Social media for hyperlocal tourism


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Creative multimedia in support of local heritage, military points of interest and regional amenities.

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  • I blog at, talk at and share videos at
  • I blog at, talk at and share videos at
  • Definition from wikipedia.
  • Hanging Out ,  Messing Around , and Geeking Out: Kids Living and Learning with New Media by Mizuko Ito. Slide from Steve Wheeler.
  • Main points by Steve Wheeler. Social networking. Identity management. Creating content. Organising content. Repurposing content. Filtering content. Self presenting.
  • Slide from Steve Wheeler.
  • Slide from Ben Grossman.
  • Slide from Ben Grossman
  • Documentally at MyDolans in Limerick.
  • We use to share stories and to connect with listeners.
  • We connect with lecturers in other third level institutions through Google Plus.
  • Facebook is problematic when connecting lecturers to students.
  • Foot warmers optional.
  • Snapped by cameraphone.
  • More than 90% of the images created in our modules are available through Creative Commons licensing.
  • We connect with lecturers in other third level institutions through Google Plus.
  • The photo is a screenshot snapped on my iTouch during a Google Hangout.
  • I am
  • I am
  • I’m very findable.
  • I’m very findable. I blog and talk about education, technology and being a dad to a very creative couple of kids.
  • Social media for hyperlocal tourism

    1. 1. Social Media inHyperlocal Heritage Tourism @topgold
    2. 2. I’m Bernie Goldbach.Limerick School of Art and Design @topgold
    3. 3. This presentation explores specific social media tools that can enhancea community’s heritage profile by attracting visitors to explore the pastwhile spending quality time in local venues.Here is what we know:-- Community groups should populate digital channels with theircreative work.-- Bring Your Own Device and learn to tell authentic stories.-- Record community artefacts in conjunction with trustworthy heritagecurators. @topgold
    4. 4. -- Mobile technology allows localHyperlocal citizens to create and share very local things by town, parish andInformation street corners. -- This voluntarism offers a thousand points of view. -- National agencies cannotHyperlocal information is provide the same granular levelbetter than ever. of hyperlocal coverage. -- Search engines have started capturing these hyperlocal efforts. @topgold
    5. 5. -- Information oriented around a well-defined community.Hyperlocal -- Primary focus is directedDefined towards concerns of its residents. -- Hyperlocal also refers to the emergent ecology of data: -- textual content -- aggregatorsBy definition, hyperlocal -- publication mechanismheritage is outward-facing. -- user interactions -- Hyperlocal has become synonymous with combined use of mobile applications and GPS technology. @topgold
    6. 6. We live in aBring Your OwnDevice World.We should learn toleverage our personalmedia productiondevices. @topgold
    7. 7. Digital Skills.AcquiredLiteracies.CulturalImmersion. @topgold
    8. 8. New LiteraciesRequired.You probably didn’t learnthese skills in a traditionalcurriculum. @topgold
    9. 9. @topgold
    10. 10. @bengrossman
    11. 11. @bengrossman
    12. 12. @topgold
    13. 13. UseCompellingMultimedia.Share your best stories. @topgold
    14. 14. Learn How to Build Trust. @topgold
    15. 15. We Trust theHuman "Levels of trust, commitment,Voice. and satisfaction from users all appear to be positively affected by the use of the human voice in social media.“ Doctoral research by Hyojung Park, University Missouri. @topgold
    16. 16. Audioboogiveseveryone avoice. @topgold
    17. 17. Social AudioI am @topgold
    18. 18. Audioboo is free.You get three minutesof recording with a basicaccount.I paid £60 to get 30minutes of time for eachrecording.Audioboo allows anunlimited number ofrecordings. @topgold
    19. 19. You also need to be on the maps. @topgold
    20. 20. Claim your footprint. @topgold
    21. 21. Establish an online identity. @topgold
    22. 22. Upload images. @topgold
    23. 23. Add A-List imagery.Screenshots are often on student’s phone. @topgold
    24. 24. Sharing imagery. @topgold
    25. 25. Sharing drawing. @topgold
    26. 26. How to affect Social Search. @topgold
    27. 27. Flickr.Enhances social search. @topgold
    28. 28. TripAdvisor.Enhances social search. @topgold
    29. 29. Google Plus enhances social search. @topgold
    30. 30. SocialNetworkingFatigueIt’s a real problem. @topgold
    31. 31. Creative CollaborationMeeting creative people in Google Hangouts. @topgold
    32. 32. In-HandHangoutThis is one of the mostengaging and active forms ofcommunications that I’ve everused in-hand. @topgold
    33. 33. G+ Communities @topgold
    34. 34. How G+ Reaches Out. @topgold
    35. 35. From post to profile. @topgold
    36. 36. From profile to Twitter. @topgold
    37. 37. Learningfrom CirclesI get less noise and learn morefrom G+ than any other socialnetwork. @topgold
    38. 38. NotificationsYou can turn them off. @topgold
    39. 39. Notificationson iOSI can work my notificationsfrom a pocket-sized view. @topgold
    40. 40. NotificationsElegant on iOS and Android. @topgold
    41. 41. PrivateCommunityThis has proven to be moreefficient than BaseCamp or adiscussion board. @topgold
    42. 42. Cross-Feedto FlickrImages from the VoicesCommunity often becomepublic images in a Flickr group. @topgold
    43. 43. ConclusionLearn to use the tools you’re carrying. @topgold
    44. 44. Circle me.Or follow me @topgold. @topgold
    45. 45. Let’s connect and share. Bgoldbach AT @topgold