A birds eye view of social media for education


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Sharing our experience with Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn and Flickr.

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  • A presentation by Bernie Goldbach.
  • I blog at www.insideview.ie, talk at audioboo.fm/topgold and share videos at youtube.com/topgold
  • conducted continuous, semi-structured and informal interviews with selected students and respondents. The researcher developed interviews using the ethnographic process recommended by Spradley (1979). The data that the researcher collected from classroom observations, exploration, investigation, and surveys of student attitudes toward such classroom environments assisted in preparing the analysis of findings. Artifacts (for example, tape recordings and computer software) also assisted in the data collection and analysis processes. http://www.amazon.com/Ethnographic-Interview-James-P-Spradley/dp/0030444969
  • We need to cover essential learning about online privacy and identity. Slide from Steve Wheeler.
  • Facebook is problematic when connecting lecturers to students.
  • Nicholas Negroponte: From being digital to digital beings.  IBM Systems Journal 39 (3&4): 417-418 (2000)
  • Hanging Out ,  Messing Around , and Geeking Out: Kids Living and Learning with New Media by Mizuko Ito. Slide from Steve Wheeler.
  • From the beginning of time, creatives acted.
  • Info from Steve Wheeler.
  • We participate by sharing.
  • Foot warmers optional.
  • Snapped by cameraphone.
  • More than 90% of the images created in our modules are available through Creative Commons licensing.
  • We arrange guest lecturers through Google Hangouts.
  • The photo is a screenshot snapped on my iTouch during a Google Hangout.
  • We connect with lecturers in other third level institutions through Google Plus.
  • I am http://gplus.to/topgold
  • I am http://gplus.to/topgold
  • We connect with lecturers in other third level institutions through Google Plus.
  • Snapped during an audio preparation session.
  • We connect with lecturers in other third level institutions through Google Plus.
  • We connect with lecturers in other third level institutions through Google Plus.
  • We connect with lecturers in other third level institutions through Google Plus.
  • We connect with lecturers in other third level institutions through Google Plus.
  • I’m very findable.
  • I’m very findable. I blog and talk about education, technology and being a dad to a very creative couple of kids.
  • A birds eye view of social media for education

    1. 1. A Bird’s Eye View of Social Media for EducationOur social mediaprocess with creativemultimedia students in @topgoldLSAD-Clonmel.
    2. 2. I’m Bernie GoldbachLimerick School of Art and Design @topgold
    3. 3. This presentation surveys the social networking process used by thirdlevel creative students as they develop better communication skillswhile completing modules in Media Writing, Public Relations, SocialMedia, Multimedia Exhibition, e-publishing and AppliedCommunications in a BSc degree programme.KPI 1. Graduates must populate digital channels with their creativework.KPI 2. Students must develop a collaborative spirit to ensure they canwork with designers, art directors, copywriters, front end developers,programmers, marketers, and analysts.KPI 3. Students need to flourish in a BYOD environment. @topgold
    4. 4. -- My research includes continuous, informal interviews with students.The Process -- Followed ethnographic process recommended by Spradley (1979). -- Digital artifacts (Flickr,This is the fundamental LinkedIn, Google Plus, Twitter,research behind blank screencreativity. Audioboo) assisted the data collection process. @topgold
    5. 5. The CreativeExperience–Part Digital,Part AnalogueThings worth sharing are oftenoriginal artwork. @topgold
    6. 6. LearningPrivacy @topgold
    7. 7. We have moved awayfrom Facebook as achannel for sharing.Facebook Messengerremains a primarycommunicationschannel for students. @topgold
    8. 8. A BYOD WorldWe have moved from"atom-based" economy,and towards onefocused around thecreation, manipulation,communication andstorage of electronicbinary digits or "bits".Nicholas Negroponte, 2000 @topgold
    9. 9. SkillsLiteraciesImmersion @topgold
    10. 10. NewLiteraciesOften are not specified ontoday’s curriculum. @topgold
    11. 11. @topgold
    12. 12. @topgold
    13. 13. @topgold
    14. 14. @topgold
    15. 15. Learning How to Build Trust @topgold
    16. 16. How to Affect Social Search @topgold
    17. 17. Making a Footprint @topgold
    18. 18. Establishing an Online Identity @topgold
    19. 19. Uploading Image Collateral @topgold
    20. 20. Add A-List Imagery Screenshots are often on student’s phone. @topgold
    21. 21. Contextual Studies Sharing imagery. @topgold
    22. 22. DrawingSharing work at check-in. @topgold
    23. 23. Google PlusAn online toolset you can trust. @topgold
    24. 24. SocialNetworkingFatigueIt’s a real problem. @topgold
    25. 25. Creative CollaborationMeeting creative people in Google Hangouts. @topgold
    26. 26. In-HandHangoutThis is one of the mostengaging and active forms focommunications that I’ve everused in-hand. @topgold
    27. 27. Creative CollaborationMeeting creative people in Google Hangouts. @topgold
    28. 28. G+ Events @topgold
    29. 29. G+ Communities @topgold
    30. 30. G+ Post@topgold
    31. 31. G+ Profile @topgold
    32. 32. G+ Talks to Twitter @topgold
    33. 33. Learningfrom CirclesI get less noise and learn morefrom G+ than any other socialnetwork. @topgold
    34. 34. NotificationsYou can turn them off. @topgold
    35. 35. Notificationson iOSI can work my notificationsfrom a pocket-sized view. @topgold
    36. 36. NotificationsElegant on iOS and Android. @topgold
    37. 37. PrivateCommunityThis has proven to be moreefficient than BaseCamp or adiscussion board. @topgold
    38. 38. Cross-FeedFlickrImages from the VoicesCommunity often becomepublic images in a Flickr group. @topgold
    39. 39. LinkedInNotificationsWe place students into jobsthrough LinkedIn connections. @topgold
    40. 40. LinkedInMessagesOften more effective thanemail. @topgold
    41. 41. Social AudioI am Audioboo.fm/topgold. @topgold
    42. 42. Audio PracticalStart simple.Draft a response.Record 90 second audio. @topgold
    43. 43. Private MessagesDirect feedback into student’s ears. @topgold
    44. 44. Using Twitter for Hashtags Social Media is #litsm. @topgold
    45. 45. Using Twitter for ResearchOur e-publishing connects to the #eprdctn realm. @topgold
    46. 46. Internet of ThingsWe are headed towards a world where things share automatically. @topgold
    47. 47. ConclusionUse the tool that fits. @topgold
    48. 48. Circle MeOr follow me @topgold. @topgold
    49. 49. Let’s connect and share. Bgoldbach AT yahoo.com www.insideview.ie @topgold