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Social Media BootCamp


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Social media centered on online conversations, which encourages user participation and dialogue. Knowing what your customers are saying about you, and what your future-customers are hearing, is essential. Top Floor Technologies’ Social Media Boot camp will teach you how monitor conversations and brand-mentions on popular social media platforms and on the web in general, allowing you to be proactive with your customer-base.

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Social Media BootCamp

  1. 1. Welcome toSocial MediaBoot CampJune 24, 2011
  2. 2. Social Media Boot Camp Agenda• Overview and Introductions• Social Media Bootcamp• Workshop• Questions & Answers
  3. 3. Introductions
  4. 4. Top Floor Technologies • Website Design & Development • Search Engine Marketing • Web Analytics & Conversion Improvement Maximizing Online Marketing Results for Hundreds of Businesses Since 1999
  5. 5. Getting the Most From Today’s WorkshopWrite down three key learning pointsthat you’ll begin putting into actionwithin the next two weeks. Then –follow through!
  6. 6. Social Media Boot Camp Presented ByAnthony Verre – Senior Search Marketing Specialist Twitter: @topfloortech | @TonyVerre
  7. 7. The Line Up• What is Social Media? – The Tenets of Social Media• Social Media Listening Strategy – Online Rep Management (ORM) – Customer Relationship Management (CRM)• Key Points About Social Profiles• Tools of the Social Tradecraft• Social Media Attack Strategy Twitter: @topfloortech | Hashtag: #TFTBootCamp
  8. 8. What is Social Media MarketingIn a nutshell, it’s marketing your brand, your products, or your services through social media networks.It’s building relationships with your customers online and having that translate in sales (both online and offline). Twitter: @topfloortech | @TonyVerre
  9. 9. Communications in a Connected World• Communications has changed from a monologue to a dialogue – Consumers are increasingly controlling the dialogue about companies and defining brands• Marketers must reach consumers through social media since that is where conversations about brands are taking place• Consumers trust reviews more than corporate advertising – 91% say consumer reviews are the #1 aid to buying decisions• Social media facilitates word of mouth, which is the most powerful advertising medium Twitter: @topfloortech | @TonyVerre 9
  10. 10. Where to begin? Twitter: @topfloortech | @TonyVerre
  11. 11. Tenants of Social Media Twitter: @topfloortech | @TonyVerre
  12. 12. And A Viral We Go1. create something newsworthy through events/contests, videos, or blog posts that attract attention2. the objective is to have this meme/message go viral3. plenty of successful social campaigns have gathered steam through a compelling message. It doesn’t have to be about your products to induce conversions and sales Twitter: @topfloortech | @TonyVerre
  13. 13. Enabling Your Consumers1. build ways that enable fans of a brand or company to promote or champion a message themselves in multiple online venues.2. make your website or the message as share-friendly as possible: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, etc. • Giver users and consumers every possible chance to share your message Twitter: @topfloortech | @TonyVerre
  14. 14. It’s All About Conversations1. when it really comes down to it, social media is based around online conversations2. social encourages user participation and dialogue. Success means fully engaging and respecting users3. social media is about getting people to care about what you have to say. In any way, shape, or form. • pander to their greed, charitable side, emotional side, or the little kid in all of us4. give someone a reason to invest in you, and they will Twitter: @topfloortech | @TonyVerre
  15. 15. Influencing Consumers • 67% of Twitter users who become followers of a brand are more likely to buy that brand’s products • 60% of Facebook users who become a fan of a brand are more likely to recommend that brand to a friend • 74% of consumers are influenced on buying decisions by fellow socializers after soliciting input via social media* Core Metrics: Comprehensive Measurement: The Key to Social Media Marketing Success Twitter: @topfloortech | @TonyVerre
  16. 16. Social Listening StrategyUsing Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook Effectively For Business Twitter: @topfloortech | @TonyVerre
  17. 17. The Human Element: Listening First 1. if you don’t listen, how do you expect to communicate? 2. how can you provide something meaningful to the conversation if you never heard what was asked for? 3. If you’re continually pushing a message without listening, don’t expect people to listen to youWhat can listening do for you? Twitter: @topfloortech | @TonyVerre
  18. 18. Online Reputation Management (ORM)? Twitter: @topfloortech | @TonyVerre
  19. 19. What is ORM?Is the act of monitoring, addressing, or rectifying undesirable/ornegative search engine results or mentions in online media.• the objective: have people speak about your brand/company ina positive sense by achieving and maintaining a positive onlinesentiment. Twitter: @topfloortech | @TonyVerre
  20. 20. The ORM Strategy. What is it? 1. using social media to manage and monitor online buzz and sentiment about your company or product set, by engaging people positively. 2. pushing down negative (or undesirable) mentions of brand, products, or company in the search engine results pages Twitter: @topfloortech | @TonyVerre
  21. 21. Sometimes, It Finds YouYou could do everything right: be responsive, treat youremployees and customers well. It happens to the best ofcompanies.• a customer, an employee, or an ex-employee feels they havebeen wronged, mistreated, or is just wants payback.• even after your best efforts to resolve it, they post negativecomments on blogs, forums, or they lodge a complaint online.• fact or fiction, after months on the web, and possibly thousandsof eyes, the damage has been done. Twitter: @topfloortech | @TonyVerre
  22. 22. A Bad Reputation, Human. To Combat it, DivineTwo fundamental concepts when dealing with search enginereputation management: Monitor and Engage.What Should You Be Monitoring? •Your Brand(s) •Your Product(s) •Your Key Executive(s)- Include Negative and Positive modifiers: “sucks” “scam” “kudos” “great” Twitter: @topfloortech | @TonyVerre
  23. 23. How Monitoring Might Have HelpedReal World Example: Twitter: @topfloortech | @TonyVerre
  24. 24. How Monitoring Might Have HelpedSERP: Coco Key Reviews Twitter: @topfloortech | @TonyVerre
  25. 25. Treating the Symptoms: PreventativeProtect your brand visibility on the web: optimize brand contentas a best practice • optimize all of your digital communications (i.e. newsletters, emails) • press releases • website • human resource listings (job ads) • investor relationsIt doesn’t necessarily put the brand in control, but it’s a muchbetter situation than scrambling after the fact. Twitter: @topfloortech | @TonyVerre
  26. 26. Engaging the NegativeOnce a negative mention has been identified, here are a few basic steps in dealing with it:1. Research the situation - is there merit behind these negative remarks?2. Be ready to respond - if the remarks need correction, respond with the corrections and ask for those to be posted. - if the remarks are true, attempt to work it out with whomever3. Above all: be honest, be transparent, and LISTEN Twitter: @topfloortech | @TonyVerre
  27. 27. Tools To Help You Monitor• Google Alerts• SocialMention• Trackur• Google Blog Search Twitter: @topfloortech | @TonyVerre
  28. 28. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Twitter: @topfloortech | @TonyVerre
  29. 29. Sting like a Bee. A company must be able to provide quick, effective CRM. It’s crucial in today’s market place. CRM, in the social age, combats negative remarks about your company, products, and service, while responding immediately to a customer’s concerns and reverse the situation. Using social media as a CRM tool, can allow you to earn the trust of the consumer quickly. Twitter: @topfloortech | @TonyVerre
  30. 30. How to Benefit from Social CRM and ORM In order to benefit from social media, you must become part of the community. Referrals/comments from customers posted to various social platforms who have used your product or service, more often than not, influence a potential customer’s decision to purchase. Social media is a referral program on hyper-active-hyper-drive. Twitter: @topfloortech | @TonyVerre
  31. 31. Coffee BreakTwitter: @topfloortech | Hashtag: #TFTBootCamp
  32. 32. Key Points About Profiles & The Social Graph Twitter: @topfloortech | @TonyVerre
  33. 33. Key Things About Social ProfilesFollowers and FollowingEach Social Platform is unique, but there are constants between them:who follows you and who you follow.Not All Followers Are Created EqualThere isn’t a 1:1 with followers, and there isn’t a 1:1 with who you’refollowing. Key Items to keep in mind with your profiles:• Have a wide gap between followers and following• Influence of a follower and following mattersInfluence Effects Reach and Impact Twitter: @topfloortech | @TonyVerre
  34. 34. Social Influencing Search ResultsGoogle and Bing Are Using Social Profile DataBeyond augmenting the SERPs with Twitter firehose data (Bingwith firehose Facebook data), your Google Profile also effectsthe results.Your Google Account is also being used to personalize yourresults beyond search history, results clicked-on, and IPaddress. They are also monitoring who is in your “socialcircle”. Twitter: @topfloortech | @TonyVerre
  35. 35. Social Influencing Search ResultsGoogle Search Result Examples Twitter: @topfloortech | @TonyVerre
  36. 36. Tools of the Social Tradecraft Twitter: @tonyverre | Hashtag: #TFTBootCamp
  37. 37. Dashboard CentralHootSuite, Tweetdeck, Seesmic, and others allow for you survey andmonitor your Social Media Universe. Twitter: @topfloortech | Hashtag: #TFTBootCamp
  38. 38. & and allow users to shorten, share, and track links (URLs).Reducing the URL length makes sharing and use 301 Redirects (Permanent Redirects) allowing trustand relevance to flow through the shortened link. Giving the originalsource the credit for the link.* also allows users to create custom shortened links to make themmore memorable and clickable to users Twitter: @topfloortech | Hashtag: #TFTBootCamp
  39. 39. MetricsOnce you shorten your linksusing, it begins trackingmetrics on those links.As you can see, thisinformation can give you anidea of the how “viral” yourlinks are, and how far yourmessage/meme has spread. Twitter: @topfloortech | Hashtag: #TFTBootCamp
  40. 40. Metrics for Individual MetricsThis is the individual link view ofa specific link that you havesubmitted.• Individual Link Clicks• Referring Sites• Country Referrals• QR Code for LinkTIP: adding a “+” to the link URLwill display this page. Twitter: @tonyverre | Hashtag: #TFTBootCamp
  41. 41. Create a Social Media Attack Strategy Twitter: @topfloortech | @TonyVerre
  42. 42. It’s a Ballroom Blitz (Krieg)Creating Your Internal Push Strategy• the strategy you use to push your social message out intothe wildernessCreate a Social Blitzkrieg• the aim of this strategy is to create “waves” (multi-prongapproach) of pushes throughout your communities byusing internal resources• the advantage: makes everything a team effort. oneperson doesn’t carry the load and/or the success or failureof a campaign Twitter: @topfloortech | @TonyVerre
  43. 43. Positioning Your AttackAssessing InfluenceAfter the team has been assembled, it’s time to assess their spheresof influence. It’s a key element to this strategy; understanding whohas a strong influence over communities and who doesn’t.Klout and PeerIndex.netThese tools will help you assess which of your chosen team membershas better, stronger, and longer reach of impact and influence.Please remember these are not gospel, but a guide to help youdetermine member positioning based on the available metrics Twitter: @tonyverre | Hashtag: #TFTBootCamp
  44. 44. Positioning Your AttackSample Roster and Flights Twitter: @tonyverre | Hashtag: #TFTBootCamp
  45. 45. It’s a Ballroom Blitz (Krieg) Twitter: @topfloortech | @TonyVerre
  46. 46. It’s a Ballroom Blitz (Krieg)The 1st WaveThe Parent Entity in the diagram above is a social media asset (i.e. companyblog, parent Twitter account, parent Facebook Fan Page, or LinkedIn CompanyPage, etc.)• when the parent entity publishes on the aforementioned platforms, it will haveit’s own natural push into the communities at large. Without an internal strategyin place, this is where the meme dies: left to generate it’s own buzz andmovement.• every company should/needs to encourage it’s employees to become satelliteproselytizers of the brand and the meme. • individuals to create and manage a trustworthy reputation within their space • relies heavily on the 2nd wave. Twitter: @topfloortech | @TonyVerre
  47. 47. It’s a Ballroom Blitz (Krieg) Twitter: @topfloortech | @TonyVerre
  48. 48. It’s a Ballroom Blitz (Krieg)The 2nd WaveThe integral piece of the strategy.- relies on the “individual” off-shoot from the parent to have a good reputationwithin their respective community and following- relies on meme-timing, so as not to seem “disingenuous” or “spammy”.The second wave can last a couple a days, if need be. This is where the coordinationcomes into play. Depending on how many individuals you have, you can set up“mini-waves” at the 2nd Wave.The objective at the second wave level is to penetrate as deeply as possible into the3rd Wave (The Communities-At-Large) Twitter: @topfloortech | @TonyVerre
  49. 49. It’s a Ballroom Blitz (Krieg) Twitter: @topfloortech | @TonyVerre
  50. 50. It’s a Ballroom Blitz (Krieg)The 3rd WaveControlling the meme at the 3rd wave is close to impossible, which is why it isimperative in the first two waves that message be engineered but not feel contrived.It’s walking a fine line of control and art.The more strategy you can apply to social media efforts to ensure visibility, branding,and interaction to elicit the desired reaction in a community/communities, thebetter. Twitter: @topfloortech | @TonyVerre
  51. 51. Proof is in the Pudding • Visits increased over 264% | Unique Visits increased over 259% • Total Website Bounce Rate decreased over 5%* Campaign was engineered by myself and TFT colleagues over a 2-day Period Twitter: @topfloortech | @TonyVerre
  52. 52. Measuring Social Success• Attribute relative credit to social media investments forinfluencing customer acquisition, persuasion, and conversion•Understand the total impact that social media investments haveon the business from both direct traffic (click-through) and e-Commerce perspectives• Compare the click-through performance and conversionperformance of social networking websites against othercampaigns, such as syndicated video, blogs, and micro-sites Twitter: @topfloortech | @TonyVerre
  53. 53. Questions & Answers Thank You!Next Top Floor Technologies SeminarWebsite Usability WorkshopFriday, August 5th – 9 AM to NoonCrowne Plaza – WauwatosaSee flyer in your folder for more information and a discount code. Twitter: @topfloortech | @TonyVerre