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In this "Maximizing your SEO Results" seminar, the internet marketing experts from our SEO team shed lights on keyword research, link building, useful SEO tools and the latest trends in SEO.

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  • I know we have people from Aurora here, so I’m going to ask one of you to explain the difference between acute myocardial infarction and heart attack. Who is going use Acute Myocardial Infarction. (wait for them to respond)
  • The process with keyword research is to start small, get big and then refine. I’m going to walk you through how you get the initial list and how you refine it.
  • Rachel is going to talk more about this later.
  • Do a search in Professional staging on Google to see what comes up.
  • Go to Industrial Vacuum to demonstrate these factors
  • For demonstration: go to industrial vacuum, and pull up a google search to show a title tag in the SERP
  • The meta description is used entice people to explore your website. This photo may or may not demonstrate that, but I wanted to include a picture of a dog with a sandwhich board. The meta description doesn’t really help you rank; the meta description helps you convert. It appears on the SERP and is like a mini advertisement. If you don’t have one, Google will pull info from your website. When you right meta descriptions, there are really only two rules. 1) Get your keywords and most import words in the first 155 characters. 2) Write like a salesperson trying to convince someone to select your page.
  • The meta description is used entice people to explore your website. This photo may or may not demonstrate that, but I wanted to include a picture of a dog with a sandwhich board. The meta description doesn’t really help you rank; the meta description helps you convert. It appears on the SERP and is like a mini advertisement. If you don’t have one, Google will pull info from your website. When you right meta descriptions, there are really only two rules. 1) Get your keywords and most import words in the first 155 characters. 2) Write like a salesperson trying to convince someone to select your page.
  • Alt Images serve two purposes. One, they allow handicapped users (and search engine robots) the ability to determine what images you have on your page. They also provide important clues to search engines as to what the page is about. Don’t get too fancy. Your just trying to accomplish two things: Describe the picture and work in the keyword target.
  • A good link can come from many places; a distributor, local directories, an industry related directory, or a quality website that found your website useful.Poor links can be generated from low quality directories, and buying links (not recommended at all).Some good ways to build links are to promote your website content, work with distributors and key stakeholders in your business to link back to you, as well as other viable link sources.[ Explain how linking builds authority, trust, and higher rankings ie; how does Google decide how one website is more authoritative than another? How does link building build trust, higher rankings?]
  • Anchor text is the actual text someone uses to link to your website. It is the blue hyperlink on a page that leads them to your website. Many times people end up linking to a website by making the link say, “click here,” when in actuality, it would be better to have a keyword rich phrase linked to your website.
  • Diversifying your anchor text with a variety of keyword phrases and link sources, boosts your website’s authority & trust, therefore giving your website a chance to obtain better rankings.Internal links are important to have within your website that lead to other relevant pages on your site. It is both good for the user, as well as helping Google understand what pages you deem most important.
  • What is a directory? There are many directories that exist to present information to local searchers in an area, or if it is an industry related directory, to searchers interested in products or services that are relevant to their needs. [Give a few examples of each & explain the benefit ].Distributors and partners that do business with you or sell your products, are valuable link sources. [ Explain how to work with distributors and partners to get a valuable link back to your website (ie; create the anchor text for them, give them a good description of your company, have them link to an interior page if possible,etc. ].Any person or community you can offer value to, has great potential to be a valuable link source. [ Explain some ways that a business can offer value for linking opportunities ie; case studies, blog posts, infographics, technical documents, e-books, etc.]
  • Open Site Explorer is a great tool for link research on competitor websites, as well as your own website. You can research things such as how many links are pointed to your website, what anchor text is used, and what website the links are coming from. Looking up your competitors helps you identify link opportunities, and also gives you a general overview of what type of link building action they may or may not be taking.There is the ability to compare up to 5 other websites against your own. This helps you see how you measure up against them.
  • Google Analytics is a robust tool that allows you to track and research many things on your website traffic. For those interested in learning more, we regularly offer a Google analytics seminar. Some basic things to look at are what we call, “key performance indicators.” These are things that most people care to know about with their website, which includes website traffic, goal completions (emails, rfq contacts, etc.), bounce rate, & website rankings.[ Explain what goal completions, bounce rate etc. are ]
  • Google Adwords keyword tool is used in paid search advertising, but it’s also useful when building out a keyword list for an SEO strategy. This tool shows you the average search volume for a keyword or keyword phrase in both local (U.S.) searches, as well as global searches. You can also see the average cost per click (CPC) for each term, as well as the competition for that keyword. (Explain CPC and competition in more depth).
  • Google Insights for Search shows search trends over time for any keywordsyou are interested in targeting. When using this tool, I usually add similar keyword groups and see what the trends look like over time for each one. You can set the tool by global, country, or get specific to a state (Google Adwords keyword tool lacks information on state search trends).[ Explain in more depth on why this tool matters and why it is good to use for SEO. ]
  • Google wants to make sure that people aren’t just posting content and forgetting about it. However, they also realize that every industry is different.“Different searches have different freshness needs,” Singhal wrote. “This algorithmic improvement is designed to better understand how to differentiate between these kinds of searches and the level of freshness you need, and make sure you get the most up to the minute answers.”This may initially add a bit of fuel to the fire in the debate surrounding how often websites should be updated and whether Google penalizes those that don’t update on a regular basis. Many webmasters/publishers struggle to create new, engaging contenton a regular basis. Remember, though, that quality, evergreen content can hold its value for years; keep the topic and immediacy of searches in mind when creating new content.A brewing equipment manufacturer, for example, probably doesn’t need to run out and generate new content as often as a camera retailer. The industry is slower to evolve; people searching for information on cameras most likely want to learn about the latest models in a rapidly changing niche.
  • Semantic search uses artificial intelligence in order to understand the searcher’s intent and the meaning of the query rather than parsing through keywords like a dictionary. When you search now, Google gives you results based solely on the text and the keywords that you put in that search. Essentially, Google gives you its best guess.The support system of this semantic search will be Google’s Knowledge Graph, a conglomerate of information aimed to answer possible queries that people will be searching for. Not only will Google understand what is being searched, Knowledge Graph will aim to give you more contextual information about it, not just a list of 10 other websites that could answer that question for you.
  • Maximizing your seo results 6 20-2012

    1. 1. Welcome!Maximizing Your SEO ResultsJune 20, 2012
    2. 2. Agenda• Introductions and Overview• How SEO Can help your business• Keyword Research & On-Page• Link Building• SEO Tools• Trends• Review of Web Analysis
    3. 3. Introductions
    4. 4. A Brief Introduction to Top Floor Technologies
    5. 5. Top Floor Technologies • Website Design & Development • Search Engine Marketing • Web Analytics & Conversion Improvement Maximizing Online Marketing Results for Hundreds of Businesses Since 1999
    6. 6. Getting the MostFrom Today’s Workshop Write down 2-3 learning points that you will begin putting into action within the next two weeks. Then – follow through.
    7. 7. When you search forsomething online,where do you start?
    8. 8. When your prospects &customers search forvendors online,where do you thinkthey start?
    9. 9. Overall Share of Searches – February 2012 Ask AOL 3% 2% Microsoft 15% Yahoo 14% Google 66% Source: ComScore
    10. 10. B2B Preferred Search Engines Others 2% Microsoft 7% Yahoo 14% Google 77% Source: Enquiro Business to Business Survey
    11. 11. The Power of Search• Over 100 billion global searches each month.• Inbound leads cost 61% less than outbound leads.• SEO leads have a 14.6% close rate, while outbound leads have a 1.7% close rate. Source:
    12. 12. Being found on Google
    13. 13. SEO – Organic Results Over 80% of activity on the first results page (top 10 results) Keys to success:  Keyword analysis  Content development  Linking strategy  Monitoring & updating
    14. 14. Keyword Research & On-Page
    15. 15. Your SEOYour keywords
    16. 16. Is this person having a heart Attack or is heexperiencing acute myocardial infarction?
    17. 17. WordsPhrasesSEO SEO KeywordsSearch Keyword for SEO
    18. 18. Desired keyword:ProfessionalStaging
    19. 19. On Page Optimization
    20. 20. 1) URLs2) Title tags (*Meta Descriptions)3) Alt Image descriptions4) Headlines5) Content* not a ranking factor
    21. 21. Good• Use all lower case letters,• Use keywords but don’t overdo it
    22. 22. • 70 Characters• Use keywords but but avoid keyword stuffing• Should company names be included?
    23. 23. Example of good Meta Description: Markel Motorcycle Insurance
    24. 24. 155 Character limit Example of good Meta Description: Markel Motorcycle Insurance
    25. 25. • Work your keywords in naturally• Write for your reader, not for search engines• Density
    26. 26. • Describe the image• Incorporate keywords• Length is dictated by size of image
    27. 27. Link Building
    28. 28. Your Website• Authority• Trust• Higher Rankings
    29. 29. Generic Anchor Text Better Anchor Text view website Web Design Company Internet Marketing home Services SEO Seminars in Click here Milwaukee Industrial Marketing website Company
    30. 30. • Local Directories • Industry Related Directories • Distributor/Partner WebsitesAnyone who you can offer value to is a good link source
    31. 31. It’s time for acoffee break.
    32. 32. Tools
    33. 33. • Website Traffic• Keyword Research• Bounce Rate• Goal Completions
    34. 34. ••••
    35. 35. Trends
    36. 36. Overview of PenguinImplemented: April 2012Purpose: To Reduce Web Spam• Link schemes• Keyword stuffing• Spun articles
    37. 37. Google Analytics From March through May
    38. 38. Overview of Freshness Update• Implemented in November 2011Purpose• To reward websites that provided new content
    39. 39. OverviewImplemented: May of 2012 (beta)Purpose: To provide better results in the SERPExample: Search for Green Bay Packers
    40. 40. Website Analysis
    41. 41. ALL NEW Top Floor Technologies SeminarTaking Your Web Presence GlobalThursday, August 2nd – 1:30 to 4:30 PMVisit for details or to register Special Offer for today’s seminar attendees Register by June 30th and receive 50% off use discount code GOGLOBAL
    42. 42. Thank You!You are invited to join us after the seminarfor networking at the Innovation Lounge.