote CC-by-4.0 SA @topgold 17
  18. 18. OneNote with Office Lens #onenote CC-by-4.0 SA @topgold 18
  19. 19. Setting tone with Practitioner’s Notes #onenote CC-by-4.0 SA @topgold 19
  20. 20. OneNote Previews Lab Sessions #onenote CC-by-4.0 SA @topgold 20
  21. 21. Using with OneNote  I can create plain text on Pinboard without waiting for 3G connectivity.  When I save the bookmark, Pinboard creates a permanent URL for the note and then bookmarks that URL. #onenote CC-by-4.0 SA @topgold 21
  22. 22. Creating Text in Pinboard #onenote CC-by-4.0 SA @topgold 22
  23. 23. Pinboard’s Auto Archiving #onenote CC-by-4.0 SA @topgold 23
  24. 24. Searching Pinboard #onenote CC-by-4.0 SA @topgold 24
  25. 25. Searching Desktop OneNote #onenote CC-by-4.0 SA @topgold 25
  26. 26. Searching Mobile OneNote #onenote CC-by-4.0 SA @topgold 26
  27. 27. Powerful OneNote Search I have used Microsoft Cortana for voice search and the standard keyboard search to locate information stored or cross- referenced in OneNote. #onenote CC-by-4.0 SA @topgold 27
  28. 28. OneNote and Delve #onenote CC-by-4.0 SA @topgold 28
  29. 29. Underutilised Staff OneNote #onenote CC-by-4.0 SA @topgold 29
  30. 30. #onenote CC-by-4.0 SA @topgold 30
  31. 31. Well-used File Sharing #onenote CC-by-4.0 SA @topgold 31
  32. 32. Snags Encountered with OneNote  It does not work with weak broadband.  You need to open and sync your primary notebooks with your mobile phone.  Page conflicts may occur. #onenote CC-by-4.0 SA @topgold 32
  33. 33. Working Around Snags  Keep the mobile OneNote version open if you expect no connectivity.  Use OneNote as a primary part of your workflow and you will routinely open and sync your primary notebooks.  Clear page conflicts by reviewing them. #onenote CC-by-4.0 SA @topgold 33
  34. 34. TIP: Keep Mobile Usage Focused. #onenote CC-by-4.0 SA @topgold 34
  35. 35. Let’s Connect  #onenote CC-by-4.0 SA @topgold 35 I’m @Topgold on all good social networks.
  36. 36. Help Fight Homelessness #onenote CC-by-4.0 SA @topgold 36 Text HOMELESS to 50300 and give 4 euro.